Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monster Galaxy Card Collections: This time it's the moga-winning streak!

.: Urmmm.. This huge new feature is okay, no need to focus on collecting more Starseeds - but we can win some if we collect and trade with the correct cards~

Nova with her notice~

Super rare Sandburrow moga.

Super rare Vesper moga.

Super rare Mushi moga.

Rare Gnarwhale moga.

Super rare Martini moga.

Epic Bamf moga.

Super rare Southpaw moga.

Exclusive eh? I think I did see someone caught Gnarwhale before. Exclusive moga should means that it cannot be seen or available in the map. It can be obtain only from one way only - either by trading with other players, exchange with cards, buy with Star coins, limited events and occasions, special achievements, etc~ Well, as long as the cards keeps dropping, I'm happy with that. lol~ :-P 

Martini: "One of this IS too many. You'll have more than a headache after a few rounds with Martini". Lol~
Jester: "All it takes is one sprinkle of it's Pixie Dust and your hit will never never land", LOLOLOL~~

m2mdoh: "In support of creative funny unbelievable description is awesome~~"

Friday, March 25, 2011

Black Gold Nova: A moga-catching streak!

The new Monster Galaxy gold,
even pricier than a real gold?
.: Alert, alert! Starseed alert! Achtungggg!~~ :-P

Okay, this time I don't have the results. I just can bring you the news. What news you may ask? The Black Gold news, the white gold is no longer a prized gold anymore... Eh?

All of a sudden, Nova appeared from nowhere. She always wears her full-face helmet if you visits her moga home, but this time the vividly red-haired Nova appears confidently with the priciest mission of all time (effective from the first day Monster galaxy started until this March 25th, 2011) - this mission is codenamed as: Gotta catch 'em all~~  X-O

How to participate in this mission? What are the rules? And what is the reward??
($ , $) kachings, kachingsss~

Nova, I want your moga~~

Err.. Complete my moga collection? Wait. Nova, Are, You, Serious? (Yes, she is very serious about it). You just cannot deny anything, what you can only do is to capture and recapture again all mogas as instructed by Nova. It doesn't matter you has capture it before, but in order to succeed with this mission, you must catch all of them again. No excuses. Appeal is not accepted. Complete your collection, and then we talk about business.

What I hate about this mission?
I don't have any more Starseeds!!~~ Ouch! X-O I've done catching Lambo, Dinho, Wasabee, Chuucilla, Muninn, Alyx, Nar, Colibri, A.C., Trolo, and even after all my SS wasted trying to catch uncommon mogas, now Nova ask me to catch Peascorp the rainbow scorpion moga. Hurmmmm... I may or may not get this Black Gold, I dunno.

What I am "not" afraid of: by the time I collect and gather my Starseeds, then another new limited moga come. Whoaa.. If the new moga is just a beginner or a common moga it won't be a big deal, but if it was another super epic moga? To catch one epic I need 18 SS before I can capture it, hurmmmm.. It is a big risk to have only less than 10 SS if you want to catch an epic. Too risky. Cannot afford to have another loss after successfully making their Hp about 1-5 points.. Noo...

While battling for Nova's mission, it seems that all moga are getting a little bit stronger.. Our opponent will have 5 level lower than our strongest moga in our team. For example, my Smoke in my team currently in level 15, and every moga I encounter is a level 10 moga. I do want to try carry three level 5 moga in my team and see how it will turn out, but, naahhh, nevermind.

Starseed tree location...?
If you have extra cash in hand, you may buy extra Starseeds from the Sky Shop. It was a strange coincidence to know that now the Starseed tree is blooming happily and now Starseeds is sold at half of their usual price at this desperately-in-need-of-many-starseeds time...

I think I should pick it up on my own. So where is this Starseed tree? Mm? It's in the sky? I cannot use the Sky taxi to go there?

*sigh again*

m2mdoh: "In support of the sky is not the limit."

Yugure: Poe hinted he would catch one now??

.: Quick update: Poe who resides in Heavenly Greens Cemetery? who had his lover died advice us to start capture Yugure now...

Poe is one sorry guy. Together with his newest book of self-written poems - "Layers of Pasta, Layers of Pain: an Ode of Twelve Parts and a Meat Sauce", a chained purple-eyed crow, and a rare purple Starseed Poe lives and wanders around Heavenly Greens Cemetery taking care of most moga who resides there. He who has lost his lover in The Rue Morge didn't have anywhere to go, so becoming a moga caretaker is his way to calm his heart..

I remembered Sad koala and Sad Keanu when talking about Poe..

Sadness aside, Poe told us he noticed a lot of Uncommon Yugure moga appears in Thornwood. Too many of them is seen there after the perigee, so it would be best for us to try capture one before their number declined.

Happiness is not really scarce if we do try catch find it...

I wonder why we need to catch Yugure now because Yugure is already in Thornwood? My question didn't have it's answer until some conspirumors (conspiracy + rumors) from Monster Galaxy itself appears...

Go back hiding? Yugure moga on the verge of extinction?

Naaaahhh, it's just another silly conspirumors. No need to believe this. I think Monster Galaxy gives us another handicap to catch Yugure because this moga is quite hard to find, compared to epic Winja and beyond epic Spike which is more harder to find and catch..

You can give it a try. This look like a good opportunity to train your moga team against Yugure in Thornwood~  ;-)

m2mdoh: "In support of try to be happy even if we are not happy~~"

Monster Galaxy Shamrock Party: How to catch Clovey and Rainburn?

.: I nearly missed this event, whew...

Celebrating St Patrick Day on March 17th, Monster Galaxy now comes with two limited moga for us to catch. This event has started on March 18th, but luckily we still can join in the party today. I just notice this event yesterday when one of my "moga tamer" friends posted her Epic Rainburn moga on her wall. Lucky that event is still going on. :-P

Rainbow to Darkwood, over.
One day during some peaceful day in Sunshire, some weird rainbow shines on and keep pointing to Darkwood. Rumors says that some mogas is having their secret party during this St Patrick Day and Tobi the Skycat asks us to investigate about it. Do they have other secret mission againsts the scaredy Skycats or maybe they wants to take over the world, we have to find it out.

So we set our way to Darkwood. Chuucilla here in West Summer Road? Am I dreaming or what? This St Patrick Day brings quite a surprise. I think I never see them here before. Never mind. After arrives at Darkwood safe and sound, a group of Cloveys and a Rainburn attacked. Oh, this is not the time to play around. One Clovey and one Rainburn must join our team.

This is just a test, try defeat them
first before we capture them later~
Wait, this is waaaaaaaaay to strange. Why I can't throw any SS to this Clovey? My mouse didn't work? My Firefox freezed? Ohh, it's our mission to defeat all of them. No wonder the capture button didn't work. Okay, poison should kill all of them, lol~

All of them have the same level as the strongest moga in our party. This is not a hard battle, but it seems that Clovey and Rainburn has been "blessed" with multiple critical hits each time they attack our moga. Talking about playing fair, lol~  :-P

Don't worry, we will have our chance later. After successfully defeat all of these three mogas, Tobi says that one Clovey is straying away from their party. And this is our chance to capture it. Hehe~ This stray Clovey can be found and captured in Megahole.

Clovey: Tortoise-like moga with shiny gold coins behind it's back?

How to catch Clovey? Clovey is a very easy moga to capture. If your success bar has green in color, means that your success rate is around 85% and above, you can capture it easily. Beginner moga won't take much of your Starseeds (SS), but you may need to use 2 or 3 SS before you succeed. Mine only use 1 SS  ;-)

After we're done with Clovey, now it's one of the saddest part. As SCI (Sky Cat Intelligence) told Tobi, there is one more epic moga we need to defeat (or catch), which is the real mastermind behind this secret St Patrick's Day moga party. If we manage to capture him, we can attend their next secret party without having to defeat them again to get the entry ticket. *Sigh*

Why catching Rainburn is the sad part?
First, 34 SSs...
Versus Rainburn: Coldbear Ice, go!

Now it's only 16 SS left...
Hurmmm.. This Rainburn moga looks like a burned Ho-oh..

I know one moga tamer who is always lucky in capturing all mogas in Monster Galaxy Facebook. She only use 1 SS each time she wants to capture epic or rare moga. But with my account, it seems that I am so lucky in finding them fast, but not so lucky in the capture part. Different account got different specials? Really wasted my time collecting those 34 SSes, lol~  :-P

How to catch Rainburn moga? My favorite technique: poison it until it's last breath. Rainburn has the regenerate ability, which is painstakingly heals itself even if it's attack missed. That's why I love to counter-attack this regeneration ability with Coldbear/Woolf poison. When Rainburn heals itself 8HP, the poison minus again that 8HP, so no healing actually happened. X-D

Keep weaken Rainburn until it's health in the red zone, and the success rate reach 7-9%. From there you can test your luck throwing SS one by one... This is an Epic moga, and you are the luckiest person alive if you able to catch it with 1 SS. In case you've run out of SSes, try ask for it, or log in to Monster Galaxy every 8 hours to collect free SS. If you really want to have Rainburn so bad you cannot afford losing it, you may try this silly Monster Galaxy Starseed cheat. Some claims to keep seeing limited mogas wandering around Sunshire even after you killed or defeat them, but from my own experience I never seen any. Hurmmm.. :-?

Another 3 updates about Monster Galaxy Facebook will come after this, stay tuned~~

m2mdoh: "In support of social game should have more handicap..."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Radiation Detector Keychain: Your key to your own safety~

.: Recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan shocks the whole world not with just dead bodies and missing person, damaged building, the survivor hardships, but also with the radiation leaked from their nuclear plant. The radiation level has reach harmful levels, and serious safety actions have been done to prevent this incidents from becoming worst, which leads to rising searches about how to detect nearby nuclear radiation.

Radiation? Nuclear radiation (via AtomicArchive) means:
  • Particulate and electromagnetic radiation emitted from atomic nuclei in various nuclear processes.
  • The important nuclear radiations, from the weapons standpoint, are alpha and beta particles, gamma rays, and neutrons.
  • All nuclear radiations are ionizing radiations, but the reverse is not true; X rays, for example, are included among ionizing radiations, but they are not nuclear radiations since they do not originate from atomic nuclei.

In other words, nuclear radiation is harmful because it is not made for our body. We cannot eat this alpha and beta particles, gamma rays, etc so radiation = danger. (why eating is soooo necessary??) Stay away as far as we can because just a small amount of radiation can increase our risk of cancer and gene mutations. Body that had a long exposure to a lot of radiation will show symptoms such as nausea, skins burns, hair loss, weakness and reduced organ function. This is scary... X-(

One preventive method we can take is we must avoid being in area which has filled with nuclear radiation. How to detect it? We can use radiation detector keychain to help us out~~

NukAlert radiation keychain.

NukAlert™ 24/7 Radiation Monitor and Alarm: This patented radiation meter, monitor and alarm can promptly warns us of the presence of unseen, but acutely dangerous level of radiation. Tested and verified by Naval Air Warfare Center, this devices operates non-stop 24/7 with their detection ranges about 100 mR/hr to 5,000 R/hr. It chirps like a Geiger counter and can be attached to a keychain. Buy NukAlert @ Amazon?

RadDetect radiation keychain.

MBD 1240 keychain radiation nuclear fallout detector: This device specialty - it can detect dirty bombs, it comes with audible and visual alerts, has dual mode detection (direction and diagnostic), and it is made with the advanced detection technology. Detection range: 75mR/hr to 2000R/hr. It's shape kinda similar to ThinkGeek's old keychain radiation detector.

Da Vinci's engine oil radiation keychain?

Radiation detector meter Geiger counter attaches to key: The smallest dosimeter in in Russia? Hurmm.. A reminder, this is a used radiation detector, and it looks kinda old school too.. Buy at your own discretion, and the Ford key is sold separately. :-P

Laser like - Radiation Detector LHX02.

Radiation Detector (LHX02): This ideally for gifts detector can tells us that, the higher the radiation level, the brighter the light shines... Built with audible alerts, this rod-shaped detector can be used as the counterfeit money detector too..

Car key with traffic lights Detector?

HQRP EM Radiation Detector with LED Flashlight: Built specifically to detect high electromagnetic radiation even if the radiation is blocked by walls or other obstruction. 3 different LED lights will helps you determine the radiation level - green light means the radiation level is low, yellow light is medium, and red means you should fled ASAP, because the EM radiation level is just too high.

Cute radiation detector...

UV Checker Cell Phone Purse Key Chain Test Ultraviolet Radiation: What I can understand from this radiation detector is, when the cell phone chain becomes so colorful so beautiful with rainbow colors, the UV level is high. So don't go outside, or wear long sleeves or gloves or use umbrella if you need to walk under the sun. This proves that to be beautiful, you have to pay for it's price... :-?

And the last but not least radiation detector keychain:

My ideal imaginary radiation detector keychain:
cute, funny and water-resistant.

Cute Rubber Duck LED flashlight Quack Rattles Keychain: Okay, this is not a radiation detector.. This ducky keychain is so cute and I think radiation detector should be made into something like this. Don't sacrifice cuteness for the sake of functions, but just merge them together. So it has more appeal and more people won't get reluctant to get one, haa... ;-)

My preferred keychain detector must haves:
  • cheap + affordable.
  • mini flashlight like the ducky,
  • have audible and visual alert,
  • the weight must be not too bulky,
  • medium-sized detector, if they want to made it medium-sized, they can mold it like the wooly CJ7,
  • must be water-resistant and able to float,
  • the iron clip, the iron chain must be rust-proof,
  • the detector body should be tough enough to handle accidental pressure, or falls..
  • the battery can be easily replaced, 
  • large detection area, 
  • and also can be operated any any temperature~~
There is also other ways to detect radiation, but keychain might be the handiest detector today. The question is, when and do we need to have one now?

m2mdoh: "In support of every scientist helps building and executing plenty-multi super back up plans for broken reactor.."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chess Video Guide: Male Pawn can become Queen?

.: LOL~

This is a video guide to learn playing chess. First, we need to know how each piece moves~

If Chess was Real!

Then, we need to..
Light up the Chessboard

After lighting is done, find a real suitable chess partner or opponent. "Chess" Commercial

One partner is enough. Next, we can start moving our chess pieces~
Honda Ridgeline "Meets - Chess"

If you can't decide your fist move, this video could give some tips..
Human Chess Game - a few moves in progress

A reminder though, this kind of "oops" moves may entitle you a total checkmate and a full bodyslam from your opponent..
Chess Commercial

While planning your chess moves, you may want to listen to some inspiring chess musical...?
Chess The Musical UK Tour
Or may be not... (It's too distracting...)

During a chess game you should watch your opponent moves closely so you can imagine what he or she is planning next. Use "stop motion" if you have to.
amazing stop motion chess game

This next technique only works if your chess opponent is too difficult to beat.
How To Beat a Difficult Chess Player.
Bend him with your superpower???

Or else, finish your opponent with just one move. Yeah! Only one move, and check mate!
Win a game of chess in ONE MOVE!!!


Okay, that move does not exist. We should learn the real one...
Chess Checkmate In 2 Moves
This 2 move is quite rare to have, you can only use it especially when you're playing with a beginner.

Well, this is my video guide on learn how to play chess. To master this game we need a lot of practice - we can learn different strategy and moves from watching other player videos, install chess game into our computer trying to defeat the grandmasters, join chess competitions - either online or offline, or maybe join a chess club, heehee  ;-)

But if you want to play the real chess, you should watch this next video: Chess played in high speed with extreme accurate strategy...

2010 World Blitz Championship - Nakamura Vs. Aronian

Speed Chess Game

m2mdoh : "In support of having two chess queens ASAP because it is fun~~"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2 and a Half Ways to do Natural Liver Cleansing.

.: Why so serious? :-P

Suddenly this personal blog has his eye on some health information out there. You can see games or strange stuff laying around here, but, as we grow older, we need to know we need to take care of our body. I have a written draft about Zestra and Zentel Albendazole, but let's see if this post can be our eye-opener.

Human liver location in our body. Picture via Esoriano.
Inspired by, this is my self-made so-called liver cleansing Wiki with my information collected from the web itself.

I am not a doctor or a health practitioner experts, but if you intend to use this information or doing some of the methods below, please, please, and please consult your doctor/physician first.

Better be careful because we're dealing with our body, the one and only body that will be together with us until our death..

Again, why so serious?  :-P

First thing first, what is this liver cleansing process?
Liver cleansing process is a method of cleaning and clearing the liver by consuming a healthy diet or by taking natural supplements. The ultimate target of this process is to remove or reduce the toxins inside our liver and in our body without interfering with other organ functions. As result, when we do this cleansing process we will experience an increased need to go to the toilet, either to empty our bowel or to urinate asap.

Why we need to cleanse our liver?
Our liver if it is not cleanse properly - plus with our poor eating habits nowadays, will not functions as it normally does. Toxins is usually removed via our urine, but with clogged or impaired liver, toxins may end up inside the liver itself, removed via secondary routes (our skin) or being re-circulated again into our bloodstream. This can lead to many health problems later, starting with irritated skin, skin rashes, blemishes, spots, acne, or worst such as high cholesterol, severe headaches, migraines and other problems.

How can we cleanse our liver then?
These are 2 and a half natural and popular ways to carry out our cleansing process:
  1. Drink a lot and lot and lot of sky juice (water). 
  2. Eats healthy foods or drinks healthy juices. 
  3. Take natural/herbal supplements. 

1. Sky juice is the juiciest juice of all.
Our body is said to contains around 55% to 78% of water depending on it's size. Loosely said, we have a jellyfish body because half of it is composed of water :-P

Even though we had a jellyfish body, water can always find it's way out from it. That's why we are recommended to drink a lot of water everyday. Not too much, but not too less either. But for our liver cleansing process, we need to drink a lot of water at one time so it's cleansing power is multiplied.

The trick is to drink around 1.5 Liter of plain water early in the morning and later drink subsequently when we feels thirsty (1.5 liter is roughly about the size of a big bottle of mineral water). As soon after you wake up, drink 1.5L water directly until finish and later rests about an hour. And no eating within this torturing one hour. After that one hour rest is up, then you may proceed to eat your breakfast.

While resting, as I mention earlier, you will experience multiple needs to go to the toilet. This is normal because you just suddenly fills a lot of water into your jellyfish body, and that water must go out again by hook or by crook :-P

2. Eats healthy foods or drink (again?) healthy juices.
This kind of cleansing is usually done by whoever wants to escape drinking 1.5L of plain water just now. Or maybe we can call it cleansing ver2.0. "Instead of drinking unflavored water, how about we drink something delicious and tasty or we eat healthy foods as an alternative?" says one of my blog readers to show his sky juice dislike.

Well, that kind of diet works too if we want to cleanse our liver. It's better than nothing, rite?  ;-)

This special kind of cleansing needs us to go fasting starting from sunrise until sunset. We only eats a little before sunrise as our energy throughout the day and starts eating again after sunset. And for breaking our fast, starts with high-carb high fiber foods with low in sugar and low saturated fats, for example like start eating dates or raisins first before eating your meal. Avoid fried or chemically processed junks foods, and drinks more water or fresh juices to rejuvenate our body again.

You should do this twice a week, say in Monday and Thursday for the best cleansing results, and that's it.

3. Take herbal remedies or other liver supplements.
Another alternative for this liver cleanse process is by taking herbal or other supplements in our daily diet. From my reading, silymarin or milk thistle is the best known liver supplements. It can protects and helps liver regeneration effectively. Other supplements that contains alpha-lipoic acid, selenium and curcumin (turmeric) is also recommended.

A video of two powerful tips to detox (aka cleanse) your liver at home:
We Care SPA - Clean Detox Liver Cleanse At Home

How long should we do this liver cleansing?
This cleansing process is meant to be temporary, because liver is already pretty good doing it. Just in case we might have overload of toxin amount in our body or as our preventative measure against liver problems, we need to do the sky juice diet for two weeks in a month, or do the healthy fasting a least 3 days per month or take our supplements daily.

I think I heard there are risks and myths about this process somewhere?
True, there is no scientific evidence or clinical tests to prove that this liver cleansing process truly works or not. It's undeniable that our liver is very superb at doing his work, and that's why some said that this cleansing process is just a hoax, someone made up this story so their can sell their liver products. In addition, some who does this process has lose their weight, some experience loss of appetite, had diarrhea, feels dizzy and become easily tired. So why such thing happens and should we really try to cleanse our liver?

Personally, I think we should cleanse our liver because it is good for us. We eat our meal almost everyday, we apply different type of chemicals on our skin, and we're exposed to our surroundings every seconds in our life, so why we didn't do our liver a favor? By cleansing it, the burden can be lessened. Even machinery needs to be shut down, so why can't we help our own liver?

If you're using metal plated artificial liver, liver cleansing is a must!

As I write earlier, this process will *definitely* make you feels uneasy and need to pay a visit to your waiting more than once. This is because the extra water need to excreted from our jellyfish body. Give it a try first, and then you judge it for yourself. If your liver cleansing is good (or bad), don't hesitate to share with us here. Okay?

Okay, that's what I can write about the natural way to cleanse our liver. If I did missed something or I made mistakes here, please correct me, okay? Thank you for reading this, and I hope it can be some help.  :-)

Care to read what I just read? ;-)  :

Some real life recipe to try if you didn't like to try my 2 and a half ways to do natural liver cleansing above. It is called the liver flush~~

    m2mdoh: "In support of helping our organs so they will help us too later~~"

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Suri Cruise: How to get children stop using their pacifier?

    .: Kawaii~~  :-D

    Grown up princess should try to stop using their pacifier, even though they look so cute with it. ;-P

    Suri Cruise, five year old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is caught using her pacifier while cuddling a white teddy. Eh?

    Suri are so cute. Much cuter without the pacifier
    Little Suri caught with her paci and her teddy.. (Bauer Griffin)

    If you search about this Suri Paci now, many will say that this gesture is seriously bad for Suri. This is 3 known problems that will happens to celebrity toddlers who still love their pacifier:
    • Got their picture taken and when they 16 or 21 or 41 or older, the whole internet will bring this up again and laugh at their cute funny picture. 
    • Their beautiful white teeth somehow will not grow properly aligned. Their gums and lips may looks strange too. 
    • Many toddlers out there will get the wrong idea and now online stores will start selling pacifier like crazy and boom! Here comes brand new paci brand, Suri's Teddy Paci~ (And later comes the Paci Bandz, Paci teddy, paci keychain, paci game, blablabla..) X-O 

    So how to help toddlers to get rid of their pacifier? Here is our first 3 minutes lesson: Pacifier 101.

    Everything You Need To know About Pacifiers (Baby Health Guru)

    What is the risks of letting the pacifier intact with our toddlers and how to stop that.

    Getting Rid of the Pacifier

    How to Help Your Child Get Rid of the Pacifier

    Or you can try this 7 step super tips too~

    How To Wean a Toddler Off a Pacifier
    Calvin and Hobbes?

    To see some of the technique used in real life, here's another two video to guide us.

    Technique 01: Clever self denial psychology. Heehee ;-)

    i'm a princess without my pacifier

    Technique 02: Group psychology-disguised-as-farewell-party, Heeheehee ;-)

    Farewell Pacifier

    If you're in doubt, this is the signs our pacifier strategy is working successfully.

    No, no pacifier

    But if it is not working, you'll have to face this the entire day. I feel pity for you and him...

    Having more pacifier
    Ouch! X-(

    m2mdoh: "In support of celebrity toddlers can act as a paci fairy so other kids can follow them happily ever after~"

    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    Okami by Chuggaa Conroy - Game walkthrough texts goes anime-ted~~

    .: If you ever played any game that is quite a super long journey, battling hundreds and thousands mini boss while solving zillions of puzzles and side quests before finally slaying the final boss, you somehow must have read the game walkthrough once.. Especially if you love playing Final Fantasy games, World of Warcraft, or Pokemon or other similar games (It's not cheating, I need to know where I go next because other NPC won't tell me anything)  :-P

    Game walkthroughs usually written in lengthy exam essay, guiding us where to go from one place to another. Pick or look for specific items at specific place or time, or do some collecting or puzzle solving before we can obtain our power-ups or special skills, etc. On the internet, some gaming or personal websites do provide additional screenshots, or mini video clips about completing some impossible quests for us to complete the game.

    Chuggaa Conroy? Emile??
    The problem is almost every game walkthroughs need us to read a lot. A freaking lots and lots and lots of reading. Sometimes the direction is pretty impossible to understand. And a printed copy of game walkthrough can be as long as an encyclopedia. Whew. Just because of our strong player determination to finish one game, we follow walkthrough word by word...

    But then, here comes "Chuggaa Conroy". He makes game walkthrough would never be the same again. This one guy has one special ability: he's able to make game walkthrough so helpful yet so easy and at the same time making it looks like an anime episode. It's not boring, it's not lengthy like the usual walkthrough texts, plus he did it so exciting and fun to watch. (And of course, it's only fun if you do like watching anime or didn't bother watching the game spoiler first)... 

    He has done many game walkthroughs before, and he's latest game walkthrough is about Capcom's Okami, a PlayStation2 and Wii game developed by Clover Studio. Though it's not a popular game, but this game is so beautiful because it fuses the ink-illustration art and puzzle into a game.

    Let's Play Okami Preview

    Okami - Story Intro

    This next Okami video, you need to watch from the beginning until 2:51 for a silent surprise...

    Okami - Episode 1

    Shocking, isn't it? LOL~ That's Chuggaa Conroy for you. It was a mistake to turn the volume too loud, hahaha. But I totally agreed with him, this Okami's art is so beautiful. Only if I can get my hands on this game. I heard we already have Okamiden for NDS, which will be much cheaper option for me to try this game. Hurmmmmm..

    Other game walkthrough is also available, Chuggaa Conroy has uploaded 12 different game before Okami:
    1. Earthbound (SNES/GBA),
    2. Mother (Famicom/GBA - Japan Only),
    3. Paper Mario (N64/Wii),
    4. Super Mario RPG (SNES/Wii),
    5. Mother 3 (GBA - Japan Only),
    6. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GCN),
    7. Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen (GBA),
    8. Super Mario Sunshine (GCN),
    9. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GCN),
    10. Pokémon Crystal (GBC),
    11. Super Luigi Galaxy (Wii), and lastly
    12. Pikmin (GCN/Wii).

    Wow, that's a whole lot of videos!~~  :-O
    And, this one of the best game walkthrough I've found so far. If you know other awesome game walkthrough just like this one or even better, please share it with us in the comments below~  :-)

    m2mdoh: "In support of making the best exam walkthrough for all subjects..."
    No cheating aa!~  ;-)

    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    PowerPoint presentation should be like this. This is .pptv2!~

    Image credit: Stephen Cummings on Flickr.
    .: I remember I've made old-school powerpoint for my water cycle presentation. I didn't have an access to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 at that time, plus the computer where I present my slides didn't support it, so I settle down with PowerPoint 2003 instead.

    The bad thing is, my powerpoint presentation looks good in my computer, but looks bad in the computer I use to do my slide show. Urghhhh.. X-O

    I simply loooove the new PowerPoint 2007, but that software has terrible / no compatibility with the 2003 version. Ouch! And of course the 2007 version has more sleeker look, more awesome animation, more template and beautiful background, but it takes time to rediscover and relearn it again.

    Okay, say goodbye to PowerPoint story, here comes the new PowerPointV2 (presentation version2.0), but it won't ends with file extension of .pptv2... :-P

    Salty oceans.
    Do whales make ocean water salty? Snooki thinks so... and she's wrong. For billions of years, the world's seas have been getting saltier as rivers drain salty sediment into the sea.

    Err, yes, this is a video. But, if you imagine you have this video as your slide show and you presents it as your PowerPoint project, wow, that kind of powerful presentation should able to deliver your information very very well~  ;-)

    One more presentation version2.0-but-actually-it-is-a-video...

    We spend a third of our lives asleep -- but nobody knows exactly why. What doctors do know is that adults need at least seven to nine hours of sleep a night, and going without is bad news for your health.

    Analyze the font size, pictures, speed, animation, and together we can come up with super presentation that definitely grabs our audience attention and helps they understands better~

    3 Super powerful presentation tip:
    • people can understand your slide show even without you narrated or explains anything. 
    • our audience didn't sleep or yawns or typing SMSses (aka texting) while listens to our presentation. 
    • a lot of individuals come to you asking a soft copy of your presentation because it was too beutiful.. LOL :-P

    m2mdoh: "In support of PowerPoint presentation shouldn't be dead boring and uninteresting but always easy on the eyes~~"
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