Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monster Galaxy Card Collections: This time it's the moga-winning streak!

.: Urmmm.. This huge new feature is okay, no need to focus on collecting more Starseeds - but we can win some if we collect and trade with the correct cards~

Nova with her notice~

Super rare Sandburrow moga.

Super rare Vesper moga.

Super rare Mushi moga.

Rare Gnarwhale moga.

Super rare Martini moga.

Epic Bamf moga.

Super rare Southpaw moga.

Exclusive eh? I think I did see someone caught Gnarwhale before. Exclusive moga should means that it cannot be seen or available in the map. It can be obtain only from one way only - either by trading with other players, exchange with cards, buy with Star coins, limited events and occasions, special achievements, etc~ Well, as long as the cards keeps dropping, I'm happy with that. lol~ :-P 

Martini: "One of this IS too many. You'll have more than a headache after a few rounds with Martini". Lol~
Jester: "All it takes is one sprinkle of it's Pixie Dust and your hit will never never land", LOLOLOL~~

m2mdoh: "In support of creative funny unbelievable description is awesome~~"


LaviYuuKanda said...

do you know where to get the scorpius card? begging

mamdoh said...

.: sorry my friend, those cards are obtained randomly. You can never know which places will give you a certain card, just you need to keep defeating all wild mogas until you get the scorpius card. Chaiyok chaiyok~~ :.

kin said...

Gnarwhale is easy...i've already got two just by playing for 1 hour total lolz, the others i'm very close to getting

utsav ohri said...


kitelee said...

you never know where is tippy card but i have got one and no way, i am never giving anyone...cos i used it already lol~

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