Friday, July 23, 2010

Smart Mini Redesigned Sport Car~~

.: Can't believe your eyes?

Ferrari for children?
Ferrari Smart Car

Look again~~

m2mdoh's Lambo~~   ;-)

I just Loooooooooooooooooove Lambo and my Lambo only~~ heehee  :-D
Lambo Reventon~~

Miniature car is kinda chubby, don't you think so too?
For more smart car mini car pictures (Audi, Porsche), visit Mini Vette sport car? On

Lamborghini Murcielago ATV from Kotaku.

Another feast for your eye and drooling party: Bugatti Veyron Mirror-finished! ;-P

m2mdoh: "In support of Love Your Car, (however old it is), always wash and polish~~"

Blue Waffle Infection: Seriously Terror-striken Disease!

.: Blue Waffle??? Yummy? Sticky? Tasty??
Just add butter, pandan and milk~~ (maximum 3 flavors)

blue waffle
this one, or this blue waffle fail

No, it's a Disgusting STD!! (sexually transmitted disease). Seriously, you MIGHT VOMIT after seeing this "new" blue waffle flavor...

According to UrbanDictionary,
Go to type in "Blue waffle" and then click the "I'm feeling lucky" button. Then you'll know what the f*** it means >.<
Still wondering what is a blue waffle? (Or how it looks like?)

I'm sorry for you. Here is a Youtube video to scares you off~~

No no noooo~~
Blue waffle is scary, please refrain yourself from pre-marital sex by any means at all, or get married and *then* have your lovely sexual night as many as you want.

Further reading?
  • BlurtIt : What is a Blue Waffle? (in depth explanation about the blue? No picts)
  • KnowYourMeme : Blue waffle: An urban Legend? (with unrelated blue picture)
  • DocumentingReality : Blue waffle infection (really gross) (finally, a site with description and picture! Watch it in close up~~)
  • Facebook fan page? : googling 'Blue Waffle' then really wishing you didn't. (it is soooooo true)

Do you think STD ends here? Nope, check this egg fried rice (only opens with existed Facebook account)! Click on the link there to view the image if you wish not to view the Facebook page.

m2mdoh: "In support of Always keeping a very good genital hygiene, day and night, 24-7."

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    Old Spice: Smell Like a Man, Man!

    Really old man here...
    .: Men: Would you like your body smelled like a man?
    Women: Would you ever like your man smell very manly for you???
    Hahahaha X-D

    Old Spice, the old new deodorant, antiperspirant and other men fresheners. With description of "Old Spice has 71 years of experience helping guys improve their mansmells with deodorant, antiperspirant and fragrances. Come on in to find out more.", their truly make their ads very viral and manly. :-D

    (I'm thinking of getting one of those, just to check is that thing smell "very" manly or not, haha~~)

    Old Spice is not in Malaysia yet, but I remember another lame commercial that mis-use and mis-treated woman, the Kapak tv commercial. Of course I won't see any gurl that immediately hooked with me after smelling that "Kapak", but if they do, *habislah semua prempuan chantek di Malaysia* :-(

    Do they get horny that quick? It should work for husband and wife only~~   ;-P

    TV commercial can bring good moral to its viewer. But lame and dirty ads can be misleading, and it can fill our men head with improper thing. Such an lame ads will *somehow* influence other people to:
    • of course, buy Kapak la!
    • watch the sleek curve and how sexy and how busty a girl chest (and start to think something fishy)
    • always making their phone number got credit and airtime is not expired (all telco will be happy)

    How come a muslim OIC country can have such an lame ads?  :-(
    Women is becoming a sex symbol and their body can be utilized to sell products. Can't they think of another way and polite and give respect to women in creating an ad? I'm asking and you answer. I condemned such an act, but definitely support women-friendly ads + family-friendly ads + individual-friendly ads a.k.a. all-friendly ads on earth!

    Sorry for being emtional ;-P   , but when it comes to creativity, I just love educated, original, *out-of-this-world creative* and morality-based ads.

    Old Spice | Questions

    Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

    According to the source I get this Old Spice (from actually), Old Spice man is a very helpful men. He's been answering people comments, and to some extend, help them to do a favor, such like proposing on behalf of their twitter fan! ( Can you believe it?   :-)

    So, this is some links love for you~

    m2mdoh: "In support of brilliant ads comes from clean and creative minds."

    Sunday, July 11, 2010

    Strange Music to My Ear: But I Enjoyed it, La la laa~~

    .: I just don't know who Steve Vai is, but I definitely know Orianthi...

    Got it from Nabil Fikri FB status, a friends of mine. This vid took away my 4:07 minutes straight! X-O


    Orianthi - Highly Strung ft. Steve Vai

    The best part of it? Read BrunoSwavaholi comments..

    Hahaha~~ X-D

    m2mdoh: "I remembered 'the Gazette' while watching this video."
    "In support of instrumental and sleeping music"


    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    New: Blogger Stats & Share Buttons >>

    internet marketing online class dot blogspot dot com
    .: This is a post that suppose to be in my latest blog, Internet Marketing Online Class, but I had to "parked" it here before that blog is ready. It's a blog about online learning in the most simplistic way, or, I rather say my simplified version of internet marketing class, heehee ;-) Got three re-written post there, more lessons will coming up soon~~ :-)

    > I'm not an IM Guru, but I love sharing what I've learned~~   :-)

    Now, the 'Blogger Stats' thing. It's a new Blogger features that I found today (just now actually). Although I prefer to use my Webmaster tool and Google Analytics, but this simple version of both tool is quite handy~ We have the overview, posts, traffic sources and the audience stats for our disposal.
    blogger dot com stats

    Each of these four single stats can be sorted using the timeline given: Now, Last day, Last week, Last month and All time.
    • 'Now' is referring to your Stats during two hour period from the current time you click the 'Now' button,
    • 'Last day' is your stats for yesterday (23 hours before), 
    • 'Last week' is your stats seven days before, 
    • 'Last month' is your stats for a month before.
    • and 'All time' is your blog stats starting May 2010.

    How to use Stats?
    While I do think this is the simplified version of Webmaster tool, we can make full use of the stats. Particularly the 'Posts' and the 'Traffic sources'.
    • 'Posts' stats can help us in checking "is our post title is good enough?", "which posts get the most attention (pageviews)?", etc. You can determine what genre or nature of your post that is well-liked by your blog audience. Usually, title with lists and striking-solution-and-answers-is-for-you-here will get the most pageviews.
    • 'Traffic sources' stats is one great tool. It shows how your audience found your blog. I love the 'Search keywords' part because from that I can use or "re-write" my blog posts emphasizing the same keywords, or, writing the similar post about that topic (follow up?).   ;-)

    Now the second (beta?) features: the Blogger Share buttons~~

    blogger dot com share buttons
    How to enable my Share buttons?
    • Go to Blogger 'Design' tab > Scroll down the 'Page elements' page > Look for your 'Blog posts' section.
    • Click the blue 'Edit' link,
    • and check the box for 'Show share buttons',
    • rearrange your Share buttons placement,
    • Click Save.

    Is it only me or I think my Share buttons is not working?? (At writing time, this Blogger features still not working). Is it applicable only for original Blogger template or also for the new Template designer too? We have to wait and see~

    Well, that is my two "parked" blog post for you, hope this will benefits your blog too~

    m2mdoh: "In support of supporting other bloggers~~"

    Monday, July 5, 2010

    World Cup LOL Kitteh : FIFA 2010 New Side-Match!

    funny pictures of cats with captions.: X-D

    You may like this, and but some might not get it~~

    After a stunning Argentina and Brazil defeat, which of the next four country that will hold the FIFA 2010 world cup this year? Uruguay? Spain? Netherlands? Germany??? No illegal or legal betting please~~

    Forget about that, i just Loooooove my Lolcats~~ heeheehee X-D

    Away from vuvuzela noise, you won't be dissapointed after watching this awesome match, the new FIFA 2010 side-match!

    Here is your awaited video~~
    我が家のWorld Cup

    See? See, told you it won't disappoints you - it is a great match~~

    m2mdoh: "In support of roller-coaster is not for kitteh, it's for you~~"
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