Friday, February 25, 2011

Monster Galaxy Lepus and War Lepus silly cheat..

.: This only works if you hadn't finished the War Lepus quest yet. Seriously.

Monster Galaxy is quite a slow game. You just cannot avoid their zodiac attack animation and you have to go through all sorts of "surprise attacks" and "throw-star-seed-into-the-drain" activity a lot. This sometimes kinda annoying, particularly when you wants to catch limited epic moga.

And, of course, there is no cheat available for Facebook Monster Galaxy. What you only have is just strategy. But if you did counter so-called working cheats for this social game, just don't regret it when your account being banned. You will have to waste all your energy playing the same game from another new Facebook account, and if you're caught, you'll be banned for life, plus you won't have your previous limited coldbear and lainedeer again, LOL~  X-O

Okay, this not-a-cheat for capturing catching Lepus and War Lepus is like this.

  • You'll definitely encounter Lepus the first time you doing those Sky Cats request. Do not worry if you can't capture it, after the War Lepus quest, you'll have another five chances to capture all five. 
  • Lepus is a beginner moga, it doesn't matter how you want to poison it, deaden it, time warp, etc, beginner moga has quite a 99% chances of successful star-seeding. Which means, out of 10 times you throw a star seed to catch a Lepus, nine tries will be a success. 
  • Just prepare five or less ss (starseeds). Other ss can be used to catch beyond epic moga: Spike, Leon, Plasmian, Peepee, Diabao, Azurel, Burger, Tama, etc..

War Lepus quest still available today?

War Lepus:
  • This not-a-cheat only works with two conditions: (i) You never kills any War Lepus yet. (ii) You did not finish the War Lepus quest yet. Why? 
  • (i) If you kills any War Lepus, you already destroy your only chance to capture it. It means you'll never encounter War Lepus again after this. (ii) Which also means that you already finish fighting the War Lepus quest. Buh bye limited War Lepus mogaaaa~ 

The silly War Lepus cheat:
  • If you hadn't do the quest, start doing it. Then, when you encounter your very first War Lepus, use moga with 2x or "more" zodiac effectiveness to fight it. This is to avoid super critical done by 3x effective moga zodiac attacks. You can use moga with 3x zodiac attack, but you have to watch out for his last HP.
  • Only poison him by calculating the overall poison damage you can get. Say, with poison 3 by Coldbear, you will reduce War Lepus health about 8 HP x 6 times. Means you will reduce his health to 48 HP. Poison moga is the best moga the counter this War Lepus, because he had the Vampire Embrace that help him heals his health by minimum 8 HP? up to (HP x ½ critical done to your moga). Say, he gives you 110 crit attack, so he will gain extra 55 HP. Only use poison attacks if his HP is more than 48 HP total. 
  • You can "make" him use all five of his Vampire Embrace, but that will waste a lot of your Blue Coffee. LOL~ 
  • Remember to stock your ss a lot, because sometimes you won't be lucky as my friend who able to catch War Lepus with one ss. Seriously, I envy of her, noooooooooooooooooooooo~   X-O 
  • Now, you already reduce his health until red (about 3-8 HP left?). And he is clear from any poison attack from you. Now is the perfect time to throw your ss stock. Too bad, your ss have run out. War Lepus is there still alive, but what should you do? 
  • RUN! Seriously, just run. This will helps your War Lepus quest up and running, and you can encounter him again after you're done stocking your star seeds. Restock your ss again, and keep throwing with teary eyes, and hope your throw will fruit some success. LOL~

And that is the silliest cheat on how to catch War Lepus in Facebook Monster Galaxy. :-P

m2mdoh: "In support of using cheat mode when you want to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadow of Chernobyl (PC)~"


Anonymous said...

actually, war lepus still appears again if you kill it.
i killed it around five times before i finally got it

mamdoh said...

.: Seriously?? But Tobi appears and said that the mission has accomplished. After I manage to capture one, and then there is no more War Lepus around. And now the new Clovey and Rainburn moga is coming. And no more War Lepus can be seen anymore.. :.

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