Thursday, March 10, 2011

Suri Cruise: How to get children stop using their pacifier?

.: Kawaii~~  :-D

Grown up princess should try to stop using their pacifier, even though they look so cute with it. ;-P

Suri Cruise, five year old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is caught using her pacifier while cuddling a white teddy. Eh?

Suri are so cute. Much cuter without the pacifier
Little Suri caught with her paci and her teddy.. (Bauer Griffin)

If you search about this Suri Paci now, many will say that this gesture is seriously bad for Suri. This is 3 known problems that will happens to celebrity toddlers who still love their pacifier:
  • Got their picture taken and when they 16 or 21 or 41 or older, the whole internet will bring this up again and laugh at their cute funny picture. 
  • Their beautiful white teeth somehow will not grow properly aligned. Their gums and lips may looks strange too. 
  • Many toddlers out there will get the wrong idea and now online stores will start selling pacifier like crazy and boom! Here comes brand new paci brand, Suri's Teddy Paci~ (And later comes the Paci Bandz, Paci teddy, paci keychain, paci game, blablabla..) X-O 

So how to help toddlers to get rid of their pacifier? Here is our first 3 minutes lesson: Pacifier 101.

Everything You Need To know About Pacifiers (Baby Health Guru)

What is the risks of letting the pacifier intact with our toddlers and how to stop that.

Getting Rid of the Pacifier

How to Help Your Child Get Rid of the Pacifier

Or you can try this 7 step super tips too~

How To Wean a Toddler Off a Pacifier
Calvin and Hobbes?

To see some of the technique used in real life, here's another two video to guide us.

Technique 01: Clever self denial psychology. Heehee ;-)

i'm a princess without my pacifier

Technique 02: Group psychology-disguised-as-farewell-party, Heeheehee ;-)

Farewell Pacifier

If you're in doubt, this is the signs our pacifier strategy is working successfully.

No, no pacifier

But if it is not working, you'll have to face this the entire day. I feel pity for you and him...

Having more pacifier
Ouch! X-(

m2mdoh: "In support of celebrity toddlers can act as a paci fairy so other kids can follow them happily ever after~"

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