Friday, March 25, 2011

Yugure: Poe hinted he would catch one now??

.: Quick update: Poe who resides in Heavenly Greens Cemetery? who had his lover died advice us to start capture Yugure now...

Poe is one sorry guy. Together with his newest book of self-written poems - "Layers of Pasta, Layers of Pain: an Ode of Twelve Parts and a Meat Sauce", a chained purple-eyed crow, and a rare purple Starseed Poe lives and wanders around Heavenly Greens Cemetery taking care of most moga who resides there. He who has lost his lover in The Rue Morge didn't have anywhere to go, so becoming a moga caretaker is his way to calm his heart..

I remembered Sad koala and Sad Keanu when talking about Poe..

Sadness aside, Poe told us he noticed a lot of Uncommon Yugure moga appears in Thornwood. Too many of them is seen there after the perigee, so it would be best for us to try capture one before their number declined.

Happiness is not really scarce if we do try catch find it...

I wonder why we need to catch Yugure now because Yugure is already in Thornwood? My question didn't have it's answer until some conspirumors (conspiracy + rumors) from Monster Galaxy itself appears...

Go back hiding? Yugure moga on the verge of extinction?

Naaaahhh, it's just another silly conspirumors. No need to believe this. I think Monster Galaxy gives us another handicap to catch Yugure because this moga is quite hard to find, compared to epic Winja and beyond epic Spike which is more harder to find and catch..

You can give it a try. This look like a good opportunity to train your moga team against Yugure in Thornwood~  ;-)

m2mdoh: "In support of try to be happy even if we are not happy~~"

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