Friday, November 20, 2009

New Template, White and Simple >>


Assalamu'alaikum, Salam 1Malaysia, and Greetings~~


I am done with my new blog layout, but my beautiful Orologio e Calendario is gone~~ My tamagotchi also has been removed, as my approach to a faster loading page. Owh, how I miss my sunset layout, but it that is what it takes, I has to endure all these feelings~~  ( T,T) hoohoo..

I've been thinking to Bahasa-sized ths blog, but by doing that my English might be getting worse.. (I was the type who get to used to something when I done it soooooo many times~) So, I decided to come up with another Bahasa Malaysia blog, with it's proposed name is "Suami nak jadi Ayah". It will be my personal view about life, from being a teenager, becoming one husband, and having my own child. This blog will be a mixed of Islam, events, findings, blabbery, reviews, blahblahblah, and so on-just like this blog. Plus, i had another 20plus blogs to manage, which only two of them will is not about advertising, online marketing, anything that bring me my online revenue~~

I want to create and manage more blog!!~~ hahahaha X-D

I was the type of human who love to share interesting fascinating money-making stuff with the world, but from my past experience, nobody love what i find interesting fascinating money-making.. Nevermind, it's me and my world~~ teeheehee~ X-D

GTG now, my house chores is waiting for me, and my buddy is waiting outside~~

m2mdoh: "Sometimes I found myself strange, but luckily there is more strangers out there~ In full support of becoming me, myself and ourselves~~ X-D   "


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doing making innovation and research~~

based on a case study from some fellow IM video, m2mdoh struggles to innova-duplica a website dedicated to 'solely selling targeted products for the benefits of consumer'. I am not copycat-ing, but I'm learning and following how other internet marketers making money online. based with that selling model, i followed and create my online path. Can i make it to the top?

site + autoresponder + afiiliate + promotion + promotion + endless promotion ~ money??

Still looking on how to make my own blogger template based on wordpress themes~~ X-D
I am happy with my current layout, but i need to make it loads in less than 30seconds to ensure maximum exposure.. And using some 'complicated' and 'professional-looking' layout, i think that might upgrade my blog with 'the first impression catches them all'~~ X-D

Imperfect English lingua.. lingo.. hohohoho..

m2mdoh: "In support of supporting ourselves."

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