Monday, January 31, 2011

Sad Koala together with Sad Keanu Reeves... :-(

.: Another one tough man. Yes, he is an actor, but he's the man! And who is he? The saddest koala who can only eat apple because his eucalyptus tree is almost extinct.... :-(

sad koala is pretty sad...
Sad koala is sad. Pretty sad...

Sensation - Koala eating an apple! 
"Life would never be the same without my eucalyps..." Sad Koala thinks..

Can you believe it? In order to survive, this poor koala had to resort to eating apple a day so he can keeps the doctor away because he hate eating pills to maintains his missing eucalyptus diet... Poor guy, humans should be more responsible!

Okay, I'm sorry for making up story. But this koala looks very similar to another famous internet memes, the Sad Keanu meme. Though no koala is being harmed in this video (I think so), but please reduce our greenhouse gases from the air, recycle our wastes, grow more trees, preserve more paper, etc and help build and maintains Mr Koala's eucalyptus habitat so he can eat normally and be happily ever after. Live koala live, I Love you!!!   :-)

Sad Keanu recursion gif?
About the meme, yeah, the Sad Keanu meme.

The story goes like this, Keanu Reeves is a normal man. A great guy, an awesome actor. The thing is, he is always alone, being alone, and I-hope-he-will-never-be-forever alone and usually he is not alone. Hmmm??? (So many people love to have his signature, kids admiring him, and let's not forget the always stalking always following paparazzis taking Keanu's pictures here and there too).

So, the internet loving community wants to teach the world that no matter how sad we are, how cruel our life is, there will always other people who had their life much much more sadder and crueler than ours. So don' be sad, don't waste our time, we move on and continue our soon-to-be great life ever. And then Sad Keanu meme is born~~

There is a good info on FunnyJunk about why Keanu Reeves is sad, and you can find similar information on Keanu's Wiki too~

m2mdoh: "In support of all of us keeps supporting each other~"

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