Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3D Art : There is No Actual Running Girls Being Used Here...

.: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!~~ :-D
3 days of no internet, just movies on TV and mouthful of kek lapis~~ :-P
No internet = no new posts.. :-(

Among many many art style out there, it seems that *now* everyone is in love with 3D. Dunno why, but 3D arts is awesome? Or 3D Avatar is awesome? From 5 different art style I've posted before, 3D art is one useful way to help lessen the speed demon on our roads. How to make drivers slows down when in driving in housing area full of kids appearing from nowhere? This is how?

You're Probably Not Expecting a Child to Run Out On the Road

Usually, I will read some of the video comments, and up to certain degree, I agree that someday or later, people might "get used" to it and will run over any running girl and say such innocent phrase like, "Oh, I think I'm hitting a 3D?" :-(

All things and stuffs in the world is balanced : got pros and cons, yin and yang, good and evil, rick and roll, got you and me mine and m2mdoh~~ :-P

We'll be having more story about art today. :-)

The next one is about recovering lazyholic. Dunno what kind of lazyholic would be happy with this, but, just take it as it is. Of all things we need in the world is the thing we want less?
Ouch! 8 glasses per day? Aaaa..
Live love live life
;-) Irony~~ The world is filled with irony, but do we take irony just as irony? Or will we take action with our irony? :-?

The next one will be a kitteh. A kitteh so ordinary that she spells her name out! :-O
Check it out, nice~~ :-)  Subhanallah :-)

The last art here is the one that ask us to think about the Chilean miners. The question is, What if everything you needed to survive has to fit through this space? Very educational and impressive way to tell the people of the world how big is the whole hole that connects between the two world... (Tongue twister anyone?) :-P

This video below is definitely out of topic. And I think I've found the next internet meme for cats. Introducing: The air sucker kitteh!!~~ (Please don't think of any explicit act from this video. My blog is also a blog for kids..)

Kitten suckles air *ORIGINAL*

Okay, that's it I think, our art for today. After this I need to research for something else. Ummmmm... :-( Maybe next time.

m2mdoh: "In support of artsy is very educating~~"
Art imprinting? :-?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10:10 AM or 10:10 PM? Japanese Watches = WOW!

Tokyoflash Hanko, amazing modern light watch, oh yeah~~
.: Why do all clocks or watches displayed in advertisements shows the hands at "10 and 2", 10:10 or ten past ten?

Now it have been my daily routine to check for new posts from my followed blogs. There are blogs about Malaysian politics, comic with blogger motivation to write 250++ words a day, UmmuHusna, Zaharuddin, Saifulislam, etc which I take them as my daily thinking medicine. Good for my inner health, but I need to restrain myself from taking too much "medicine" because I research and reads many many featured and trending and wikis plus videos a day, because I love my eye you know...

Okay, leave my rantings aside, this one particular post from Bersama Mazidul Akmal Sidek : Perkongsian Hitam Putih Kehidupan, is about ten past ten. Your yesterday cannot be undone today... nahhh, just kidding. It is about why every new clocks or watches (and maybe applies to digital watches as well) shows the time as 10:10? Yeah, ten past ten, why?? What is the rational? Universal MoU's between all watch makers?

Casio G-Shock

(Strangely Mr Mazidul post is dated 10 October, y2K9 - ehhh??)   :-)

To get the answers, visit this Yahoo! India Answers. Beautiful symmetry? Happy smiley? More visibility? What? Victory?? Or the downfall of Muslim leaders? Which one is more likely to be the answer? But 10:10 for watches has been the the universal standard already... (Not a very serious curiosity problem?) :-P

But, if the watch is for me, it is my usual habit to add up 19 more minutes when I'm setting my time. Reason? I want to brush up my maths by subtracting (minusing) 19 minutes from the actual time. Why 19? If I fasten up my time just 2 or 3 minutes earlier, that mathematics is just way too easy. Say, now the time is 10:10 AM, so what is the time now? 10:08 AM? Too simple! How about 10:10 AM with 19 minutes early? 09:51 AM, rite? Heehee ;-)

To minus from 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 is easy, but to minus from 17, 18, 19, or maybe 38, or 49 is quite tricky. Good for our mental health, but if you're in hurry, doing tricky simple maths calculations just to look at your current time might pissing you off, haha X-D I've done that already, but restrain is crucial for our maths~   ;-)

If you look closely at the TokyoFlash Hanko watch above, can you guess what is the time already? Leave your answer minus 19 minutes late, okay? Heehee :-)

m2mdoh: "In support of simple mathematics quizzes blowing our mind in daily life is good for our mental health~"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mind Boggling Craze: OMG! The Last 10 mins Fukkireta Winner is the Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooongcat~~

.: Fatigue mind: halpppppppppp!!~~~

Backward story.
After finished browsing all 35 pages of confirmed internet memes, I want to get my revenge by getting you feel the same way I feel. I feel very very tired...with my "consumed and digested" information. Haha X-D

Well, I've selected some memes that I found quite interesting, and challenging, so, here it goes..

Wait, what is an internet meme? Meme, loosely said as internet jokes, is a concept or cultural information passed swiftly from one to other via the internet. Sometimes internet memes goes beyond that and spreads into real world society, being done in TV ads, magazines, mobile version, etc~

Now back with our memes~~

The first internet meme is about cat, a very looooooong cat. Longcat, a white cat with superficial body length is a meme telling about longevity, infinity. Fated to fight it's another loooooooong enemy, Tacgnol, Longcat might someday looooooooooooooooooongs for its peaceful days....


Now, it's about fukkireta. Fukkireta (吹っ切れた), is a happy happy series of relaxing funny dance together with your friends and is meant to be made like a para para sakura. The more the merrier, seriously! And, how we gonna do it? Haa.. First, place the back of your hands on your hips. Tilt your head in such a manner showing you are a very happy person. And then, shake shake your hips from side to side while following multiple cute vocaloid anime music~ Hahaha X-D

Example? Here: Fukkireta Parade! (This isn't blowing over) 「吹 っ 切 れ た」 パレード

Done with your dancing moves? Now, here is your test of endurance. I manage to hear all complete 10 minutes of this insane edition video, but not watching it because I'm busy digesting my other memes, heehee ;-P Try if you can finish it in one go~

Mudkip: The Insane Edition

I should've taken more of your priceless time now. And I think you might want to spend more time for another two internet meme: The Last and the OMGies!   ;-)

The last page of the internet is also considered as the internet meme. How come you could find the end of earth if earth is round? Does that sentence honestly explains why there is no such thing as the last page of the internet? You do the guess work, okay? X-D

is it the last one?

Finally, the last internet meme that shouldn't be one: the OMG cat. Chocolate, a kitteh from Japan suffered a dislocated jaw but mortal humans just cannot resists watching her super shocker OMG face over and over again. Luckily OMG cat has recovered, leaving her everlasting shocking legacy meme behind...


And there you go, all 5 internet meme that making my brain suffer 5 minutes fatigue... If you're not tired at all, you may check for more memes in KnowYourMeme and Wikipedia List of internet phenomena or, google it yourself.

m2mdoh: "In support of internet meme can be your viral education...??"

    Monday, September 6, 2010

    Digimon Story: Lost Evolution, The World Ends with You, and Medabots Metabee

    .: New game? Old game remake? Game is good for your math?

    The first time I encountered Digimon is the one in the device type: Digimon pendulum. Later it become Digivice, Digi.. I dunno what other Digi device out there but I'm sure there's a plenty of them. Then my next encounter is the Digimon World (USA)/Digimon Story (JPN) for PlayStation. That's the world of Digimon where I'd love to go if I was the "chosen" kid, haha :-P

    Digimon World is a game where I got to care for my "pet", which is called the Digimon. (I think Digimon stands for digital monster). At that time, we have 5 different baby Digimon, and each can only be obtained after the death of the previous pet. The only thing about Digimon that fascinates me until today is how each Digimon grow up, a.k.a. digivolve while listening to the sound effect, such as "Koromonnnn... digivolve toooo...." blahblahblah~ Hahaha X-D

    Then comes the Digimon Movie. The very first movie about Digimon, whoaaa~~ :-D I like the first short movie, where the Digi egg comes out from the computer screen~ And bam! Bam! Bam! Terror, conflicts, Digi fights, rapid multiple Digivolve, whoaaa~ I like it like the Facebook like button, heehee X-D

    Digimon do resembles Pokemon in some sort of manner, like caring for "monsters", the need to fight a lot, and the urge to see all complete monster "evolutions". But I like to say Pokemon resembles Digimon first, but never mind, I played both games too~ :-P (I encounter Digimon first before I encounter Pokemon).

    Digimon games is quite addictive. The only games that I like it's adventure is the first Digimon World. The 2nd one, the 3rd, 4th, Data Squad, blahblahblah is boring. I still like wandering around the woods, or swimming or flying around the world, fighting and collecting and solving mysteries. And unlocking certain scenes (with cinematic movie) is a must haves to make my Digimon World game more interesting. Other Digimon games lacks the caring part because caring for pets is boring, especially when you always get Numemon in the end, haha :-)

    The same error also can be found in Digimon World NDS (Nintendo Dual Screen) version. Why they didn't continue the adventure mode, the caring mode, I still don't get it. Those caring is the essential part of Digimon, delete this part, Digimon is boring. It's like you're playing using gameshark cheats if your Digimon World game don't have this caring system. Aaaaargh! X-O Play the Digimon World DS first, then play the Championship or the Dusk or Dawn version and you'll get what I meant.

    Ultra boringness, boring, boring, and boring, X-O (But I still play them, hohoho) :-P

    Lucky me the new Digimon NDS is back to the first gameplay. Looking at the trailer, whoohoo.. I'm drooled here, wondering why I find it hard to learn reading Japanese? If I understand Japanese, I will able to play this game, hurm... :-(

    And now, presenting~~~ Digimon Story: Lost Evolution [デジモンストーリー ロストエボリューション] (JPN)~~ With new gameplay, new world, but with the same caring and mystery solving adventure~~ :-D

    デジモンストーリー ロストエボリューション PV

    Can't wait to get my hands on this English Digimon World: Lost Evolution~~ ;-)

    Here is another NDS games that might rock your other world~ :-P

    The World Ends With You

    This game, through many incarnation, now is the perfected version of all~ Got 2 version, the Metabee and the Rokusho version~ Still the old GBA game is the best game of all. New Medabots is also boring~~ X-O When will Medabots NDS will be out?

    GameBoy Advance Medabots - Metabee Version Intro

    Heehee, that's my reminiscence of my old Digimon, TWEY and Medabots game. What is your old game memoir? :-)

    m2mdoh: "In support of preserving memoir???"

    Saturday, September 4, 2010

    RickRolled 2010: Lights Out

    .: Epic Rick? You've been rolled~~

    Found from Buzzfeed Operation: Never give him up, Rick Astley is back! With the new 2010 music video Lights Out, 44 years old Richard Paul "Rick" Astley is sure looking very good~~


    Astley's video is famous as the internet meme "Rick Roll". According to Wiki,  Rickrolling is how one cleverly deceive (pranks) other people to click at one link that suppose to be other video but instead it links to Astley's Never give you up. Rickroll sounds like a pun that says "I'll never give up pranking you~~" to me, haha :-P

    Lights Out - Rick Astley
    "The Official video to 'Lights Out' by Rick Astley. Rick returns with his first single for 17 years. The video was shot at the Manchester Evening News Arena and was directed by British Comedian Peter Kay. The song was written by Andrew Frampton and Rick Astley."

    Lyric (from anekatips):
    On the empty streets of this snowing town
    The melting shadows fade
    And the dark is creeping up on me again
    In between these sheets were I lay you down
    I tried to find some rest
    So I reach out for the switch but why pretend.

    Cause I can't turn the lights out now
    I see your face
    No, I can't turn the lights out now
    My heart will break
    Cause everything I see will end up killin me
    All over, all over again so I can't turn the lights out
    Turn the lights out

    There's a clock that stopped ticking by the bed
    The second you were gone
    And it feels just like my heart stopped beating too

    Cause it's hard to keep those promises
    I made when I was strong
    And now I'm haunted by the ghost of you

    And I can't turn the lights out now
    I see your face
    No, I can't turn the lights out now
    My heart will break
    Cause everything I see will end up killing me
    All over, all over again
    So I can't turn the lights out turn the lights out

    It's so hard holding on
    It's so hard that you're gone
    It's so hard holding on
    Don't you know? don't you know?

    I can't turn the lights out now
    I see your face
    No, I can't turn the lights out now
    My heart will break
    Cause everything I see will end up killing me
    All over, all over again
    I can't turn the lights out, turn the lights out

    So I can't turn the lights out, turn the lights out

    m2mdoh: "In support of Never give up~~"

    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    Viral Villain: CatbinLady VS GurlthrowinPuppyinRiver

    .: Crazy beyond limit. Sadist on the loose? OMG!!

    I didn't know you, but this is super internet villain here is competing for who can become the next internet villain superstar!

    Is there is no more love on this planet? Has everyone got out of his or her mind already? Too many is not too good? Where is our humanly being here? Are cats and dogs is not a living being? Geez, how pathetic!

    Still no idea? Here is why...

    Genuine psychopath caught on camera (Coventry Woman throws Cat In wheelie bin), via Buzzfeed.


    Twisted Girl Throws Puppies in River **This video contains scenes of repeated animal cruelty**, via Liveleak.

    Question: Which one is the more villainous??

    Crazy!! Are these two women had enough animals in their life? I'm sorry if this is so disturbing, but this IS disturbing! I remembered that humans, yes, me and you, have 2 different persona masks. The one that we always wears is the persona mask we reserved for socializing with other people. The real persona aka our own self persona is only available when we are alone in our own safe territory. But I bet some human just cannot contain and control her persona in her own territory anymore..

    Enough of that one. Mary Bale, aka CatbinLady, is the second latest viral villain on internet right now. With her rising villainous videos, online games, and a fake Twitter account, this 45 years old woman may face the greatest animals protests and humiliation of all time (even though she did ask for an apology). Her contender?? Latest twisted girl somewhere near a river on earth is taking her time disposing her puppies one at a time. With $2,000 bounty reward for this crazy inhumane female pitcher, plus extreme violence threat from internet forum 4chan, this 2010 Cruella De Vil is reported has posted an apology video on YouTube...

    Cruelty is one contagious behavior. It goes waayyyyyyyy back time. Here is one of the unforgettable KittykillerHeels dated from 2006 and 2008...

    Such cruelty... I have no more words already. Hope today will bring more good news for us, Ameen.

    m2mdoh: "In support of kids should never watch such cruelty so they will grow up and be kind with every living being... Safe the planet and all living being!!!"

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