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Radiation Detector Keychain: Your key to your own safety~

.: Recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan shocks the whole world not with just dead bodies and missing person, damaged building, the survivor hardships, but also with the radiation leaked from their nuclear plant. The radiation level has reach harmful levels, and serious safety actions have been done to prevent this incidents from becoming worst, which leads to rising searches about how to detect nearby nuclear radiation.

Radiation? Nuclear radiation (via AtomicArchive) means:
  • Particulate and electromagnetic radiation emitted from atomic nuclei in various nuclear processes.
  • The important nuclear radiations, from the weapons standpoint, are alpha and beta particles, gamma rays, and neutrons.
  • All nuclear radiations are ionizing radiations, but the reverse is not true; X rays, for example, are included among ionizing radiations, but they are not nuclear radiations since they do not originate from atomic nuclei.

In other words, nuclear radiation is harmful because it is not made for our body. We cannot eat this alpha and beta particles, gamma rays, etc so radiation = danger. (why eating is soooo necessary??) Stay away as far as we can because just a small amount of radiation can increase our risk of cancer and gene mutations. Body that had a long exposure to a lot of radiation will show symptoms such as nausea, skins burns, hair loss, weakness and reduced organ function. This is scary... X-(

One preventive method we can take is we must avoid being in area which has filled with nuclear radiation. How to detect it? We can use radiation detector keychain to help us out~~

NukAlert radiation keychain.

NukAlert™ 24/7 Radiation Monitor and Alarm: This patented radiation meter, monitor and alarm can promptly warns us of the presence of unseen, but acutely dangerous level of radiation. Tested and verified by Naval Air Warfare Center, this devices operates non-stop 24/7 with their detection ranges about 100 mR/hr to 5,000 R/hr. It chirps like a Geiger counter and can be attached to a keychain. Buy NukAlert @ Amazon?

RadDetect radiation keychain.

MBD 1240 keychain radiation nuclear fallout detector: This device specialty - it can detect dirty bombs, it comes with audible and visual alerts, has dual mode detection (direction and diagnostic), and it is made with the advanced detection technology. Detection range: 75mR/hr to 2000R/hr. It's shape kinda similar to ThinkGeek's old keychain radiation detector.

Da Vinci's engine oil radiation keychain?

Radiation detector meter Geiger counter attaches to key: The smallest dosimeter in in Russia? Hurmm.. A reminder, this is a used radiation detector, and it looks kinda old school too.. Buy at your own discretion, and the Ford key is sold separately. :-P

Laser like - Radiation Detector LHX02.

Radiation Detector (LHX02): This ideally for gifts detector can tells us that, the higher the radiation level, the brighter the light shines... Built with audible alerts, this rod-shaped detector can be used as the counterfeit money detector too..

Car key with traffic lights Detector?

HQRP EM Radiation Detector with LED Flashlight: Built specifically to detect high electromagnetic radiation even if the radiation is blocked by walls or other obstruction. 3 different LED lights will helps you determine the radiation level - green light means the radiation level is low, yellow light is medium, and red means you should fled ASAP, because the EM radiation level is just too high.

Cute radiation detector...

UV Checker Cell Phone Purse Key Chain Test Ultraviolet Radiation: What I can understand from this radiation detector is, when the cell phone chain becomes so colorful so beautiful with rainbow colors, the UV level is high. So don't go outside, or wear long sleeves or gloves or use umbrella if you need to walk under the sun. This proves that to be beautiful, you have to pay for it's price... :-?

And the last but not least radiation detector keychain:

My ideal imaginary radiation detector keychain:
cute, funny and water-resistant.

Cute Rubber Duck LED flashlight Quack Rattles Keychain: Okay, this is not a radiation detector.. This ducky keychain is so cute and I think radiation detector should be made into something like this. Don't sacrifice cuteness for the sake of functions, but just merge them together. So it has more appeal and more people won't get reluctant to get one, haa... ;-)

My preferred keychain detector must haves:
  • cheap + affordable.
  • mini flashlight like the ducky,
  • have audible and visual alert,
  • the weight must be not too bulky,
  • medium-sized detector, if they want to made it medium-sized, they can mold it like the wooly CJ7,
  • must be water-resistant and able to float,
  • the iron clip, the iron chain must be rust-proof,
  • the detector body should be tough enough to handle accidental pressure, or falls..
  • the battery can be easily replaced, 
  • large detection area, 
  • and also can be operated any any temperature~~
There is also other ways to detect radiation, but keychain might be the handiest detector today. The question is, when and do we need to have one now?

m2mdoh: "In support of every scientist helps building and executing plenty-multi super back up plans for broken reactor.."

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