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Okami by Chuggaa Conroy - Game walkthrough texts goes anime-ted~~

.: If you ever played any game that is quite a super long journey, battling hundreds and thousands mini boss while solving zillions of puzzles and side quests before finally slaying the final boss, you somehow must have read the game walkthrough once.. Especially if you love playing Final Fantasy games, World of Warcraft, or Pokemon or other similar games (It's not cheating, I need to know where I go next because other NPC won't tell me anything)  :-P

Game walkthroughs usually written in lengthy exam essay, guiding us where to go from one place to another. Pick or look for specific items at specific place or time, or do some collecting or puzzle solving before we can obtain our power-ups or special skills, etc. On the internet, some gaming or personal websites do provide additional screenshots, or mini video clips about completing some impossible quests for us to complete the game.

Chuggaa Conroy? Emile??
The problem is almost every game walkthroughs need us to read a lot. A freaking lots and lots and lots of reading. Sometimes the direction is pretty impossible to understand. And a printed copy of game walkthrough can be as long as an encyclopedia. Whew. Just because of our strong player determination to finish one game, we follow walkthrough word by word...

But then, here comes "Chuggaa Conroy". He makes game walkthrough would never be the same again. This one guy has one special ability: he's able to make game walkthrough so helpful yet so easy and at the same time making it looks like an anime episode. It's not boring, it's not lengthy like the usual walkthrough texts, plus he did it so exciting and fun to watch. (And of course, it's only fun if you do like watching anime or didn't bother watching the game spoiler first)... 

He has done many game walkthroughs before, and he's latest game walkthrough is about Capcom's Okami, a PlayStation2 and Wii game developed by Clover Studio. Though it's not a popular game, but this game is so beautiful because it fuses the ink-illustration art and puzzle into a game.

Let's Play Okami Preview

Okami - Story Intro

This next Okami video, you need to watch from the beginning until 2:51 for a silent surprise...

Okami - Episode 1

Shocking, isn't it? LOL~ That's Chuggaa Conroy for you. It was a mistake to turn the volume too loud, hahaha. But I totally agreed with him, this Okami's art is so beautiful. Only if I can get my hands on this game. I heard we already have Okamiden for NDS, which will be much cheaper option for me to try this game. Hurmmmmm..

Other game walkthrough is also available, Chuggaa Conroy has uploaded 12 different game before Okami:
  1. Earthbound (SNES/GBA),
  2. Mother (Famicom/GBA - Japan Only),
  3. Paper Mario (N64/Wii),
  4. Super Mario RPG (SNES/Wii),
  5. Mother 3 (GBA - Japan Only),
  6. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GCN),
  7. Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen (GBA),
  8. Super Mario Sunshine (GCN),
  9. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GCN),
  10. Pokémon Crystal (GBC),
  11. Super Luigi Galaxy (Wii), and lastly
  12. Pikmin (GCN/Wii).

Wow, that's a whole lot of videos!~~  :-O
And, this one of the best game walkthrough I've found so far. If you know other awesome game walkthrough just like this one or even better, please share it with us in the comments below~  :-)

m2mdoh: "In support of making the best exam walkthrough for all subjects..."
No cheating aa!~  ;-)

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