Friday, March 25, 2011

Black Gold Nova: A moga-catching streak!

The new Monster Galaxy gold,
even pricier than a real gold?
.: Alert, alert! Starseed alert! Achtungggg!~~ :-P

Okay, this time I don't have the results. I just can bring you the news. What news you may ask? The Black Gold news, the white gold is no longer a prized gold anymore... Eh?

All of a sudden, Nova appeared from nowhere. She always wears her full-face helmet if you visits her moga home, but this time the vividly red-haired Nova appears confidently with the priciest mission of all time (effective from the first day Monster galaxy started until this March 25th, 2011) - this mission is codenamed as: Gotta catch 'em all~~  X-O

How to participate in this mission? What are the rules? And what is the reward??
($ , $) kachings, kachingsss~

Nova, I want your moga~~

Err.. Complete my moga collection? Wait. Nova, Are, You, Serious? (Yes, she is very serious about it). You just cannot deny anything, what you can only do is to capture and recapture again all mogas as instructed by Nova. It doesn't matter you has capture it before, but in order to succeed with this mission, you must catch all of them again. No excuses. Appeal is not accepted. Complete your collection, and then we talk about business.

What I hate about this mission?
I don't have any more Starseeds!!~~ Ouch! X-O I've done catching Lambo, Dinho, Wasabee, Chuucilla, Muninn, Alyx, Nar, Colibri, A.C., Trolo, and even after all my SS wasted trying to catch uncommon mogas, now Nova ask me to catch Peascorp the rainbow scorpion moga. Hurmmmm... I may or may not get this Black Gold, I dunno.

What I am "not" afraid of: by the time I collect and gather my Starseeds, then another new limited moga come. Whoaa.. If the new moga is just a beginner or a common moga it won't be a big deal, but if it was another super epic moga? To catch one epic I need 18 SS before I can capture it, hurmmmm.. It is a big risk to have only less than 10 SS if you want to catch an epic. Too risky. Cannot afford to have another loss after successfully making their Hp about 1-5 points.. Noo...

While battling for Nova's mission, it seems that all moga are getting a little bit stronger.. Our opponent will have 5 level lower than our strongest moga in our team. For example, my Smoke in my team currently in level 15, and every moga I encounter is a level 10 moga. I do want to try carry three level 5 moga in my team and see how it will turn out, but, naahhh, nevermind.

Starseed tree location...?
If you have extra cash in hand, you may buy extra Starseeds from the Sky Shop. It was a strange coincidence to know that now the Starseed tree is blooming happily and now Starseeds is sold at half of their usual price at this desperately-in-need-of-many-starseeds time...

I think I should pick it up on my own. So where is this Starseed tree? Mm? It's in the sky? I cannot use the Sky taxi to go there?

*sigh again*

m2mdoh: "In support of the sky is not the limit."

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