Friday, March 28, 2008

Making Money >>

.: mm..

i do think that all of us want money right?

We need money for various things-to pay the bills, loan(s), buy our food, for our pleasure, entertainment, for our kids expenses, house expenses, buying a new house, a car(s) etc etc etc..
i will be 23 this year and yet i can foresee that making money is not easy as 1,2,3 a,b,c.. This blog, with it's original purpose is to earn income with Google AdSense, has make me realize-Gold never fell in front of you from the sky. But the sky is blue everywhere, huh?

Nobody go to your site, page, blog whatsoever, and no income. One of the answer is no traffic. me myself cannot afford to buy any software or join any other online business cause money for me, even a little amount do resembles a LARGE amount to me. Money was a scarce nowadays, is it? A scarce item for those who did not work yet..

MLM, reseller, joint venture, unit trusts, shares, banking, whatever or what brand that business is, it still need MONEY. i once read an article about how one who make loan can become millionaire if he/she are able to monetize the loan carefully and strategically. No pain, no gain. But to put my life on line by making a *loan*, it still sounds like a trouble in future..

need to go now. My brother is waiting for me. this is the fate if you are using free internet from your library to post your blog, everything is limited. Chao!

m2mdoh: "In support of legal money is always right."

i 've Got a Present, Yay! >>

.: Aloha~~!

Ya, i remembered-that morning was a very clear bright sunny day. i told to myself, today must be a great day! And yet to come, i have a Chemistry test = inorganic chemistry, and that is like a deathblow to myself. Hoohoohoo..

But what happened to me is.. i was the earliest one who get out of the test room! Even my lecturer and my course mate looked at me like they was watching an alien - i even tried to look like an alien but i failed, haha. Xp

To say that i can do it, i do think so. Somehow i can visualize the whole pattern of block-d elements and the transition compounds properties. And walla, i go out early. The question is quite tough hoo.. And that make my No1 present for the day.

Another present is yet to come. When i came back to home, my family told that there is a parcel waiting for me. The sign of ?? filled the air on top of my head. To kill my curiosity, i open and found that..

Colby Caillat, CoCo cd is inside! Whoa!! Yay!! i won it from Mix Fm contest sent to my e-mail. Another great present for me to fills my leisure time-ya, i listens to music a lot. It was my own personal skill to reduce the tension when hearing high-pitch-blabbers-thing in my house.

Thank God, Alhamdulillah!

m2mdoh: "In support of giving others happiness."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

FireFox Fx >>

.: Hye.

Internet browsers? for me i prefer more to Mozilla's Fx browser - quite reliable, has a lot of add-ons, highly customizable. to be precise, Mozilla FireFox Portable is the best. Internet Explorer ranked second in my heart, why? because IE do not have what you call it 'mobility' and 'customization ability' so users can modify it to their own themes or looks or .. whatever. Have you heard Portable IE? no? haha, that's it. (but recently from my readings i know that Microsoft already released IE beta 8)

Judging from my own experience, plus my friends sufferings, anything beta from Microsoft is .. quite .. unreliable.. Some of the bugs can be easily exploited, exposed or hacked in which makes us the end-users feels insecure. me myself n i do not objects any of Microsoft products, it is just when anything that were made for general usage, cannot give everything we need or satisfy everybody. Well, i'm thankful for all Microsoft had offered until now - their Windows Vista (i don't really love it) and Windows XP (aa, this one is above par) plus other software etc etc (haha).

When i have my time, i'll posts about the current Fx add-ons i installed in my portable Fx. To get and download it, visits this Mozilla Central and AddOns site.

m2mdoh: "In support of original software and hardware."

My New Blog >>

.: Hyeyaiyai.

i already created another two more blogs - both are the one i think is my personal liking.

SMS, well text messages that we sent to each other is now better with some imaginative pictures (not actual picts that is) and this blog of mine is a collection of my personal SMS i received from my lovely friends and some are made on my own, while another blog is about my ultimate hobby, reading online comics from Japan, 'manga'.

- FreeSMS4You
- mamdoManga (currently on hiatus-depending on my free time)

My other Blogs shortcut can be seen on the upper right side of this blog. The links to them is just below my header =)

Both blog at the moment is composed by me, but i do love to receive any comments from blogs readers out there, or maybe you guys would like to share or exchange any information - all of this is much appreciated.

Fell free to read guys!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reedit Free Template >>

.: Hye there.

my dissatisfaction for using others template for my blog: their template is hard to modified. =< Red tide bioluminescence at midnight and that picture position's is slightly more to the right side. and i want it just fit perfectly in it's place like the picture on the top of this blog. it is troublesome if we want to do or change something but we do not know how. just like my case. =(

i thought that such template for bloggers is mostly formatted for example: WordPress bloggers (and other blog site too!). i wish that our blog will have that free modification features for our own template. as for me, i want my layout to be in three or four or more columns. and i can edit and fills it with more links or AdSense thing. pictures maybe, games, or anything interesting in strategic place. anyone will loves to decorate their blog according to their liking right?

why i just turn to WordPress? naah, my personality is i prefer to stick to the introducer or anything that is a first for me. for me to sing up with is easy, and the page elements is customizable - especially if i want to insert AdSense here. whoa, damn easy huh? =)
i wished that my first puppy love will maintained until now, but who cares?

mm, and the template is made by using the - XML - thing. if i can master this, i think i can edit my layout on my own. come to think about it, anyone who like to use free stuff if you look it in different way shows that individual is lazy. hahaha.. Xp

don't phray-phray aar! Phua Chu Kang fave catchphrase.

m2mdoh: "In support of bloggers satisfaction."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What done is done >>

.: Moshi-moshi!

right now, i am thrilled of making money online. especially the one that involves in AdSense. i help them to promote, they help me to promote my wallet bigger. both party loves this symbiosis, huhu. i have proposed blogs that i want to set up, but i afraid too many blog, too many time needed. and at the moment, i need extra time to swallow the assignment and notes and lab experiments and prepare for coming final in this nowhere April. and that is a wow for me, hoho.

still, making money is my top priority. i just wish my dream could be fulfilled. my long lost forgotten dream is to work as many as possible any posts in the world. i know human can actually diversify his mind power - ah! i remembered the characteristics of Generation Y. babies born after 1977. this generation is filled with high intensity of utilizing their knowledges as their heads is filled with too much info after all. but, to be frank-i always kinda 'lost' when busy doing something. i know i can do it.

imagine my position right now: i do not own any pc, i don't have much money, i don't have any relatives with alive internet connection, or friends where i can borrow their laptop, and i have a small pocket book to draft my blog content. whoa. actually out there are so many individuals who suffered a lot than me. what can i do? patient, work hard, study smart, and i know money will be on my side after all.

what done is done. like sir Don T says: "we all are born rich". i forgot what the remaining he had said before, (T,T)cry cry..
eh, i love the apperentice. i become fond on how human handles business in a group. how they appoints new challenges, meet their clients and such reality tv job interview really make me thinks "i too can become just like and better than them."

say yeah to online entrepreneur! YEAH!!

m2mdoh: "In support of 'onlining' our money."

M2mdoh owh m2mdoh >>

.: aye aye aye.

i got to know (at last) the meaning of my almost-six-years surname given by me college in K.DPAH PetraJaya. the story resolve around the collg buildg that a small-fry freshie has the same face with an acquintance (wrong spell) of theirs. so long story short, my name is mamdoh - spelled as m.2.m.d.o.h - pronounced as mom.dough (the nearest audio i can think rite now).


- the name when me.parents called me.
inside the house - izzat is better.
outside - m2mdoh.
owh, the m2m inside the name has no meaning.
just a coincidence that is unexplainable.
only me me.self n i know it.

later ~~

m2mdoh: "In support of naming with meaning."

What a day! >>

.: Hye hye hye.

i am a boy who live in a flat.
the flat that i lived is always filled with pressure.
the pressure i have received up to this day has changed me to a man.
changed to a man that wants revenge.
what type of revenge.
revenge is not good.
not good to me health or me.self or to me fwenz or to anybody.
i know that also.
that doesn't matter anymore.
i keep living as a zombied murmmy corps.
much worse than a corpse, eh.
a corpse once says this thing to me.
a living body-not a corpse.
me intension of setting up this blog is to let me revenge out.
hope that firey revenge just ended up ere.
please, stop ere.
i am a Muslim.
but why i lacked that Islamic morality identity integrity and anything ends with -i(e).
i still a Muslim.
and i proud of that.
please God, lemme be a good samaritan for life.
forever n ever a good one.
please let the revenge go.
please let the revenge go.
please let the revenge go.


i promise me.self.
that one day.
i can keep my faithful pray to God.
to be a good Muslim.

p/s: such rage is caused by a high density of sound pollution when the author lived amongst a anytime-my-parent-can-do-a-rampage.
the author also experiences symptoms such as shortterm memo loss.
each-month-must-have diarrhoea (this linked to the absense food in the fridge).
low very low body weight.
etc etc etc


Monday, March 10, 2008

Chantek - Altimet Feat Adeep Fabulous Cats >>

.: owh, how i love this song aar..

Lirik : Chantek - Altimet Feat Adeep (Fabulous Cats)

Hey wanita
Gembira dapat berjumpa
Teringat kembali kali pertama kita bersua
Ingat bila kita bersepatu serupa
Tak lama dahulu jangan kau kata kau dah lupa
Kau bersama kawan-kawan muda yang nyata
Kau paling menyerlah di antara mereka
Rambut hitam warna cokelat anak mata
Membuat aku kurang fasih bila bicara
Apakata kita ambil sedikit masa
Untuk mengenali sesama kita dengan lanjutnya
Dan jika kau rasa apa yang ku rasa
Ayuh kita ke bab kedua dan seterusnya
Dirimu buat ku tertarik
Menghilang segala prasangka
Di jiwa
Ohh chantek
Sungguh aku cinta kamu
Pandai menjaga hati ayah dan ibunya
Kelakuannya sama dengan orang tuaku juga
Bisa cipta yg gula dari yang cuka
Pandai menukar yg duka kepada suka
Bijak mengatur acara dan juga masa
Cekap memasak garam gula secukup rasa
Pandai menjaga harta dan juga duitnya
Tetap anggun tanpa mendedahkan kulitnya
Setia pada Yang Esa satu-satunya
Memenuhi tanggungjawab 5 waktunya
Punya tempat dalam rancangan yg ku rangka
Tak usah lengah
Ayuh kita berumah tangga
Sechantek suria menyinar
Seindah bunga yang di taman..mekar
Dirimu buat ku tertarik
Menghilang segala prasangka
Di jiwa
Oohhh chantekk
Sungguh aku cinta kamu
Melihat kita bersama di hari tua
Masih satu tiada empat tiga atau dua
Dan walaupun kau sudah kepudaran rupa
Kau tetap cantik padaku aku tak lupa
Kita bersama di anjung luangkan masa
Kewangan kita merdeka mampu bersara
Hasil usaha kita dari masa dahulu
Cukup untuk mengisi perut anak dan cucu
Hidup santai tak perlu terburu-buru
Punya masa kerja ibadah dan juga ilmu
Anak kita dan ayahya semua sebulu
Aku bilang kau chantek dan mereka setuju
Sechantek suria menyinar
Seindah bunga yang di taman..mekar
Dirimu buat ku tertarik
Menghilang segala prasangka di jiwa
Ohh chantek
Sungguh aku cinta kamu

i honestly dedicate this song to a very sweet friend of mine - who is still waiting for me..
waiting for her free dinner with me, huhu (T,T) cry cry..

m2mdoh: "In support of the beauty of the world."

Fwenz a Forever Me Fwenz >>

.: Assalamu'alaikum wbt n Salam Muhibbah n also Hye hye hye!

a reminiscence of me.coursemate in UiTM Sarawak Kota Samarahan - Nov y2K4~Nov y2K7.
this list also contributed to Norulhaya Mohamad n fwenz in UiTM kampus Jengka (sorry forgot your name aa..)
guys, good luck in your future undertakings and a lot of misses from me, i missssssssss you guys!!
maybe after 5 years time we can meet up and have a feast over here.
make sure all of you marry and do bring your children over, ha ha ha! Xp

Afizul Hossen
Afreeda Firdaus
Amalina Najwa Mohd Shauki
Donald Juan
Eti Mounissa Mohd Mardzi
Farah Haireen Bahtiar
Firdaus Pathi
Hellen Menging Bennett Buan
Irene Rejie
Jaclyn Nawi Unsa
Murni Nurani Ahmad
Noriham Bujang
Nurhafizah Muhd Zakri
Nurul Asyikin Kassim
Rebecca Nayan Rantai
Rompen Bajing
Safrina Hazmi
last but not least
Zailina Sapuan (yalah nama ko last-stat dr 'z', hohoho )

send my regards to others if any of you read this blog. do leave your comments. i'll definitely will contact you guys for a reunion, meetings or money-making project - ETR-based, hahaha.
Wassalam n out.

m2mdoh: "In support of everlasting friendship."

PPP - payperpost >>

.: huhu..

last week, it's a miracle that i have found a site that offers payments for writing.
can't believe it?
well, i do too..

why don't i give it a try?

after such hassle (registering that is)..
the site has such nice offer for penniless guy like me..
$20 for the first post??
joking, kidding? - i am not laughing.

and after some search findings and discovery, this thing takes time woo..
it needs my valued customers to review my site..
-but my site is messy-
it also requires me to posts at least 10 posts per month..

at the moment, i'm still studying.
much of my time is dedicated to..
-reading manga
-studying (this 1 is a must)
-playing games if nobody using the computer at the library..
-etc etc etc

or maybe next time.
money won't run.


Working quote for us >>

.: work, work, work. i love working with internet

" Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it. "

~ Ellen Goodman ~ in The Boston Globe,
Reader's Digest Asia Dec y2k7
All in a day's work page

m2mdoh: " In support of working it smart."

PTC - paidtoclick site >>


life is hard.
why make it harder?
don't let it be too hard for you to handle.

this is an opportunity that i want to share with all of you.
an online biz that utilize the online itself!
unlimited income for all the work you have done.
it is not a scam, virus-infected, adware-malware or whatsoever.
just a click that increases your own wealth.

Now, what i want to show to you guys is one of the way you can manipulate the internet.
of course there is many ways available, but this is one way that is too EASY to start of.
this methods needs an internet connection, an e-mail of course, your commitment to do the clicking.
EASY right?
haha, easy said than done-the right word you'll like to utter to me, huh?

okay, i want to be straight,
down here is several links that will suit your needs.
all you have to do is visit the websites and you get paid for EVERY click!
no skill, hassles, or money needed, just simply click an ad, view it for at least 30 seconds, and get paid.
and what was that?
isn't it a very WEALTHY opportunity?
it was a no-no to lie my mum says.
and the links do provide proof of payments to their members for viewing.

it worth a try, no one will force you to join.

***Online Money Making Links***

Bux link
Bux3 link
PaidClicks link
Ibux link
DaddyBux link

Advercash link
SwatCash - making money is just a game away!
TitanClicks link
TurboBux link
ClixSense link
Paid link

Happy Clicking!!


Acer 4520 Drivers >>

.: Assalamu'alaikum n Salam Muhibbah.

looking for ACER4520 drivers?
try these links..

**** Acer 4520 ****

another link

another link

another link <-- best4downloading another link

another link

another link

**** Acer 4520 ****

i've already checked those links and downloaded the necessary softw. beware some of the link(s) provide an older version of drivers. use your reading skills on this one, haha! ENJOY!!


Ari Lasso - Rahasia Perempuan >>

.: waahaahaa.. at last! at lasto! atlas woo!!
i've made it. i finally found the ecchi song, waahaahaa!!

*** Ari Lasso - Rahasia Perempuan ***
Ada satu bagian pada perempuan
Yang sangatlah peka bila di sentuh oleh lelaki
Dimanakah bagian itu maukah kau tahu
Karena bagian itu hanya untuk
Lelaki yang cukup umur
Karena bagian itu sungguh sangat bisa
Buat perempuan dimabuk kepayang dimabuk asmara
Dimanakah bagian itu maukah kau tahu
Reff. Sentuhlah dia tepat dihatinya
Dia kan jadi milikmu selamanya
Sentuh dengan setulus cinta
Buat hatinya terbang melayang
Sentuh hatinya dengan sangat hati-hati
Bila ingin rebut .. . .hatinya
Karena bagian itu sungguh sangat bisa
Buat perempuan dimabuk kepayang dimabuk asmara
Dimanakah bagian itu maukah kau tahu

perempuan itu diumpamakn tulang rusuk kiri setiap insan bernama adam. tulang ini tidak boleh di patah dibengkok sesuka hati - kerna tulang ini kecil, rapuh, kerdil.. bisa dilentur dengan kasih sayang agar kekal abadi dan kekal selamanya. tulang yang nantinya akan melengkapkan insan bernama suami. isteri adalah pakaian suami n suami adalah pakaian isteri.
p/s: madah ini bukan untuk adam yea, utk me.meself n i. ahaks!!


My Preciouss - Present Time >>

.: Assalamu'alaikum n Salam Muhibbah.

"in the end, time is neither is our being. it has neither past nor future. all we have is the present, with our memory of the past, and anticipation of the future. even saying this is not altogether right. whenever we say and think about present, the present has already vanished."

composed by kaypo.anak.kuching,
The Hermit Hornbill theSundayPost : Dec30th, y2K8

hehe, me 1st blog.

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