Friday, August 29, 2008

.: Misc Long Way to Go :.

.: Assalamu'alaikum n Happy Muhibbah-ing n Good Day to all of you.

Here i am, waiting, sighing, complaining..
Finally after confirming that i've graduated from UiTM, i found myself working at one of some popular convenient store in Sarawak.
My main reason - keeping my salary to fund my personal expenses this November - which is - Convocation!!
haha.. (i've waited for more than 3years for this)
But money is like water..
Once it flows out from your bank account, and walla..

Maybank Visa Debit Card.
i apply for this so i can have my salary banked-in monthly.
i never know that Maybank Visa Debit Card is much better..
After i get to know SmartLink Debit Card, Tune Money Debit Card.
All services with only ONE Debit Card!
i am able to get access for online services, online statements, online shopping, plus..
..PayPal registration?? (i dunno whether PayPal still insists for Visa Card only-M'sian version)

And right now i want money!
Instant money Loan.
Only from Malaysian Banks.
the money will be used for starting my Big Business..
(not that capital 'B' lah)
MLM and Online business.
MLM need much much much extra knowledge and careful research before joining one.
(do join if your upline wannabe already shows some sign of REAL success in the business he or she ask you to join)
for Online biz please look, but, read and understands deeply this one pioneer book (i thought so..)
-the Irfan Khairi Jutawan Success or something like that-
it is one of you-must-have-one online biz guidebook.
i look for a Bahasa but the one i buy in the end is the English version.
bought it @mph theSpring.
it's hard to buy and search for that book.
Goo-search (Google search) Irfan Khairi's blog and there you can get one online.

i've been targeting a motorcycle/motorbike/what you call it actually?
the Honda Wave 125..
plus extreme cosmetic makeover for that baby..
change the tires, side mirrors, lamps, stickers.. blahblahblah..
and i have no money.

i want a laptop to start working online.
and then still no money.

Bank loan with an interest of 5.1% versus 4.9%?
rm30K for a 5~7years of payment.
strictly not for government workers..
no such thing in the world.



and today i want to watch TV3 for the Malaysian 2009 budget.(allocation)
tomorrow i want to buy the newspaper so i can keep track of my Gov's spending.

that's for now.
i wonder why Dgi promotion rm100 ends Aug31st?
why not make it up to Dec 31st?
not much money reserves in bank..

m2mdoh: "In support of planning your future (and your money) carefully, not greedily and hastily."
astalavista baby!
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