Thursday, March 3, 2011

PowerPoint presentation should be like this. This is .pptv2!~

Image credit: Stephen Cummings on Flickr.
.: I remember I've made old-school powerpoint for my water cycle presentation. I didn't have an access to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 at that time, plus the computer where I present my slides didn't support it, so I settle down with PowerPoint 2003 instead.

The bad thing is, my powerpoint presentation looks good in my computer, but looks bad in the computer I use to do my slide show. Urghhhh.. X-O

I simply loooove the new PowerPoint 2007, but that software has terrible / no compatibility with the 2003 version. Ouch! And of course the 2007 version has more sleeker look, more awesome animation, more template and beautiful background, but it takes time to rediscover and relearn it again.

Okay, say goodbye to PowerPoint story, here comes the new PowerPointV2 (presentation version2.0), but it won't ends with file extension of .pptv2... :-P

Salty oceans.
Do whales make ocean water salty? Snooki thinks so... and she's wrong. For billions of years, the world's seas have been getting saltier as rivers drain salty sediment into the sea.

Err, yes, this is a video. But, if you imagine you have this video as your slide show and you presents it as your PowerPoint project, wow, that kind of powerful presentation should able to deliver your information very very well~  ;-)

One more presentation version2.0-but-actually-it-is-a-video...

We spend a third of our lives asleep -- but nobody knows exactly why. What doctors do know is that adults need at least seven to nine hours of sleep a night, and going without is bad news for your health.

Analyze the font size, pictures, speed, animation, and together we can come up with super presentation that definitely grabs our audience attention and helps they understands better~

3 Super powerful presentation tip:
  • people can understand your slide show even without you narrated or explains anything. 
  • our audience didn't sleep or yawns or typing SMSses (aka texting) while listens to our presentation. 
  • a lot of individuals come to you asking a soft copy of your presentation because it was too beutiful.. LOL :-P

m2mdoh: "In support of PowerPoint presentation shouldn't be dead boring and uninteresting but always easy on the eyes~~"

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