Monday, January 31, 2011

Sad Koala together with Sad Keanu Reeves... :-(

.: Another one tough man. Yes, he is an actor, but he's the man! And who is he? The saddest koala who can only eat apple because his eucalyptus tree is almost extinct.... :-(

sad koala is pretty sad...
Sad koala is sad. Pretty sad...

Sensation - Koala eating an apple! 
"Life would never be the same without my eucalyps..." Sad Koala thinks..

Can you believe it? In order to survive, this poor koala had to resort to eating apple a day so he can keeps the doctor away because he hate eating pills to maintains his missing eucalyptus diet... Poor guy, humans should be more responsible!

Okay, I'm sorry for making up story. But this koala looks very similar to another famous internet memes, the Sad Keanu meme. Though no koala is being harmed in this video (I think so), but please reduce our greenhouse gases from the air, recycle our wastes, grow more trees, preserve more paper, etc and help build and maintains Mr Koala's eucalyptus habitat so he can eat normally and be happily ever after. Live koala live, I Love you!!!   :-)

Sad Keanu recursion gif?
About the meme, yeah, the Sad Keanu meme.

The story goes like this, Keanu Reeves is a normal man. A great guy, an awesome actor. The thing is, he is always alone, being alone, and I-hope-he-will-never-be-forever alone and usually he is not alone. Hmmm??? (So many people love to have his signature, kids admiring him, and let's not forget the always stalking always following paparazzis taking Keanu's pictures here and there too).

So, the internet loving community wants to teach the world that no matter how sad we are, how cruel our life is, there will always other people who had their life much much more sadder and crueler than ours. So don' be sad, don't waste our time, we move on and continue our soon-to-be great life ever. And then Sad Keanu meme is born~~

There is a good info on FunnyJunk about why Keanu Reeves is sad, and you can find similar information on Keanu's Wiki too~

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Break Even: Life After You, American Idol Chris Medina~

.: Reality show is a place is a stage where you can find extraordinary individuals with extraordinary life. Chris Medina, one of American Idol contestants, is one guy that is totally not Justin Bieber. (Sorry Justin Bieber fans, I'm so sorry)..

Okay, nuff bout Justin. Chris Medina, (Medina? His name sounds very very familiar to me) is a fiance who held her love so dearly and so close to his heart that strongly encourage and motivates him to join one of the most popular reality show in America. Why?

! Chris Medina - Break Even : American Idol 10 Auditions !

Tragic story isn't it? To add more fuel to the fire... no, to add more tears reading my post here, this is Chris Medina with her fiancee, Juliana Ramos romantic photo together (before the tragic accident)~

Chris Medina with his fiancee Juliana Ramos couple hhoto
Lovely couple with indefinite love... (BumpShack).

To round up my Chris Medina story, read why Chris is declared the biggest tearjerker by American Idol fans and later enjoy this two not-so-surprise video for you~~

The Script - Breakeven

Daughtry - Life After You

Via: BeautifulNara.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

What do you write as your book cover foreword?

.: Hi~~   :-)

When we buy new books, or new diary, or new novels, the most common thing we write inside our new book is our name, our phone number and / or our home address. Some might write a very short description, with the day and the date when they buy it, which shop, or maybe they just sign the book.

I had a very "normal" experience about this, but you can share me what you thought about it.

When I was young (lol), I love to read my school textbooks. Sometimes I read my senior textbooks just to get the insights what will I learn in future. And one day, I notice that one book I read has more than name or phone number. It has a poem? Or it is not a poem? Let's read it together~~

India - Chennai - Inspirational wall slogans 19
Image by mckaysavage.

It's true right?   ;-)

No, not that one. This one~

This book is mine, 
by right divine, 
and if it goes astray, 
I'll call you kind, 
myself you've to find, 
and give me straightaway~ 

So? Is it a poem or it is not? But this writings stay in my head all the time. Each time I buy a book or I get books as presents, I'll write this together with my name and the date. It's kinda a cute warning when i read it, hahaha.

Image by thinboyfatter.

Or is it called the motivational words for people who found it if that book is lost? Hurmmm.. a twisted way to politely ask people to return it back.   ;-)

Before I end up this post, here is another motivational picture for all of us. A quick self-provoking thought about making decisions and taking actions.

Image by aloshbennet.

If you buy a new item with place to write your own foreword, what will you write?  :-)

m2mdoh: "In support of giving back and recover owner's motivation by returning back their lost books."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pickomino and Lost Cities: Board Games has Invaded Your Facebook!

The Settlers of Catan
Let's settle down in Catan this time.
.: Have you played The Settlers of Catan?

If you are a big fan of social strategy game, you must play The Settlers of Catan now. But if you're not one, you must learn how to play Catan now so you will get addicted to it just like me, LOL~    X-D

If I'm not mistaken, BigFish Games has already released the PC version of Catan, but now it is nowhere to be found. Even if you search from their official website, Catan is not there anymore. Some rumor says that BigFish is no longer have the rights to sell that game again. :-(

Well, what we can do. Is there any other German-made game for we to try?

How about Facebook Pickomino Solo and Lost Cities Solo?

Pickomino Solo Facebook main menu.

Pickomino Solo by Reiner Knizia is dragon dice game. It is a simple game where you need to collect all numbered dominoes as you can by depending on your logic (which pair of dices should you take first) and your luck (how many paired dices will you get). Plus you must use your gut too, haha :-P

Pickomino Solo Facebook game.
This screenshot is taken from the random mode game. Dominoes on top is the one you want to get, and dominoes at the bottom is your winning collection. Random mode is much trickier than the classic mode, but it is quicker to win.

Yay! I win some gems!~~
If you wins your game round, you will have the opportunity to win some gems. This gems can be used to buy more useful power-ups or energies so you can play it again and again and again~ This gems work as your global currency, you can use it to buy items from the Zabu stores and use it in all Zabu Studio's games~

Because Pickomino's energy run out pretty fast, so I decided to try other Zabu games : The Lost Cities~

Lost Cities Solo Facebook main menu.
Lost Cities Solo on Facebook is also a game by Reiner Knizia. It's a card game, with our opponent is no one.  The theme is to start an expeditions, claiming some new land with risking your smart-guessing work. What work? Your work aka your true task here is to stack your expedition cards properly from random stacks of cards...

Each time you win a round, you will advance to the next expedition stage. I manage to expand my land up to the sixth stage (and later to the 9th stage), and how about you? Come on, this game is easy~~   X-D   :-P

Before I leave you to start your own dice-picking and card-stacking, can I leave you with a video of a dragon? As a tribute to Pickomino's chicken eaten by the dragons and together with the latest Facebook updates from The Settlers of Catan~~

Dragon Age 2 Trailer - Destiny Extended.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Heidi, das schielende Opossum: Squinted eyes is painful(?) but Heidi is cute~

.: ALT + 3 = ♥
Today is the day you should express your true love to your loved ones. Don't wait until it's too late, just do it now. Express your love to everyone, especially to our beloved Heidi, the minimized-visionary opossum~   ;-(

Who is Heidi? Before we get to know Heidi a lot more, let's study a little bit about squintism...

Squinting is..
..inevitable adjustment to the abnormal positioning of the eyes.

Very very little eh?   :-P

While squint is known to occur in humans (Strabismus), squinting or cross-eyed marsupial is uncommon in online world, and almost none of it can be found to become an internet hit. Thanks to Heidi, squinted eye problem gets a worldwide spotlight.

Heidi, the female opossum with different view of the world

Usually, squinted eye is a condition where the eye pupil is not symmetry as it normally do. But in Heidi's case, she had the *almost* perfect squint unlike normal squint do. Her squint style is famous in cartoons or mangas or manhwas, but to see it live in living beings, wow, it's really really shocking~~

Opossum, an animal-look-like-a-rat-to-me is from the marsupial family, which raises their young in a pouch (imagine a mommy kangaroo with her baby being shrunk) is also an excellent climbers. They are omnivorous, feeding on both animals and plants, and luckily they have big mouth too. Opossums can open their jaws to almost 90 degrees, and when they bite, you can only wish they will never ever bite you.

I dunno whether Heidi can really act, but as an opossum, I bet she is excellent actress when playing dead. Acting is their another special emergency plan because when they "dead", they emit a foul smell while slowing down their breathing and heart rate at the same time. Which means, you should think thrice, quadrice and quince before taking any opossum as your house pet.

Is there any working treatments for squinted eyes? Leipzig Zoo is trying to help Heidi recovers by reducing her body fat deposit over time by... dieting. Yes, high fiber and low energy diet can help reducing her total body mass safe and sound..

Cross-eyed opossum is Germany's latest star.
"Body fat should go downward this way," says sniff sniff Heidi.

Just in case you want to support Heidi, don't forget to visit her Facebook, Heidi, das schielende Opossum, or watch her sensational music video at Heidi the cross-eyed opossum is a Facebook hit, or, can you check for me either Heidi resembles Remy or not? Hurmmmmm....

m2mdoh: "In support of being grateful for being unique. Squinted or not, you and me = u n i q u e ~~"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to do your Perfect Sit-ups the right way, as seen on TV.

.: January 2011: It is not too early to start doing exercises to maintain our body physique and keeping fit. Simple exercises can be done almost everywhere, we can do it outside or inside our home (or in a gym). Jogging, walking, rope skipping, balloon workouts, and do push ups/sit ups is example of exercises we can do daily.

Perfect Sit-Ups?

While most of us do exercises to keep healthy and become more energetic, sit-ups is one exercise that will redesigned and beautify our body, especially to our stomach and our abdomen abs. Flatter stomach can be seen with regular sit-ups, while plenty of correct and perfect sit-ups can give us the most-craved, the most wanted God gift to humans, the six packs.

Apparently, someone out there has invented a fitness device which helps us to do perfect sit ups as seen on TV?

Introducing the Perfect Situp, From the Creators of the Perfect Pushup.

PerfectPushup2008 claims that:
"Having a six-pack is pointless if your stomach sticks out—if what you want is a smaller, more defined waistline, you must work the deep lower ab muscles. The Perfect Situp—our newest addition to our home gym product line—is the first fitness device of its kind to engage all four sets of abdominals."
September 16, 2010.
Really? Engage all 4 sets of abdominal muscles? While Super-Trainer founder, Kaiser Serajuddin says that this Perfect Situp is just "an ads written by some of the best copywriters alive", I personally believe that if I had Perfect Situp here in my home, it might work pretty well. It looks pretty solid with their claims of working all my ab muscles. Even GadgetReview gave them 3 and half stars without watching the introductory video first about the audible coach...

But, just let this one slip. Because I had better article and video to share with you. Learn How to do perfect sit-ups they way they should be done, via MailOnline, or, learn it visually from Youtube, Perfect Sit-ups (you need to turn up your volume a bit). Other learning site like Body-Fizzeek, Sit up the right way.

Here is a video in case you are boring with your current slow mo and peaceful sit-up exercise. This is considered as professional exercise level, so do not try this at home if you can't do proper sit ups and you have no solid 6 packs. Seriously don't do it.

Dragon flag. Via BodyBuilding Forum.

That's it for now. Happy 'sit up'-ping~ :-D

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Red Panda Cow with Kung Fu Panda movie ending.

.: A tribute to all panda in the world, especially to the adorable cute firey red pandas~~ yeah yeahhhh~~   X-D

Today's hot story is about the baby cow which looks like a panda, aka baby panda cow aka pandow or cownda... urghhh, whatever. Born in a farm in northern Colorado, this black and whitey pand-calf is thought to be one of 24 rarest panda-cows in this whole world.

Golden panda cow?

The miniature panda cow is the result of genetic manipulation somehow goes quite well. It took Richard Gradwohl, a Covington, almost 44 years of hard work breeding and mixing 8 different breeds of miniature cow before successfully come with this new panda + cow. BTW, picture above is not Richard, he is Chris Jessen, the new and proud owner of that baby panda cow.

rare panda cow born on colorado farm.

Bye bye $30,000 baby panda cow~

Wait? Who is that cuddly cat?
No, it's not a cat, it's a red panda. Red panda is muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch more way cuter than normal panda or the "extraordinaire" panda cow~

Red panda, say "Hi~" please~~    :-D
Naaaaaaaaaaaahhh~~   ;-P

Eh? Please, please my love red panda please, say "Hi~" again~~  :-)
*Yawn* Nope, maybe next time~~ It's sleeping time~

Via and credits to~~
i) Panda cow:
ii) Red Panda image credits:

So, last panda story before mamdoh go, a farewell panda video for you~ (This scene *should be* from Kung Fu Panda (Widescreen Edition) DVD).
kung fu fighting ( kung fu panda ) end of the movie.

Heeheee~ :->

m2mdoh: "In support of streaming-breeding more red pandas. Red Panda is cute~"

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Lovely Sister Ayumi Hamasaki, Married??? Love Songs is in the air~~

.: What? 2011 New Year's Biggest surprise??   :-D

Yesterday (January 02nd, 2011), my Lovely J pop diva Ayu has revealed on her Team Ayu blog that she has registered her marriage with her beloved Mannie in a small chapel in America.

Ayumi Hamasaki is married already
Ayu = married recently~~     \( ^0^ )/

Her Austrian husband Mannie (Manuel Schwarz), as seen in her PV "Virgin Road", "Love Song" and "Last Angel" has become close with Ayu, frequently changing e-mails and phone calls after they starred together in her music videos this last two months~~

浜崎あゆみ / Virgin Road. (preview PV)

浜崎あゆみ / Last angel. (preview PV)

浜崎あゆみ / Love song. (preview PV)

Ayu Oh Ayu, finally found her last angel, is really really happy~ Hope that you will soon have cute babies by the end of this year, heehee~    ;-)   I Love Ayumi Hamasaki~~   :-D
Ayumi Hamasaki (浜崎 あゆみ) Love songs album USB + microSD + DVD~~

Ayumi Love Songs 【microSD】 Contents:
  1. Love song
  2. crossroad
  3. MOON
  4. sending mail
  5. Last angel
  6. insomnia
  7. Like a doll
  8. Aria
  9. blossom
  10. Thank U
  11. Sweet Season
  12. overture
  13. do it again
  14. November
  15. Virgin Road
  16. [bonus track] SEVEN DAYS WAR (Live at Yoyogi on Oct.11.2010)
  1. MOON (video clip)
  2. blossom (video clip -director's cut-)
  3. crossroad (video clip)
  4. Sweet Season (video clip)
  5. Virgin Road (video clip)
  6. Last angel (video clip)
  7. Love song (video clip)
  8. do it again (video clip)

And her other Love Songs album PVs~~

浜崎あゆみ / MOON. (preview PV)

浜崎あゆみ / crossroad. (preview PV)

浜崎あゆみ / Sweet Season. (preview PV)

[HD] Zespri Kiwi Press Conference (NEW CM! BGM: blossom by 浜崎あゆみ). (Very quick snippet of Blossom)
Norika Fujiwara??!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top Gear's the Stig: Their farm where you can buy one

.: Seriously?? The Stig breeding farm? The place you can buy the Stig for your own? Are you serious???   X-O

Wait, who is this "the Stig" you said earlier?

Here he is..

Behind that white helmet is the very human you call: the Stig.

... one of rarest, anonymous speed demon out there~ (actually there are more than one "the Stig" out there). Because they are so crazy with super cars, addicted with the speed, that's why the world (especially the BBC gang) didn't want us to know where we can join their racing playground or get to know them personally. Except that one "the Stig" has already made himself public. (You-know-who)~~

Here, I bring you up and close to their breeding farm, where you might want to join this once-in-a-lifetime worldly training program or you can hire or buy one the Stig for your own.Without further delay, this is..

the World exclusive: inside the Stig farm (original title). 

BBC Top Gear's New Stig (November 2010) (Youtube title). 

Hilarious isn't it? Hahahaha~   X-D
Okay okay, that's it. Enough LOL-ing today. The Stig is the Stig, and you is you. There's only one you here in this world, so do not try the Stig speed driving at any time, or at an place. You, can make the difference~

m2mdoh: "In support of wearing the Stig helmet for safety driving or use the Stig 4Gb USB~"
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