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2 and a Half Ways to do Natural Liver Cleansing.

.: Why so serious? :-P

Suddenly this personal blog has his eye on some health information out there. You can see games or strange stuff laying around here, but, as we grow older, we need to know we need to take care of our body. I have a written draft about Zestra and Zentel Albendazole, but let's see if this post can be our eye-opener.

Human liver location in our body. Picture via Esoriano.
Inspired by, this is my self-made so-called liver cleansing Wiki with my information collected from the web itself.

I am not a doctor or a health practitioner experts, but if you intend to use this information or doing some of the methods below, please, please, and please consult your doctor/physician first.

Better be careful because we're dealing with our body, the one and only body that will be together with us until our death..

Again, why so serious?  :-P

First thing first, what is this liver cleansing process?
Liver cleansing process is a method of cleaning and clearing the liver by consuming a healthy diet or by taking natural supplements. The ultimate target of this process is to remove or reduce the toxins inside our liver and in our body without interfering with other organ functions. As result, when we do this cleansing process we will experience an increased need to go to the toilet, either to empty our bowel or to urinate asap.

Why we need to cleanse our liver?
Our liver if it is not cleanse properly - plus with our poor eating habits nowadays, will not functions as it normally does. Toxins is usually removed via our urine, but with clogged or impaired liver, toxins may end up inside the liver itself, removed via secondary routes (our skin) or being re-circulated again into our bloodstream. This can lead to many health problems later, starting with irritated skin, skin rashes, blemishes, spots, acne, or worst such as high cholesterol, severe headaches, migraines and other problems.

How can we cleanse our liver then?
These are 2 and a half natural and popular ways to carry out our cleansing process:
  1. Drink a lot and lot and lot of sky juice (water). 
  2. Eats healthy foods or drinks healthy juices. 
  3. Take natural/herbal supplements. 

1. Sky juice is the juiciest juice of all.
Our body is said to contains around 55% to 78% of water depending on it's size. Loosely said, we have a jellyfish body because half of it is composed of water :-P

Even though we had a jellyfish body, water can always find it's way out from it. That's why we are recommended to drink a lot of water everyday. Not too much, but not too less either. But for our liver cleansing process, we need to drink a lot of water at one time so it's cleansing power is multiplied.

The trick is to drink around 1.5 Liter of plain water early in the morning and later drink subsequently when we feels thirsty (1.5 liter is roughly about the size of a big bottle of mineral water). As soon after you wake up, drink 1.5L water directly until finish and later rests about an hour. And no eating within this torturing one hour. After that one hour rest is up, then you may proceed to eat your breakfast.

While resting, as I mention earlier, you will experience multiple needs to go to the toilet. This is normal because you just suddenly fills a lot of water into your jellyfish body, and that water must go out again by hook or by crook :-P

2. Eats healthy foods or drink (again?) healthy juices.
This kind of cleansing is usually done by whoever wants to escape drinking 1.5L of plain water just now. Or maybe we can call it cleansing ver2.0. "Instead of drinking unflavored water, how about we drink something delicious and tasty or we eat healthy foods as an alternative?" says one of my blog readers to show his sky juice dislike.

Well, that kind of diet works too if we want to cleanse our liver. It's better than nothing, rite?  ;-)

This special kind of cleansing needs us to go fasting starting from sunrise until sunset. We only eats a little before sunrise as our energy throughout the day and starts eating again after sunset. And for breaking our fast, starts with high-carb high fiber foods with low in sugar and low saturated fats, for example like start eating dates or raisins first before eating your meal. Avoid fried or chemically processed junks foods, and drinks more water or fresh juices to rejuvenate our body again.

You should do this twice a week, say in Monday and Thursday for the best cleansing results, and that's it.

3. Take herbal remedies or other liver supplements.
Another alternative for this liver cleanse process is by taking herbal or other supplements in our daily diet. From my reading, silymarin or milk thistle is the best known liver supplements. It can protects and helps liver regeneration effectively. Other supplements that contains alpha-lipoic acid, selenium and curcumin (turmeric) is also recommended.

A video of two powerful tips to detox (aka cleanse) your liver at home:
We Care SPA - Clean Detox Liver Cleanse At Home

How long should we do this liver cleansing?
This cleansing process is meant to be temporary, because liver is already pretty good doing it. Just in case we might have overload of toxin amount in our body or as our preventative measure against liver problems, we need to do the sky juice diet for two weeks in a month, or do the healthy fasting a least 3 days per month or take our supplements daily.

I think I heard there are risks and myths about this process somewhere?
True, there is no scientific evidence or clinical tests to prove that this liver cleansing process truly works or not. It's undeniable that our liver is very superb at doing his work, and that's why some said that this cleansing process is just a hoax, someone made up this story so their can sell their liver products. In addition, some who does this process has lose their weight, some experience loss of appetite, had diarrhea, feels dizzy and become easily tired. So why such thing happens and should we really try to cleanse our liver?

Personally, I think we should cleanse our liver because it is good for us. We eat our meal almost everyday, we apply different type of chemicals on our skin, and we're exposed to our surroundings every seconds in our life, so why we didn't do our liver a favor? By cleansing it, the burden can be lessened. Even machinery needs to be shut down, so why can't we help our own liver?

If you're using metal plated artificial liver, liver cleansing is a must!

As I write earlier, this process will *definitely* make you feels uneasy and need to pay a visit to your waiting more than once. This is because the extra water need to excreted from our jellyfish body. Give it a try first, and then you judge it for yourself. If your liver cleansing is good (or bad), don't hesitate to share with us here. Okay?

Okay, that's what I can write about the natural way to cleanse our liver. If I did missed something or I made mistakes here, please correct me, okay? Thank you for reading this, and I hope it can be some help.  :-)

Care to read what I just read? ;-)  :

Some real life recipe to try if you didn't like to try my 2 and a half ways to do natural liver cleansing above. It is called the liver flush~~

    m2mdoh: "In support of helping our organs so they will help us too later~~"

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