Monday, June 28, 2010

A Game i Want 2 Play~~ Cool Shape-shifting??

.: ha ha ha ha~~

A battle of the handsome?? Ha ha ha. But this two game rocks! But.. I think I did spot a similarities~~
  • handsome guy is the main character
  • their body has been modified
  • killing is their profession
  • i Love shape-shifting~~ (hollow man or become someone else)
  • it always dark there.. what happened? ;-P
The two game that I'm talking about is this..

Prototype Opening Cinematic Trailer (Rate This Game)

and this one..

Game Trailers: Deus Ex Human Revolution E3 2010 Trailer [HD]

Great game huh? :-D

But this PC games is seriously for adult and teenage above 21years old. Guys and Girls under 21 need to play Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Black Edition), this game is too bloody for you~~ X-D ;-P

m2mdoh: "In support of saving money to buy what we want." Can I get gamers PC for free? I don't have any...


Saturday, June 5, 2010

What kind of education can a Father teach his Son? Puffing techniques!

.: Cigarette = the ultimate black sheep of all.

Two things becomes a formula popped up in my mind after watching the baby video below.

Imprinting + Smoking = unstoppable irrational child behavior.

Now watch this:

Indonesian baby smoking 40 cigarettes per day

Is it a..
  • EPIC Fail? or...
  • Unconditional Love of a Dying Father for his son? or...
  • New trending niche: Smoking baby is much mafia-er and cooler than cool! or...
  • Learn how to spin your cigarette the easy way! or...
  • Cheap and Practical baby milk weight gain replacement???

As you see it, smoking education is truly inherited. If a father teaches it to his son, his son follows without a word. If that son teaches his friends how to smoke, his friends follows him without any word. And then, if that friends of that son teaches his future son how to smoke because he learned it from his friend who learned it from his father, that future son will smoke just like everyone else, also without any word like everyone else! What a wordy chain!

So whats with the imprinting formula?
What this video to discover what imprinting is all about.

Konrad Lorenz Experiment with Geese

I seriously think that that child need to imprint that geese instead of imprinting that father of his. :-(
Geese imprinting is much cooler than imprinting a dying father of course.

Smoking is bad for your health. No matter how they defend how "nutritious" and "delicious" and "high-ness" of cigarette smoking, inhaling a white smoke not suitable for your body is definitely not healthy. How many times you need to see the charcoal lungs from a dead smoker? Or how many times you need to watch the tar-blood flowing out from the brain of a dead smoker? Or maybe, maybe you need to see how it look like when they operate that baby chest later? 40 is a very good subject (and number) to show you how smoking can damage your body eternally, forever and after~~
Search for stop smoking the easy way

Finally, instead of teaching your son how to die slowly coughing badly while gaining unnecessary pounds, how about you teach them how to spin a pencil around their thumb? It is much cooler and better because later they can upgrade it by spinning a geese using their body or spins the basketball around their neck for the world's final while impressing beautiful girls or spin their wives during So you think you can dance?. Think about it.

More live video about imprinting~

Konrad Lorenz - Imprinting

Pen spinning woahhh!!

Pen Spinning Euro Collaboration 2

The only image credit: aubergene.
m2mdoh: "In super support of imprinting moral values and ethics for our future offspring."
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