Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Country: Paint Your Heart Green >>

.: The New Naturally Green country?

image credits: File:EcologyTheta.svg.

Nope, its not. Today is April the 22nd year 2010, the 'offical' Earth Day for earthlings all over the world. A day where together we make the world a better place, for you, and me, and everybody~~

Watching this green reminds me the 2008 Doraemon movie: Nobita and the Green Giant Legend 2008 (Eiga Doraemon Nobita to Midori no Kyojinden). Even though Nobita and friends looks kinda different in this movie, I find that I just can get enough of more and more Japanese pun. Hehe, bilingual is a good thing~~ :-)
The name Ki-bō comes from the words "Ki" (?) meaning tree, and "Bō" (?) meaning a wooden stick. The word Ki-bō also comes from the word "Kibō" (希望?), which means hope. The catch phrase of this movie is "僕らの希望が未来を動かす" (our hope moves the future), which Ki-bō's name can be referred to. ;-)

Care to watch the 40th Earth Day Anniversary?

Today is the outing day for us. Instead of letting our body breath the same artificial nature scent inside our room, how about we go outside, breath the fresh air, smells the flowers, kiss our spouse and children, go shopping for the great Earth Day bargains, or test your luck for some freebies too~ ;-)

m2mdoh: "In support of outing with shopping~~" ;-P


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

IMperfections: No Idea What the Project 365 is...

.: Look closely..

image credit: AndYaDontStop.

Love your current 'imperfect' spouse more rather looking for your new 'perfect' life partner. :-)

Love your God, Love your mommy, Love your mommy, Love your mommy, daddy, brother, sister, baby, kitty, fishy, homey, tv, tree, neighbor, road, earth, and your own self~~   :-D

Click the AndYaDontStop link and read their comments, I Love 365~~   :-)

m2mdoh: "In support of a better world where humans accepts each other sincerely~~"

Tamagotchi in a Blog >>

.: Tama tama tamaaa~~ gotchi!

my first Tamagotchi blog pet~~ (before my new layout)

I love tamagotchi. When this thing was a hot trend at my younger age, I had no money to get one. So I borrow this virtual pet from my friends. It has the shape of an egg, and has only three button to press. With 10 menu available, tamagotchi captures my imagination and my dream: to have a pet where I can see what is the time now X-D (My priority to have a pet collides with my priority to have a watch).

Later, come the Digimon. Tamagotchi then become much more 'alive' and 'adventurous'~~ :-D They can fight or battle as they say it, digivolved, being 'cheated' with a mini-sized DIY-ed plastic to get the most powerful Teddymon (Monzaemon) or Mamemon, if you are lazy, you get the Numemon. X-D

The concept spread like wildfire, and another great Japanese fellow create Pokemon~ Now tamagotchi can travel and fight and traded and indexed in a pokedex. I am a big fan of game boy color, and at my age that time I still cannot afford myself to buy one. huhu.. :-x Too bad I cannot borrow from my friend that GBC, but somehow I managed to cure my addict to pokemon using the visualboy.exe playing the Blue version. :-P

Combining the desire to care for a pet, now this new milennia many gaming company multi-tasking the original tamagotchi concept. What I hate about them is when you want to equip your virtual pet with the most powerful skill, clothing, add ons, you need to use points/credits/in-game currency to get one. Still, tamagotchi-ed game make the most income in Facebook and online or browser-based game.

Among many pets I want from the digital world is a colored 2D keychain pet with the ability to copy other attack and had internal life plus has cute appearances and must be female version. If I get the male version, I want it emo-version with spiky hair/body/appearances~~ X-D (And I know, to get this 'virtual pet' of mine I had to invest in-game money about 999,999,999,999,999,999,999... aaaaargh!!)  X-O

Anyone knows where can I get the most-ultra precious and cute Betta splendens??  (^,^),v

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will Write for Chocolate: by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

.: teeheehee~~

I was lurking around the net feasting on information when I stumbled this site: - Daily Diversion for writers. The thing I love about this blog is the word challenge, where I think I'm not illegible for it at this moment. I love to, but consider myself a 'lazy' bummer, I KIV this challenge first, hurmmm.. :-O

But I love the random standalone comic on this site, heehee :-D (I used to make my own kreko-based japanese comic and A4 size drawing before...)


Well, Debbie's sister site attract my interest much faster~ (imagery always gets my utmost attention first from anything, hee)., has a tab of 'comic archives' where I found it concides my real life with a simple 3-4 panel comic strip. To illustrate which strip concides with me the most, see it below~~

Overcoming procrastination

So simple so squee and so irony, heehee~~

m2mdoh: "In support of supporting myself from pre-proscrastination..."


My Other Niche Blog Has Been Disabled by Google..... :-(

.:  >o<
hoohoo.. :-(

Recently, I've downloaded an ebook from a fellow Internet marketer and I practised almost everything I've learned setting up my other niche blogs. One thing that I do is reprinting multiples articles from article-based websites.

The first thing I encountered today is my Google accounts has been blocked and I need to give my phone number so I will receive a text message containing a verification code from them (lengthy huh?). That SMS sounds like this,

"Your Google account verification code is **************************" (looks like this)

Then after verifying, I am able to access my Blogger in Draft again. :-(

After scrolling down, this is how my disabled blog looks like.

When I click the Restore link,
Blogger's spam-prevention robots have detected that your blog has characteristics of a spam blog. (What's a spam blog?) Since you're an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not a spam blog. Automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and we sincerely apologize for this false positive.
We received your unlock request on April 20, 2010. On behalf of the robots, we apologize for locking your non-spam blog. Please be patient while we take a look at your blog and verify that it is not spam.
Find out more about how Blogger is fighting spam blogs.

What I do with that blog:
  • I read the T&C before, so it is OK to reprint that articles again in my blog. (limit is 25 articles)
  • So I use the epic super technique of mine 'copy and paste' preferred articles from that site into my niche blog, and seriously include the original author (even I make it sooo obvious that article is copied from other author) and I didn't alter anything.
  • Then I add some Creative Commons pictures so my blog looks more alive and lovely.

My advice after this incident is, read super thoroughly the T&Cs, not just thorough, but a super one so your blog won't end up like mine. (Even I think my blog didn't do anything 'funny and spammy' yet). Or maybe I didn't make a page about disclaimer, T&C, site/blog map and contact information for that blog, so that is why it looks like a splog to Google. Uurghhh, I hate when things like this happens. :-(

In my life, I had 2 internet accounts being blocked (temporarily): my Twitter, because of the Iranian attack that year, and my CJ account, because I failed to sell at least one product for more than one year... I'm still learning about internet marketing, and tried many methods to succeed, but maybe I am not good enough.

image credits: ShashiBellamkonda.

m2mdoh: "Keep learning and action and action and action and action to infinity~~ In full support of can-we-have-grace-period-for-IM-newbies? program~~"


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doing Something New?? Yahoo! again~~

.: Now now now~~

Welcome to my another 'traffic-inducing' post. It's a Yahoo! daily snippets on April the 13th, where I will create whatever post to test my blog traffic. Sorry if this upset you, but read on, you might found what you're looking for here~~ :-)

Cutie cutie girl, where are youuuu???~~
image credits: gcardinal.

The first random Y! snippets I'm interested in is about an Asperger syndrome girl, missing since Friday afternoon in an alligator-infested swamp in Winter Springs, Florida. I'm happy that she is rescued sound and alive, a very happy ending after living alone in that swamp for almost four straight days. What a brave and lucky girl! So, what is Asperger syndrome??

A Wiki copy-and-paste beloved technique of mine says that: "Asperger syndrome is named for the Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger who, in 1944, described children in his practice who lacked nonverbal communication skills, demonstrated limited empathy with their peers, and were physically clumsy."
Err, that one is not funny.
Wiki: Asperger syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder, and people with it therefore show significant difficulties in social interaction, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests...

So, to read more about it, visit the given Wiki link. And please, whenever your children tries something new, like taping her new nature video, please let somebody accompany her complete with chocolate and GPS-enabled mobile phone. Just in case, so better be prepared.

Go go gooo~~

The second new snippets for today is about letting your dogs IN your game, your minor league game. :-)
Puppies love to play run-and-catch, and this one is not like other pup-in-an-ads, this is puppy-adopt-me with a humorous stint version, haa~~ X-D And sorry, Mona is booked already~~

This is not new, but not shocking either. The third snippets is about going up when the economy is plunging down. High heels is fancy, the higher the fancier~ ;-P   But if I see you fell, I LOL, louder and louder~~ X-D Compared to this gum wrapper prom dress, this is a wonder~ A line of creativity, super hardworking efforts (chewing gums and more gum and more gum and more..), and becoming the highlight of the night~~

New home: a not so new way of expressing your love find it's new home in Australia. A Chinese message in a bottle, (I remembered Aguilera's genie in a bottle song) takes its leisure times swimming in the seas before settling down there. And I never had my chance of sending or finding one, but when I do, I'll sent my twitter address and a note says, "Heidi new hairdo is soooo modellishly mommy style~~"   X-D

Quoll the marsupial hides there~~
image credits: 91RS.

Ahaa~ A new school!   :-D
Healthy diet:
  • How to differ a sugar cane and a cane toad?
  • Why cane toad is not sugar-free?
  • When will the quolls realise that you are not what you eat?
  • And what in the world does Hawaiian cane toad come to Australia in the first place? Biology experiment go wrong?   :-(
 Last but not least, your credit report. (My head aches so much this afternoon and I wonder why..). Despite that there is so many ways to prevent identity theft, this low-cost low-risk time-sensitive freezer can help you freeze your credit when you need it. When something fishy fishy is going on, and you cannot determine who is that fraudy fish, to whom should you give a call? Check their number in   X-D

m2mdoh: "In support of literaturing literature."
headache, headaches~~  X-(

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