Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chess Video Guide: Male Pawn can become Queen?

.: LOL~

This is a video guide to learn playing chess. First, we need to know how each piece moves~

If Chess was Real!

Then, we need to..
Light up the Chessboard

After lighting is done, find a real suitable chess partner or opponent. "Chess" Commercial

One partner is enough. Next, we can start moving our chess pieces~
Honda Ridgeline "Meets - Chess"

If you can't decide your fist move, this video could give some tips..
Human Chess Game - a few moves in progress

A reminder though, this kind of "oops" moves may entitle you a total checkmate and a full bodyslam from your opponent..
Chess Commercial

While planning your chess moves, you may want to listen to some inspiring chess musical...?
Chess The Musical UK Tour
Or may be not... (It's too distracting...)

During a chess game you should watch your opponent moves closely so you can imagine what he or she is planning next. Use "stop motion" if you have to.
amazing stop motion chess game

This next technique only works if your chess opponent is too difficult to beat.
How To Beat a Difficult Chess Player.
Bend him with your superpower???

Or else, finish your opponent with just one move. Yeah! Only one move, and check mate!
Win a game of chess in ONE MOVE!!!


Okay, that move does not exist. We should learn the real one...
Chess Checkmate In 2 Moves
This 2 move is quite rare to have, you can only use it especially when you're playing with a beginner.

Well, this is my video guide on learn how to play chess. To master this game we need a lot of practice - we can learn different strategy and moves from watching other player videos, install chess game into our computer trying to defeat the grandmasters, join chess competitions - either online or offline, or maybe join a chess club, heehee  ;-)

But if you want to play the real chess, you should watch this next video: Chess played in high speed with extreme accurate strategy...

2010 World Blitz Championship - Nakamura Vs. Aronian

Speed Chess Game

m2mdoh : "In support of having two chess queens ASAP because it is fun~~"

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