Friday, February 25, 2011

Monster Galaxy Lepus and War Lepus silly cheat..

.: This only works if you hadn't finished the War Lepus quest yet. Seriously.

Monster Galaxy is quite a slow game. You just cannot avoid their zodiac attack animation and you have to go through all sorts of "surprise attacks" and "throw-star-seed-into-the-drain" activity a lot. This sometimes kinda annoying, particularly when you wants to catch limited epic moga.

And, of course, there is no cheat available for Facebook Monster Galaxy. What you only have is just strategy. But if you did counter so-called working cheats for this social game, just don't regret it when your account being banned. You will have to waste all your energy playing the same game from another new Facebook account, and if you're caught, you'll be banned for life, plus you won't have your previous limited coldbear and lainedeer again, LOL~  X-O

Okay, this not-a-cheat for capturing catching Lepus and War Lepus is like this.

  • You'll definitely encounter Lepus the first time you doing those Sky Cats request. Do not worry if you can't capture it, after the War Lepus quest, you'll have another five chances to capture all five. 
  • Lepus is a beginner moga, it doesn't matter how you want to poison it, deaden it, time warp, etc, beginner moga has quite a 99% chances of successful star-seeding. Which means, out of 10 times you throw a star seed to catch a Lepus, nine tries will be a success. 
  • Just prepare five or less ss (starseeds). Other ss can be used to catch beyond epic moga: Spike, Leon, Plasmian, Peepee, Diabao, Azurel, Burger, Tama, etc..

War Lepus quest still available today?

War Lepus:
  • This not-a-cheat only works with two conditions: (i) You never kills any War Lepus yet. (ii) You did not finish the War Lepus quest yet. Why? 
  • (i) If you kills any War Lepus, you already destroy your only chance to capture it. It means you'll never encounter War Lepus again after this. (ii) Which also means that you already finish fighting the War Lepus quest. Buh bye limited War Lepus mogaaaa~ 

The silly War Lepus cheat:
  • If you hadn't do the quest, start doing it. Then, when you encounter your very first War Lepus, use moga with 2x or "more" zodiac effectiveness to fight it. This is to avoid super critical done by 3x effective moga zodiac attacks. You can use moga with 3x zodiac attack, but you have to watch out for his last HP.
  • Only poison him by calculating the overall poison damage you can get. Say, with poison 3 by Coldbear, you will reduce War Lepus health about 8 HP x 6 times. Means you will reduce his health to 48 HP. Poison moga is the best moga the counter this War Lepus, because he had the Vampire Embrace that help him heals his health by minimum 8 HP? up to (HP x ½ critical done to your moga). Say, he gives you 110 crit attack, so he will gain extra 55 HP. Only use poison attacks if his HP is more than 48 HP total. 
  • You can "make" him use all five of his Vampire Embrace, but that will waste a lot of your Blue Coffee. LOL~ 
  • Remember to stock your ss a lot, because sometimes you won't be lucky as my friend who able to catch War Lepus with one ss. Seriously, I envy of her, noooooooooooooooooooooo~   X-O 
  • Now, you already reduce his health until red (about 3-8 HP left?). And he is clear from any poison attack from you. Now is the perfect time to throw your ss stock. Too bad, your ss have run out. War Lepus is there still alive, but what should you do? 
  • RUN! Seriously, just run. This will helps your War Lepus quest up and running, and you can encounter him again after you're done stocking your star seeds. Restock your ss again, and keep throwing with teary eyes, and hope your throw will fruit some success. LOL~

And that is the silliest cheat on how to catch War Lepus in Facebook Monster Galaxy. :-P

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Tacgnol cat reaction when he heard 5 year old with the tiniest aquarium needs a job before getting married...

.: Supa quick post.

There's three supaa story for today:
  1. Jimmy is a polydactyl, not the tacgnol cat. He has the supaa-dest great party trick.
  2. Anatoly Konenko, a Russian artist who loves making kawaii version of anything, creates the world's tiniest aquarium ever. 
  3. 5 old year girl thinks big. She is well prepared for her long term goals. Jimmy loves her, I love her too~ Go girl goooo~~
Please watch the video in order, kay?

01. 5 year old needs a job before getting married - funny!
It's not funny. I believe in her 99%! :-)

02. Picture with video. Couldn't believe it, but we have to see it to believe it. Via

World's tiniest aquarium + 3 fries / fingerlings?

Самый маленький аквариум в мире. World's Smallest Aquarium
How to fill water inside the smallest aquarium ever~

For more of tiny meeny world with Konenko, visit his site at

03. Amazing Cat Gives Thumbs Up
Did you see that? \(^0^)/   ⇧⇧⇧

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Monday, February 21, 2011

From Pet Rock to Pet Plants and now Spiderman Wall Walker! LOLLOLOLOLOL~

.: I just enjoys info surfing~

Today, after some searching checking some unwanted niches from Yahoo!, I stumbled one of their daily snippets - 7 Products Under $5 That Made Millions. Wow? I want to sell some of my "imaginary toys" too~ :-P

It was product number 5 that takes my time the most. How can someone sell silly rocks and make millions? That guy must be the smartest marketer ever...

It is not silly! This is a very fun thing to do in art classes~

His story (read: history) of Pet Rocks:
  • Gary Dahl was having a drink with his friends where their chit chat somewhat talks about having pets. 
  • His friends is tired taking care of their pets. Pets are not annoying, but the taking care part is the problem. 
  • Their complaints magically gives Dahl the perfectest idea: a pet rock
  • They discussed about how awesome it was, thinking what if such pet exists, what will this pet do and so on. 
  • That nonsense talk should ends there, but Dahl, an entrepreneur himself, couldn't resist the awesomeness from that idea, began wrinting his first Pet Rock manual and planning his business.
  • From then, hoo haa hoo haa, Pet Rock becomes the pet well-known throughout the nation, Dahl becomes a millionaire, and that pet rock fad lasts about 6 months... Millionaire? Oh yeahhh~~ X-D

That is old, so old. Pet Rock from 1970. But now Pet Rock has make a comeback - Pet Rock 2.0 now comes with USB ports~ Yeayyyy~  X-D

USB Pet Rock from ThinkGeek

Usb pet rock unboxing from

I remember one story about marketing...

There is two guys given a task from a shoe company. Both of them can choose where they want to promote the company's latest shoes, the one who sells the most will be the vice CEO of the company. One guy choose to promote it in a urban country, while the other guy choose to promote it in a country where nobody wears shoes or slippers there, and almost everyone in that shoe company laughed at his decision.

"LOLOLOLOL~ If nobody wears any shoes there, how can you sell shoes to them? LOLOLOLOLOL~" says by the other B guy while laughing hysterically. The A guy stays silent and in his heart he knows he will be the vice CEO. "I can do it, I can make it," the A guy keeps drilling this into his head.

Long story short, the laughing B guy failed. He managed to do just a small campaign promoting the company shoes while the A guy did a tremendous job. He manage to rake thousands and millions for the company now. Because of him, now everyone in that country wants to wear a pair of shoe because shoe looks good and feels good and also good for their feet.

Okay, that story has no relationships with Pet Rock, just a coincidence thought of mine..

Now back to me (say it like Old Spice). Because of the same Pet Rock website, I look for another pet like this Pet Rock thing. I've found 2006's Stylish Pet Plants!

Terrarium = Aquarium~

Whoaaa.. What a green idea! Now we can achieve the target of one person plants two pet plants for a greener air and a greener earth. I like, I like~~

Actually my quest here is to find what is a Wacky wall walker?

Wacky Wall Walker
0:18 - that's our Wacky wall walkers~~

After watching this wackyness several times, now you must watch this next video. You won't believe that wacky wacky never goes out of style~


Hahaha. It's like Spiderman is sick crawling the wall now he's planning to do some wall-falling, LOL~

Enough of today madness. I should write for my other blog now. This info-surfing should not become an excuse to postpone my work. Errr.. can I take five first? Maybe?

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My 2 new desktop mate/screen mate addition~

.: If you like the idea of having digital creature running here and there in your computer desktop, you will love this lightweight no-need-to-install desktop mates or their other nickname, the screen-mates~

It is hard to make them stay still, hahaha X-D
Previously, I had 4 working screen-mates before, but now I have 6 of them. The first 4 is:
  1. Poo the (ram) sheep. 
  2. FaFa the cheerful cat. 
  3. Favour the wealthy Maneki Neko
  4. Silver the I-am-not-gloomy cat. 
And their newest family is~
  1. Felix not-that-famous-black&white-cat, with
  2. Kingfisher the busy blue bird~ 
All this screen-mates does not take much of our system resource because their are very lightweight application and the best thing is they can be run directly without any installation. Whew~ (I like lightweight widget like this)

Kingfisher bird will run from our system tray, and Felix will stay in the Windows taskbar (kinda annoying because it clutters my taskbar and my system tray), while the other cats together with Poo runs in the background. Because Felix is cute, well, I can endure this annoying feeling for now. (After 2 minutes I say farewell to Felix, LOL~) :-P

If you like to have your own screen-mates too, here is the place where you can download it~
  1. Poo from [
  2. FaFa, Favour and Silver from [
  3. Felix from [ ] -> look for Felix.exe. Poo also can be downloaded from here.
  4. Kingfisher from [ ] via MyDigitalLife
  5. Extra : There are 3 version of Felix. Lightweight Felix II is from [ ], and MyFelix version 2.00 from [ CatslikeFelix ]. MyFelix is similar with the previous Felix, but he has more features and need to be installed first.
I have tried the TopCat.exe (37Kb), but he worries me with his " wowexec.exe" and "ntvdm.exe"...

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Light paintings - Where lightsaber becomes sooooo light~

.: Light paintings? What is light painting?

Look, lights playing in me hands~  :-D

Light painting is opening the shutter on your camera long enough to use a light source, like a flash light, to draw the darkness and effectively paint in mid air. Or add interesting new effects to things already in the picture. After you're finished drawing with your light source, the shutter of the camera is closed, and the picture is complete. This is a fun thing to do by yourself, or with friends~

(Some say "light painting" as "light graffiti" - it depends how you paint your lights).

Light Painting Tutorial Video - Fun with Photography

Yep, I transcribed his talks~ :-P

This art is amazing. We can have it in still image, or we can make it a light graffiti video. While most people who sees it the first time, they are 'wired' to claim such picture were made by after effects, been photoshopped, modified with computer effects, but this art has it's own magic and done with planned choreography. Does writing "I love you so very very very much" in reverse in midair sounds very easy for you??

... Actually yes, if you think about it (again), it is not that very hard...  :-P

Wait, what I want to stress here is light painting is so cool~ So cool you want to try painting it using Star Wars light saber~~

Light Painting - Light Graffiti - Ford Kuga (Candle)

Lightpaint Piano Player

Light Painting Movie

Sprint flashlight-animation commercial

And finally, a light painting video with a reminder message - save our energy to save our world!!~

Light Painting

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Old Spice Commercial Ads: That Man is Back!

Isaiah Mustafa.

.: Have you see him before? :-?

Old Spice is back. (Actually it's only me who just starts to found out about this commercial while others has already know about it..). Still funny and very captivating, Old Spice commercial ads is pretty amazing with their not-so-special-effects-but-look-like-one. You may keep wandering for days on how did they did it? I've covered the first two videos of Old Spice, and this is another new Old Spice commercial video that I love to share with you~ ;-)

Old Spice | Scent Vacation

Just in case you already forgotten about the old Old Spice video, this video will help you remind about it again~

Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

If you haven't figure it out how they cast that video, this next video should be able to help~

TWiT Specials: The making of Old Spice's commercial: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

There is a lot more Old Spice commercial parody out there, but this one is very safe to watch with your kids~ ;-)

Sesame Street: Smell Like A Monster (Warning, this video might be too loud)...

Because Old Spice ads were amazing, I wondered how their old commercial ads look like?

Old Spice: Scents For Gents (2009) Commercial - Hilarious
2009 version~

Old Spice Commercial ft Bruce Campbell
2008 version~

Old Spice still maintains their advertising concept, wow~
Creative + Entertaining + Quite puzzling = Old Spice ads~

Before I go, this another version of another Old Spice product ads won't make you think too much. It was done pretty simple and very straightforward~

Old Spice | Punch :15

Okay, okay. I just couldn't live it like there. I need to show you this one more video... How to defies physics like a normal person... ?!

HiTec - Liquid Mountaineering
That would be great river liquid moon-walking! :-D :-D :-D

For more amazing ads, visits YouTube iLoveAds~~

m2mdoh: "In support of commercial ads should be creatively enjoyable and meaningful~"
(But it's should not like an infomercial)..  X-D

Where and How to Catch Lepus and War Lepus in Monster Galaxy Facebook?

.: 2 brand new moga appear in Monster Galaxy Facebook yesterday - the Lepus and War Lepus moga~~ Whoaaa...

Lepus the beginner moga - cute huh?
The story goes like this, Sky Cats are afraid of rabbits. I dunno what is the point there, but Sky Cats are terribly afraid of them. To be more specific, Sky Cats are allergic to lunar rabbit mogas. In this case, it's Lepus the rabbit moga and their rabbit general, the War Lepus moga.

Your job is to capture them, and chase them away as many as you can because Sky Cats wants you to do that. And they will reward you handsomely if you succeed. So, your new lunar quest here is to find them, capture one Lepus, defeat their general, and there goes our happy ending story.

But where can we find them? And how to catch one??

Where to find Lepus and War Lepus :
Both Lepus and War Lepus can be found anywhere on the map. Either you roams in Sunshire (the original map) or in Pueblonia (Monster Galaxy newest map), these two mogas will appear so suddenly and it's level will be the same as the highest moga level in your current party. Like in my case, my Smoke is level 14, Coldbear is level 13 and my Woolf is level 10, and both Lepus and War Lepus that I encountered is level 14.

How to catch Lepus and War Lepus then?
Lepus: This is the easiest moga to catch. As the beginner moga, you should be able to catch it without too much trouble. Start with Moga that have poison ability, then it will be easy to weaken it. Lepus special ability is to increase his zodiac attack, so if you counter it with Moga 3x stronger than his zodiac, you will win. My mistake here is I use Woolfie level 10 to capture Lepus, and I failed because "we" cannot capture Lepus if our fighting moga level is 2 level lower than Lepus. What?? I change to Smoke level 14, and alrightttt,, Lepus is mine~~  X-D

Super Rare moga versus Beginner moga.

War Lepus: This rabbit general is quite tricky. His special ability is he will gains extra health when he successfully attacks our moga. Usually 8 or 18, like when I'm fighting him. I counter War Lepus level 14 with my Coldbear level 13. After exchanging poison and using Blue Coffee, I manage to catch this Epic War Lepus after using 11 Starseeds. What a waste.

From 25 Starseeds...

.. now only 14 remains.

Actually that was a good catch, because previously I failed to catch the Epic Winja, succeed in capturing Rare Hakka, and later succeed in finding Lepus and their general. (Irritating bugs happens to me when I'm throwing SS to Winja, my Monster Galaxy freeze, but my Firefox browser still work. After waiting patiently, I had to resort myself to refresh the game, and wachaaa, Winja is gone...)

So, that's the moga story for today. In case you are wondering, moga means MOnster GAlaxy.


m2mdoh: "In support of learning how to cure yourself if you were poisoned..."
Don't drink blue coffee? X-D

Buh bye Lainedeer~ Buh bye Coldbear~~ (Monster Galaxy Facebook)

.: Oh man! Our last chance is no longer our chance anymore... Lainedeer has fled away from Sunshire, Windhym... :-(

Are you new to Monster Galaxy? Well, it's a Pokemon-like game, only it is on Facebook. What you will do in this Facebook app is basically the same thing the same routine you do in Pokemon - to catch 'em all (to catch all Moga's in Facebook) while carry out your Moga tamer duty, protecting Windhym and to conquer the world~~  (yeah, right!)  X-D

Bye bye Lainedeer Moga
And in Monster Galaxy, the most searched moga on the internet is the Lainedeer moga. But the time period to catch this moga has ended. Lainedeer and Coldbear has already fled from Windhym land to follow Jack Frost journey..

You can read the last mass Lainedeer catching in this Monster Galaxy Lainedeer hunting event.

So, because Lainedeer moga is no more, what we can do is to guard the world of Windhym and find what is the reason that cause all this earthquakes and investigate how moga comes to our world.

I dunno whether we will have our own sidekick to assists us just like in the Pokemon series (Brock or Misty), but one thing for sure, Gary Oak is back in this game too....

Skylar - Gary's brother is in Monster Galaxy too...
What? Gary???

As told by Monster Galaxy, this not-so-bad Skylar jerk is our life long rival. No matter what we do, he always did it first. He got everything under control, he has done so many things, he knows a lot, he is super, and he is one guy we can't never wait to show him who's the boss now, oh yeahh!!!

LOL~   X-D

Okay, enough about Skylar. Another thing I want to tell is, I had difficulties finding which Monster Galaxy original Facebook pages. If you do search in Facebook, what you'll see is many many many fan-made Monster Galaxy pages. So, in order to save our time, this is the true and the only link to them:
(Too bad Facebook don't have their own built-in SERP technology just like Google.)

So, what you waiting for? Indulge yourself in the zodiacal journey in Monster Galaxy on Facebook now~~

m2mdoh: "In support of how to get Skylar's blue moga??"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jules Verne draws Google's Doodle in HTML 5

.: If you view your Google homepage today (February 08th, 2011), you'll meet two oceanauts holding torches in your underwater journey~   :-D

From it's page info, you'll see it's media contains a number of images (5 pictures only) colored with different depth and distance. If you study it a little bit more, these images is made to overlap each other when we see them in Google's homepage. With a little bit of imagination, and HTML 5 modification, all of them is made to be navigational like we're in a submarine~

Jules Verne logo from Google (Doodle)

Well, this is not the first time Google use HTML 5 as their logo doodle, the first one is in September 07, 2010. Because I can't embed their doodle here, I will show you it's video~

Now I Own a Part of Google! ;-)

And the second Doodle with HTML 5 video~

The Christmas Google Doodle - December 24, 2010

Cool right? Yeahh~~   :-D

That is our Doodles made by grown-ups. Let's see Doodles drawn by kids as in 2010's Doodle 4 Google~

Doodle 4 Google 2010 Event

Doodle 4 Google is an annual event open to K-12 students to use their artistic talents to think outside the box by redesigning the Google’s homepage logo. This year's theme is about "What I’d like to do someday…", with inspirations that believe younger generation who dreams about future possibilities will leads them to become tomorrow’s leaders and inventors.

What I'd like to do someday...
"Conquer Google SERPs~" says mamdoh~   X-D

Students can still register for this competition, but not later that 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PT) on March 2nd, 2011. Visit Doodle 4 Google website to learn more about the rules and the registration process~

More video about Doodle 4 Google~

Doodle 4 Google "I Love Football"

Doodle 4 Google - Google Doodles Animation

Doodle 4 Google info, via SearchEngineWatch.

m2mdoh: "In support of young talents should never go to waste~"
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