Friday, December 24, 2010

Yeayyyy!!~~ Google Doodle celebrates Holidayyyy~~ :-D

.: I'm a fan of *selective* art and creative literature. Above all, I just love creativity, and the best creativity I love the most is in form of arts and videos (and games too, heehee)~~ That's why Google Doodle is one of my art food for my soul~  ;-)

Today, I found Google Doodle is slightly become bigger, it comes with more links, and more pictures, and more holidays~


Google Doodle celebrates 2010 holidays all around the world~~

Heehee~ Google Doodle is in festive mood~

Originally Google doodlers plans to have this doodle covered in three day period, but later changed their mind when they realized that most people is likely to be away from their PC during this year end festivals. This beautiful doodle is different from previous doodles because this doodle is a collection of doodles, instead of one logo represents one doodle like usual. Today's Google Doodle is made of 17 colorful hand-drawn illustrations inside brown frames, representing celebrations held from around the world~

This Google Doodle is much more interactive if you view it in HTML5-capable browser (like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or the latest IE9)~ 

Places to go to celebrate the festive spirits together~
  • Morocco for their henna lamps~ 
  • Singing "Up on the housetop" this December 25th 
  • Wearing Kanga in Africa 
  • Hiking mountains in Nepal
  • Taking pictures of chili peppers.. 
  • Dancing the Indian styles 
  • Eating my pierogi dumplings in Poland 
  • Satisfy my Bûche de Noël cravings 
  • Pay a visit to Moscow watching St. Basil's Cathedral 
  • Watching night stars at Acropolis of Athens, in Greece 
  • Breath the air of Mountain Fuji in Japan 
  • Hitch on Sydney ferry enjoying my Sydney Harbour view (or wait for New Year's fireworks?) 
  • Picking fresh grapes in Chilean vineyard 
  • Ride on gondolas in Venetian lagoon
  • Buying a mini Oud key chain in Turkey 
  • Strolling along the Great Wall of China 
  • Celebrate new year in Sahara desert~ 
Oh, so many things to do, so may places to go~ Yay yeahhhhhh~~   X-D
Via TheEpochTimes and ThirdAge.

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    Thursday, December 23, 2010

    Desperately in need of a loo (toilet).

    .: Speaking of desperation..

    UNICEF "Desperate" (English). may think about this too...

    Imagine No Toilets.

    ...and later you might say that..

    Sanitation is Swell!
    (Her writings is originally in backwards. Dunno why they upload this video in reverse..)

    ...and don't worry, because...

    Sh*t talks. Talk back. case you're still wondering what is the message here... (read the subtitles please)

    Japanese Funny Commercial TOTO toilet that's why the next time we poop comfortably in our house, remember that there are children who cannot go to school (and more worse, people died) not because they cannot poop comfortably, it is because they lack the basic sanitation system therefore they're unable to poop like we do! (Get the relation here?)  :-?
    • lack of proper and clean sanitation system --> 
    • children and adults getting sick --> 
    • people died... -->
    • how could you leave them like that... -->
    • So, help by spreading the words around~  -->
    • Donate and help, give talks, educate others --> 
    • be grateful and appreciate our toilet more... 

    How to do it?
    Back to video no #2, "We just have to.."

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    Saturday, December 18, 2010

    Monster Galaxy: New (slow) Facebook Social Flash Game~

    .: I think I've seen Monster Galaxy Facebook ads before, but didn't bother to test it out. Later, unresisting the charm of that black Smoke dragon, I choose to give Monster Galaxy a try.

    ???, Huey and Titus~

    Basically Monster Galaxy is an adventure game, wandering here and there like the Digimon World, but minus poo system for character development. Sometimes it feels pretty much like Pokemon, because the capture mechanism uses the Starseed, a "ball" that able to capture those cute and intimidating monster~

    The story unfolds after an earthquake happens in Sunshine, a peaceful village on the outskirt of Windhym. To their despair, the stars are falling together with strange new creatures too. These creatures, born from the galaxy, is called Moga (yeah, you should be able to guessed it from 'MOnster GAlaxy', rite?). Moga is the new-creature-fallen-from-stars mentioned earlier but blessed with the galaxy power, the magical Zodiac attack.

    The twist: Because you and me is one lucky human in Facebook, we all manage to get one special Moga early in the game. Somehow from all falling stars out there, one star is bound to fall just outside your house. (Means that you and me live in Windhym too~ Eh? We're neighbors???). And because we and that Moga somehow related to each other (you get to choose what Moga you want, it doesn't matter if you choose other Moga not from your own zodiac), we are determined together as the Moga Tamer. The ultimate goal: become the Moga Master, oh yeah!!~~   X-D

    This is a video of the game to tease you~   ;-P
    monster galaxy playthrough part 1!
    Robocop Sagittarius?

    Jack Frost is in town so I thinks that you need to play for yourself if you want to capture the new winter Moga: the cute Cold bear and the self healer Lainedeer. (I've got my Cold bear already, hehehe)  :-P

    Need to get more Moga, need to get more Starseed..

    But, what makes me sad playing this Monster Galaxy is because of the game speed. It is too slow! Pretty much like the playthrough video above. :-(   The real Monster Galaxy should be played like this.

    Monster Galaxy - FB Game.
    See that internet speed? (But he choose Smoke just like mine too~)

    Well, to make things up with the speed, I have to reduce my game settings to the lowest possible... The setting button is pretty hidden if you didn't see it carefully.

    Moga game is set to the lowest graphic quality, minus the background music, just left with the normal sound..

    What can I do. As long I can level up..  :-(

    *** update ***
    I've got the Epic Lainedeer already. "Inflict poison from Cold bear, inflict reduce crit from Smoke, then increase Beefee defense. Waste 2 Starseed before finally able to capture him." Strangely, this holiday Moga is the same level with the strongest Moga in your party. My Lainedeer is level 4 when I capture it. Keep wandering the same area multiple times before you're able to meet this Moga.

    *** * ***

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    Tuesday, December 7, 2010

    Cat call for Genie help while Mommy Duck helps herself~

    .: Teeheehee~~ Animals is one great and inspiring motivators for humans~

    Like this one...

    funny pictures-As soon as I figure out how to use a straw  you will be mine.
    Will you? (but his eyes is full of determination~)   X-D

    Heehee~~ X-D

    Here is the video of a cat rubbing bottle for his genie~

    William vs. the Nalgene
    . via BuzzFeed.
    "Genie, I know you're inside. Come out!!~"

    Now it's time to get inspired~

    Mommy Duck and duckling march~
    Ducks blown off their feet by the wind. via BuzzFeed.
    "Hey ho, hey ho, hei hooo~~" X-D

    Hahahahaha X-D opsss~ Poor Mommy Duck, hey ho hey ho, we can do it boys and girls, hey ho heyy hooo~  :-D

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    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    Pagani vs Lamborghini : NFS Hot Pursuit~

    The best racing game is back!

    I fell in love with Need For Speed the first time I played NFS Most Wanted. I tried my best to win all pink slips, and use the previous rival car to win the next boss. I even loaded the same race again until I get their pink slips~

    All your pink slips are belong to me~ LOL   X-D

    Rants aside, this is a video that I like the most~  A Lamborghini chasing a Pagani~~ Lamborghiniiiii, I love you!!!

    Pagani vs Lamborghini: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.
    Witness a never-seen-before live-action car chase between the Pagani Zonda Cinque and a Lamborghini Murcielago Interceptor. Gaming's greatest car chase starts now, are you ready to turn friends into frenemies? Powered by Autolog, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit delivers socially connected gameplay like no other racing game.

    Making of - Pagani vs Lamborghini: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.
    Get behind the scenes of the recently released epic Pagani vs Lamborghini: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit video. Inspired by bringing the packaging art to life, see how this year's hottest videogame became a live-action film featuring two of the hottest supercars on the planet in the ultimate cop vs. racer showdown.

    There are only 5 Zonda Cinques in the world?! Awesome~~  X-D

    Here is another Hot Pursuit video again:
    Trailer - NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT Announcement Trailer for PC, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360.

    La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy (Nero Remix).

    NFS racing recipe: Chase or get chased - the best recipe for street racing game~~ :-D Can I get the pink slip for the police Lamborghini? X-D

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    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    Nintendo 3DS and 7 New Nintendo DS2 Design???

    .: I don't know it is a rumor or what, but recently I heard that Nintendo DS2 (NDS2) is coming soon~ So how will it look like? Very iPhoney or very Apple-y???

    Until now, we have 3 version of Nintendo DS: Nintendo DS Lite (mini DS), Nintendo DSi (enhanced DS) and Nintendo DSi XL (plus size DS). Though original DS is still sold today, but I like that DSi XL the most~~ :-D

    NDS Lite, NDSi, and NDSi XL sixe comparisons.
    You can see there is some differences between all three DSes. The only drawback if you buy a DSi XL is the pixel will look obvious - because that DS has to enlarge the (old) game to fit the large screen~ Try Medabots Kuwagata to see how a "pixelated" game looks like~ X-D

    But Nintendo won't stop there. They will produce much better, faster and PC-like handheld console for us. (To compete with Sony PSP?)   :-?

    Enough about old NDS stories, here is my collected fan-made pictures of the new NDS2~ (Although some images does not refer to DS2, let's say that these designs is nominated for the our incoming DS2, okay? And please vote which one is your favorite~) Heehee~   :-D

    1. GameSpot Forums: More New! Funny DS fakes

    Bulky eh? :->

    2. WiiNoob: A New Concept Design for the Nintendo DS Gaming Console

    I remembered Star Wars ship after looking at the third sequence~   X-D

    3. SlashGear: Nintendo imminent DS refresh & Wii HD development rumors.


    4. GamesLatest: Could this be the new DS?

    DS-dled? (Kindle with controller?)

    5. Tech Static 101: Nintendo 3DS.

    Like a folded Digivice gameboy~

    6. Gizmodo: New Nintendo DS Debuting Mid-2009, Sources Say.

    Asymmetrical dual screen~

    7. Behold the new Nintendo DS Lite Air!

    WOW!!! DS Air!!!   X-D X-D X-D

    Yeah, rumors is sweet and tasty. The very recent of upgraded Ninendo DS is still the N3DS. Videos below is meant to make us drools~~   X-O'

    Nintendo 3DS Preview - E3 2010. 
    Close up reviews about the outer part of DS. I can see that!~~   X-D

    Nintendo 3DS - First Hands On. 
    A closer view of 3DS games in action~   X-O'''

    But, if you really want the ultimate Nintendo DS 2009 so very badly, you should start saving a lot lot lot more to buy it. Here it is...

    ...your ultimate 2010 Nintendo DS!!!   X-D

    But, should we have more and newer DS?   :-?

    *** Last minute DS2 update ***
    #. Infendo: Looking into 2010, New Nintendo Handheld?

    Transformer DS~~   :-D
    *** Update ends~ ***


    m2mdoh: "In support of touch screen should be Kinect like~~?"
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