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Monster Galaxy Shamrock Party: How to catch Clovey and Rainburn?

.: I nearly missed this event, whew...

Celebrating St Patrick Day on March 17th, Monster Galaxy now comes with two limited moga for us to catch. This event has started on March 18th, but luckily we still can join in the party today. I just notice this event yesterday when one of my "moga tamer" friends posted her Epic Rainburn moga on her wall. Lucky that event is still going on. :-P

Rainbow to Darkwood, over.
One day during some peaceful day in Sunshire, some weird rainbow shines on and keep pointing to Darkwood. Rumors says that some mogas is having their secret party during this St Patrick Day and Tobi the Skycat asks us to investigate about it. Do they have other secret mission againsts the scaredy Skycats or maybe they wants to take over the world, we have to find it out.

So we set our way to Darkwood. Chuucilla here in West Summer Road? Am I dreaming or what? This St Patrick Day brings quite a surprise. I think I never see them here before. Never mind. After arrives at Darkwood safe and sound, a group of Cloveys and a Rainburn attacked. Oh, this is not the time to play around. One Clovey and one Rainburn must join our team.

This is just a test, try defeat them
first before we capture them later~
Wait, this is waaaaaaaaay to strange. Why I can't throw any SS to this Clovey? My mouse didn't work? My Firefox freezed? Ohh, it's our mission to defeat all of them. No wonder the capture button didn't work. Okay, poison should kill all of them, lol~

All of them have the same level as the strongest moga in our party. This is not a hard battle, but it seems that Clovey and Rainburn has been "blessed" with multiple critical hits each time they attack our moga. Talking about playing fair, lol~  :-P

Don't worry, we will have our chance later. After successfully defeat all of these three mogas, Tobi says that one Clovey is straying away from their party. And this is our chance to capture it. Hehe~ This stray Clovey can be found and captured in Megahole.

Clovey: Tortoise-like moga with shiny gold coins behind it's back?

How to catch Clovey? Clovey is a very easy moga to capture. If your success bar has green in color, means that your success rate is around 85% and above, you can capture it easily. Beginner moga won't take much of your Starseeds (SS), but you may need to use 2 or 3 SS before you succeed. Mine only use 1 SS  ;-)

After we're done with Clovey, now it's one of the saddest part. As SCI (Sky Cat Intelligence) told Tobi, there is one more epic moga we need to defeat (or catch), which is the real mastermind behind this secret St Patrick's Day moga party. If we manage to capture him, we can attend their next secret party without having to defeat them again to get the entry ticket. *Sigh*

Why catching Rainburn is the sad part?
First, 34 SSs...
Versus Rainburn: Coldbear Ice, go!

Now it's only 16 SS left...
Hurmmm.. This Rainburn moga looks like a burned Ho-oh..

I know one moga tamer who is always lucky in capturing all mogas in Monster Galaxy Facebook. She only use 1 SS each time she wants to capture epic or rare moga. But with my account, it seems that I am so lucky in finding them fast, but not so lucky in the capture part. Different account got different specials? Really wasted my time collecting those 34 SSes, lol~  :-P

How to catch Rainburn moga? My favorite technique: poison it until it's last breath. Rainburn has the regenerate ability, which is painstakingly heals itself even if it's attack missed. That's why I love to counter-attack this regeneration ability with Coldbear/Woolf poison. When Rainburn heals itself 8HP, the poison minus again that 8HP, so no healing actually happened. X-D

Keep weaken Rainburn until it's health in the red zone, and the success rate reach 7-9%. From there you can test your luck throwing SS one by one... This is an Epic moga, and you are the luckiest person alive if you able to catch it with 1 SS. In case you've run out of SSes, try ask for it, or log in to Monster Galaxy every 8 hours to collect free SS. If you really want to have Rainburn so bad you cannot afford losing it, you may try this silly Monster Galaxy Starseed cheat. Some claims to keep seeing limited mogas wandering around Sunshire even after you killed or defeat them, but from my own experience I never seen any. Hurmmm.. :-?

Another 3 updates about Monster Galaxy Facebook will come after this, stay tuned~~

m2mdoh: "In support of social game should have more handicap..."

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