Friday, December 11, 2009

YouFace and all the You's~~ X-D

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It strikes me gently to see those web searches looking for 'youface'. I just can't resists myself to find out more. Here is the most popular youface Youtube video I've encountered and a lists of the You's in the Net. (It's been verified.) (You might wonder wth happens with this post??)

Shaddap You face - Joe Dolce:

This song is written and performed by Joe Dolce (also known as the Joe Dolce Music Theatre) in 1981. It has set a number of sales and longevity records.

The song was full of broad Italian humour and included the chorus:
"Whassamatta you? (hey!)
Gotta no respect?
Whaddaya think you do?
Why you looka so sad?
It's-a not so bad
It's-a nice-a place
Ah, shaddap you face!"

The list of You's I've found in Google~~
  • - broadcast yourself.
  • - You technology
  • - Since 1982 Youth Opportunities Unlimited has helped lead youth in London and Middlesex County toward success. We believe that investing in youth and strong communities go hand-in-hand.
  • - Tons of free online flash and java games!Free Online Games, Arcade Games, Flash Games, Java Games, Free Games, Multiplayer Games, Action Games | has the fighting games, sports games, action games, puzzle games, casino games, shooting games, flying games, racing games, classic games, and much much more!  Many games have high scores in which you can compete with others.  Earn points to excel on the site and increase your rank.
  • - Welcome to the international online edition of YOU, South Africa's most popular English magazine. This site is aimed exclusively at SA expats. Subscribe now and get all the latest news and gossip from home.
  • - VeAhavta ,a Hebrew verb meaning, you shall love, is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing charitable assistance to low income, destitute and displaced persons promoting peace, understanding mutual respect among people of different different religions religions through education.
  • - Welcome to YouRiding, the Action Sports online video game provider
  • - is an award-winning group of artists that produce some of the most groundbreaking design work available today. Our website not only showcases products such as typeface, stock design, art prints, and t-shirts produced exclusively by the group themselves, but also offers an impressive selection of books, magazines, videos and more featuring the best in contemporary design from around the world. Founded in 2001 by the award winning designers Michael Cina and Michael Young.
  • - You have bad taste in music an Eman Laerton Production
  • -  Purchase the You Me and Dupree DVD starring Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon.
  • - Youda Games presents a huge selection of flash games to play online for free categorised as action, puzzle, sport, driving and many more.
  • - Free Anonymous Proxy Service
  • - Community moderated site where you can make quizzes and personality tests, ask and answer questions, create profiles, journals, forums and more.
  • - formed in London in 1995 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy in response to increasing demand for stylish, functional, modern clothing. YMC has quietly grown to become a highly significant design label.
  • - You the Designer is a Graphic Design Blog Featuring Graphic Design Jobs, Tips, Tutorials, Resources, Freebies and Much More. Join the Design Community Today!
  • - Get your drawing into the Youdraw book with the online Draw Pad. View thousands of drawings on the recent drawing pages. Interact with the artists and find out about world population issues.
  • - offers great discounts to independent travellers and travel agents via a unique online booking system for over 3000 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in Spain, Canaries, Balearics, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Mexico, Spanish Caribbean, Dubai and other major worldwide resort destinations. Book quick and easy.
  • - a Gossip Girl fansite
  • - network tools
  • - YouGamers is the premium website for the serious PC gamer. Our team of experienced writers examine how the look, feel and performance of a game scales across wide ranges of PC hardware setups. Our unique Game-O-Meter tells if your PC can handle games' hardware requirements.
  • - Kiersten's killing field - custom illustration, paintings and line drawings by Kiersten Essenpreis
  • - Make Money Blogging with You Say Too Ad Revenue Sharing and Blog Promotion Community
  • - Self-publish any digital file for free with YouPublish. You can upload and download online books, songs, videos, photos, software, study courses, etc. and distribute them for free or set a price and sell them. It’s the fastest and easiest way to distribute and sell online digital files.
  • - Learn how to Swear in any language. Pick a language or search for swear words by phrase!
  • - Recover Lost and Stolen Mobile Devices - mp3 players, ipods, mobile phones, PDAs, laptops - security tags, asset tags, security labelling.
  • - News cool fashion cafe cinema movie golf nightclubs pictures restaurants concert bar danceparty rave music melbourne victoria sydney australia parties dance music techno house dj girls love teckno entertainment
  • - sticking their sign all over the place~~
  • - You-do-it Electrtonics Center, New Englands most unique store for electronic equpiment and supplies with big savings!
  • - Change yourself, Change the world.
  • - Los Angeles architecture photo archive / Modern + Historic Buildings in and around L.A. / Architects / Archive / Public Art + Books + Movies about L.A. and Hollywood / Arquitectura y mas
  • - allows users to easily create, sign and promote free online petitions, pledges and votes. Turn passions into actions with Youchoose.
  • - Wedding planning with You & Your Wedding magazine. Everything you need to know about planning a wedding from the wedding experts at the UK's best-read wedding magazine - articles, advice, forums, suppliers directories, free planning tools, downloads and shopping
  • - on some next level sh*t or your money back.
  • - motivational, inspirational, famous quotes
  • - free file hosting
  • - Youtube downloader
  • - allows you to securely store all the details of your life, estate, and living will in an electronic safe deposit box, accessible 24/7. If something unexpected happens to you, loved ones may unlock your account and retrieve private information you left for them.
  • - multiple format online converter
 m2mdoh wants to test whether this post will brings m2mdoh some traffic~~ hehe, enjoy your You, okay?
;-) Sadly, there is no yet, he.. (at time of posting)

image credit: eschipul. Flickr

m2mdoh: "You, yourself, themselves, ourselves, Love You all~~" X-D


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

HeyQuiz, Abuse rape victim and Cat plotting to kill me! >>

Assalamu'alaikum  and Greetings~~

Welcome to the wicked side of the world~~

Just now, I was checking out my stats, and view a detailed summary of my global visitors, and I found out a wordpress blog striking me head over and over again~~ [ The story of an abuse and date rape survivor]. I remembered my time when I was sooo cute and innocent ;-P and that time I just know that my father do not love me like my other siblings.. Being abused left me a super dark itchy memoir and at times I feel like to take my revenge to anybody who acts like my father. (I'm taking my time, I'll definitely get my revenge, no matter what.)

Taking my time watching reading a glimpse of that blog, I spotted a crazy quiz, and I become curious. "Is my cat plotting to kill me?" Hmm...

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

83%. Wow! That is an 'A' if to my Biological Crappy thinking and Blog posting test.
(I am a little scaredycat sometimes)

Oowh!!! What a wonderful world. 83% is a goooooood number~~ X-O I've done posting something I think 'interesting' in my new Bahasa blog, [] and is open for my dear Net citizens to share the Love~~ :-)

HeyQuiz contains quite a distubring number and disturbing quizzes on their site, so, do not atake the quiz if you are alone. (Trust this, and you are going nowhere~~) X-D

How long would it take for a Tyrannosaurus Rex to digest your corpse?

What are your chances of surviving a 100 foot fall?

m2mdoh: "In support of trying to believe there is still love out there for me.. and Us."
Allahu Akbar!!

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