Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Online RTM 1>>

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Recently i got this little tiny streaming media of Malaysian RTM 1 somewhere on the Net. i'm still trying to get most of the free Malaysian TV but most of the free online tv streaming requires me to install an IE toolbar, or install some software to my PC. For a person who utilize library's internet, installing it will require an admin password, registering that thing into the registry and blah blah blah.. and i'm only a guest user, haha! Thank God for that.

Anyone out there would like to suggest good free streaming site of Malaysian TV for me? Here is some of mine..

- Free Computer TV , 65 channels

This site need a software installed to enable online TV viewing. personally, i hate installing anything from internet in my PC (even though i don't have one).

- UM.com.my , 16 channels

This site provides with Malaysian (TV 1, TV 2, TV3, Cyberjaya), Brunei (RTB) and Thailand (11 news, Fashion, DMC, Faikham TV, Hip TV, ITV, Ke TV, Money, MV1, MV2, MV3) TVs. But their international TVs are linked to the Free Computer TV (the above site). by the way, the only channel i've tried and it succeed is TV 1 only, hurmm~~

- SopCast ,

Software need to be installed.

- Myp2p.eu ,

i once try Aljazeera and it is quite good. Their TV is sorted by country (Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Qatar, Romania, Thailand, US)

Watching the box need us to distance away for the sake of our eyes.

m2mdoh: "In support of natural eyes."

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