Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Alternative Credit Card for PayPal? >>

.: Moshi-moshi!

Haha! Well today is a good day to make some deeds. Good deeds pays you know. This morning, on my way to Uni, i stop by at Maybank to withdraw my money from ASB. Primary reason? To renew my driving license for another 3 months. My IC chip is unusable, so i was directed to our mini Post Office to continue with my withdrawal. My journey there let me encounters a new ways of obtaining a credit card.

Credit card? For what??

Hahaha!! (evil laugh + LOL)

Before this, it was pain-in-the-neck (is it correct?), irritation and a high-blood pressure sypmtom just to find ow to obtain a credit card, even when you are not working. So why in this world do i need a credit card?


Recently, from my reading, Malaysian ban by PayPal has been lifted and users can use their Visa Credit card to verify their PayPal account. There also exists several ways to verify Malaysian account, but by this ban removal, it is become easy for us.

Back to my real main story, in that Post Office, on the notice board there, the staff already pinned an ads about this marvelous card. Colored in red, this quite appealing and mind-blower (hope the term is correct) ads petrify me completely 9really eh?).

Introducing < TuneCard > !
A revolutionary way to have Credit Card on your own! (Even for unemployed one).
Their say:

" With Tune Card, there are no salary requirements, no credit checks, and no calls to your HR manager to find out if in fact, you do work at the company, and by the way, if they could just ask: “how much does Chris actually earn ah?” Since you load your card before you use it (think pre-paid mobile accounts), there are no credit risks. So you can finally use your own card to:
buy that airline ticket;
pay for your petrol;
reload your pre-paid mobile phone;
order that book or DVD you’ve always wanted, online;
download the latest hit onto your computer or MP3 player;
cheat the long queues at the cinema and grab your tickets for the latest blockbuster online;
and even impress your date.
Even if you qualify for a conventional credit card, think how wonderful it would be to finally live within your means, never spending more than you earn. And there´s no financing charges, no late fees to deal with. "

Gee, appealing huh?
Do read the TOS/TaC (terms of services/terms and conditions) first. Mind the payments needed and not all things in this world is free - unless i become multi-Billionaire and then i can provide free things, =)

p/s: as always, me, meself n i aka the author of the blog and the post, hereby wants to declare that i whatsoever do not associate or any terms ends with -ate with the site given above. All information are correct at the posting time, and i really do not held any form of responsibility for you guys who wants to use the service. What a long sentence - i'm bored already.


m2mdoh: "In support of understanding ToC and TnC."

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lankapo said...

tune card is the best tools for making money online :)

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