Tuesday, April 8, 2008


.: Moshi-moshi!

Last week, on Apr 5th, i managed to slip myself into a fair organized by Malaysian Tauke (the truth is i dunno who organize it, but i enjoyed it) at the Permata Carpark Kuching that breezy afternoon. It was a very sunny day actually. On one purpose, clean and clear, just to clean my sorrow eyes there.. No-lah! My humble yet clumsily self just want to have my view on what's hot new gadget in town. There is numerous new laptops, digital cams, printers and also streamyx promotion. Of course i can find DVDs, CDRs, wireless mouse, blahblahblah u-know-what.

No money, no hard-feelings.

Ha Ha Ha (T,T") cries in heart..

On little cutie gadget among all no-money-to-pay things there, i was attracted to this one - one and only - ASUS .. (okay, i forgot the name.). It was so cute, so adorable, so sleek-lah.. Speechless. it is a compact version laptop, which uses Intel processor (and this Intel is the one who make me unable to afford it) and quite a RAM. The drawback (i read it from the brochure) is this laptop only have 4Gb of space? and what i can do with ONLY that amount of tiny space??

But, i do LuRVe ASUS! It's MoBo (motherboard), it's .. (and okay, i forgot all ASUS product again) but one thing that embedded in my mind, ASUS is the best! OverClock, ultimate gaing experience, whoa, i like ASUS more now. There is one game that until now i can't finished it is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and i found that there is one and only MoBo that built specifically to play this game. The manufacturer is from ASUS - got it? S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a highly tension game with multiple endings, involves more AIs than any other game (of course, compared to the game i've played so far) using only Dx 9. (or is it possible use more AI only with Dx 9?)

By the way, i anticipated the next PIKOM PC Fair. Well, after i got my first job here.

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