Thursday, April 17, 2008

On Hiatus Vacation >>

.: Moshi-moshi.

Hiatus - A break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

Well well well, its seems like a hundred years when you are unable to do your surfing routine each day.. Aahh, now it is better. I've been offline about 3 to 4 days since last week, as i cannot manage myself to find a transport to go to my library. Hmm, the distance from my home to the library is too faaaaaaar awaaaaaaaaaaay for me to walk by myself - what can i do?

Oh yeah, next week my FiNaL xxam starts: as Statistics being the first war paper. On Apr 28th will be my natural journey, fighting with my Biology, and on May 6th is my last battle with Inorganic Chemistry. Then, my Diploma program will be over - oh, i mean i will be graduating (and celebrating) this diploma. (Cheersie!!)

But, my blogging routine will be suspended until i have my part-time job. If i do ever try to tell my story before, my online routine is from my free library where i take my Diploma. it means that, after this May, i would not be able to carry own my online activities anymore. I have to rely on my money coz our home do not have any internet connection.
(Just now i realize the way i write my post seems to be awkward, eh?)

To continue blogging and downloading, it means that i have to use my own money and surfing using the cyber cafe's here. (My money...?!) (T,T"')huhu.. No worries, i will work hard and hopefully in this year i will able to have my own real desktop computer or laptop with unlimited access to internet. In the meantime, this blog will have some lonely moment and i cannot promise myself to keep blogging and posting as usual. I will try my best to at least to post once every a week.

So, gtg. the Librarian is calling my name.

m2mdoh: "In support of sleeping well before exams helps maintains a super healthy mind."

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