Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Debit Card part II >>

.: Moshi-moshi.

Remember Debit Card? For me, there is one Card that i will likely to introduce to you guys is this SmartLink PrePaid MasterCardTM, Cash Rewards The Smart WayTM. (hmm? Prepaid Card? FYi Prepaid Card=Debit Card).

During this promotional period, (as they told me) for each new applicants, this Card will costs you RM38 only (but it ends May 1st). To aply, No income requirement needed (like when you want to apply for a Credit Card), No top-up fee charged (just like when you reload your mobile credit) and most importantly No bank account needed.

Accessibility? There's No need to worry, this Card is accepted Worldwide at all MasterCard outlets. Yep, this Card bears the shiny MasterCard logo, like a normal Credit Card. Furthermore, for every new applicants, you will get a FREE RM10,000 personal accident insurance for the first year. (isn't that great?)

And it is not that only, as this card is issued by Ambank (M) Berhad, you will earn AmBonus points together with your S-points (SmartLink-points) for every spending using the Card and this S-points can be converted to cash. Your Card statement and top-up can be checked online from your computer. (now everything is *online-d*)

Whoa, with access to a Card that functions like a Credit Card, this SmartLink PrePaid MasterCardTM is sure a tough rival to other Debit Card in the country. I wonder what will i buy when i'm going to shopping online - i never own a Card like this before, or even do online shopping, or buying my AirAsia tickets, and do whatsoever online things and now this Card sure make some of my dreams come true. Yeah!

In my next posts, i will write about all the FAQs for this Card. And, if you are interested, do leave your comments or give me an email.


m2mdoh: "In support of your precious Card." Papai.

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