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Debit Card part III >>>

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SmartLink PrePaid MasterCardTM FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is SmartLink PrePaid MasterCard all about?
- This is a PrePaid MasterCardR that you can use to purchase goods just like a credit card but with spending limited to the amount of money you place on the card - like your prepaid phone card.

What do i need to do?
1. Buy the SmartLink PrePaid MasterCardR Starter Pack
2. Sign your name on signature panel on reverse of card
3. Register

How do i use it?
-Just present it to the outlets where MasterCardR cards are accepted and it will be inserted into an EDC terminal (credit card terminal) for approval, just like a normal credit card transaction.
Where can i use it?
-Worldwide where MasterCardR is accepted.

What do i need to do before i can use it?
-Submit the registration form in your Starter Pack (mandated by Malaysian Government for all prepaid services) using the postage paid reply envelope or fax to 03-2164 0497, along with a photocopy of your NRIC.

Who can qualify for this card?
-Anyone. Unlike a regular credit card, there is no income qualification.

Where and how can i top-up?
-Using cash at AmBank branches:
Over-the-Counter, or
Cash deposit machines (all over the country)
-Top-up centres where you can see the NexGTM Top-up logo
-Fund transfer (if you have an AmBank account) via ATM, Phone Banking or online at

How much can i top-up?
-You can top-up in denominations of RM30, RM50, RM100, RM200 and RM500 at any location you see with NexGTM Top-up logo, via AmBank Cash Deposit Machines and internet banking. You can reload up to a maximum available balance not exceeding RM10,000 at anytime given. (note: The minimum top-up is RM100 over the counter at AmBank branches.)

Can i withdraw cash from the card?
-Yes. A PIN will be sent to you upon registration which will allow you to withdraw cash from any Ambank ATMs at over 173 branches nationwide (Malaysia).

How can i keep track of my spending?
-Statement of Account is available via

How much can i spend per transaction?
-You can spend up to RM1,000 per transaction.

What other benefits can i enjoy?
-Besides the cash-free convenience, you will be rewarded with bonus points, monthly discounts and other privileges.

What happens if i lose my card?
-Report loss of card immediately to AmBank Contact Centre at 03-2178 8888 and SmartLink Smart Center at 03-7958 6666.

Is there a helpline i can call?
-Call AmBank Contact Centre (24/7) at 03-2178 8888 and SmartLink Smart Center at 03-7958 6666.

Fees and charges
Account maintenance fee: RM3 per month - deducted automatically from top-up value.

Cash withdrawal; Zero fee through AmBank ATMs. RM10 or 5% whichever is higher through the Cirrus/Plus network worldwide.

Overseas transactions: Foreign exchange/conversion fee is determined by MasterCardR International plus an administration cost of 1% and a Retail Transaction fee of RM1 per transaction.

This Card is issued by AmBank (M) Berhad (company no. 8515-D) in collaboration with MasterCard and Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd (company no. 587955-U) (AJL 931489).

Owh, i do forgot that there is two promotional pack for this Card. Interested? Leave your comments or email me.

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