Thursday, April 24, 2008

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.: Moshi-moshi.

And now this is about online database storage.. or online storage database.. or.. ok, my English is not that good. Forgive me. i've been reading a lot of English books, watching a lot of movies or sing a lot of songs, but my English level is not nearly perfection..

ok, time to move on. After doing my quick research, the proper way to address that service is *File Hosting Service*. Well, according to my dear Wiki: "A file hosting service, online file storage service, or online media center is an Internet hosting service specifically designed to host static content, typically large files that are not web pages. Typically they allow web and FTP access. They can be optimized for serving many users (as is implied by the term "hosting") or be optimized for single-user storage (as is implied by the term "storage"). Related services are video sharing, virtual storage and remote backup."

Well, the reason behind all this is i want to share my own experience using this service. Right in the middle of something, (where i am 'lost' for what-is-the-exactly-i-want-to-do syndrome) i suddenly need to use the online storage.. err.. the file hosting service. And after searching it in my beloved Google, i end up using altogether three of them. (too much ehh?)

4Shared : the GUI is attractive, like i was opening my windows explorer. Need registration.

ZShare : the simplest GUI. But remember to save the page of your uploaded file, especially the code to your file - this site do not requires any registration.

ESnips : i was quite 'lost' *again* when trying to find out where is the link to my uploaded file.. Well, the service is good, and registration is a must.

Below is my lists of free file hosting service, FHS i've found so far. Maybe you guys can leave a comment or suggestion which FHS is better.

First and foremost,

MegaUpload : The Legendary FHS

RapidShare : The Legendary FHS

Followed by..






FreeWebSpace : lists all free file hosting service on the Net










Huh, this is quite a list. While searching for it and scanning the site and filtering the good site and the not-that-good site and lastly posting it here. Cannot be considered as hard work yet - no brief summary is given for the site by me..

m2mdoh: "In support of your file hosting service size."

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