Friday, March 28, 2008

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.: mm..

i do think that all of us want money right?

We need money for various things-to pay the bills, loan(s), buy our food, for our pleasure, entertainment, for our kids expenses, house expenses, buying a new house, a car(s) etc etc etc..
i will be 23 this year and yet i can foresee that making money is not easy as 1,2,3 a,b,c.. This blog, with it's original purpose is to earn income with Google AdSense, has make me realize-Gold never fell in front of you from the sky. But the sky is blue everywhere, huh?

Nobody go to your site, page, blog whatsoever, and no income. One of the answer is no traffic. me myself cannot afford to buy any software or join any other online business cause money for me, even a little amount do resembles a LARGE amount to me. Money was a scarce nowadays, is it? A scarce item for those who did not work yet..

MLM, reseller, joint venture, unit trusts, shares, banking, whatever or what brand that business is, it still need MONEY. i once read an article about how one who make loan can become millionaire if he/she are able to monetize the loan carefully and strategically. No pain, no gain. But to put my life on line by making a *loan*, it still sounds like a trouble in future..

need to go now. My brother is waiting for me. this is the fate if you are using free internet from your library to post your blog, everything is limited. Chao!

m2mdoh: "In support of legal money is always right."


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mamdoh said...

.: Anoo, i had a blog that will teach how to become a blog entrepreneur. and this blog is in Bahasa. Currently, with my limited time using the Internet from my U-Library, so this blog probably will starts somewhere after August y2K8. Basically, you need to know how to put your ads strategically, effectively, where to get those ads, ToS/TnC required, and so many things that can be learned. So, i do anticipated your visits to my blog later.

by the way, you've already started to put the Nuffnang ads right? That is one way to go my friend. I hope you will add your Google AdSense into your blog later. And of course, you need to register first. visits []
this site if you haven't registered yet.

huhu, quite lenghty eh? Chao :.

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