Friday, April 11, 2008

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.: Moshi-moshi.

Man! it sure tough when you really put your heart into 'remodeling' your blog. So much for an appealing image.. Check it out - give comments if my blog is too cluttered or whatsoever..

By the way, what i do is adding more widgets to my blog. This little blog gadgets is sure helps to attract others to my blog - hope so, hehe..

So, this is my currently widgets site that i have already registered. Feel free to use them as for me these sites never asks about any payment or whatsoever.

- contains massive and tremendous lists of widgets ready for your blog. This site offers users to make their own widgets.

- did you guys notice my chatbox on the right side? i've got two of them - well, i dunno which one is better..

- the alternate version of chat box ready for your blog.

- 'feed's on your blog, LOL (evil laugh again)

- i wonder why my blog do not view this meter?? (unpopular blog that is, huhu..) X(

- tracking you bloggers down to any part of this world.. can it reach Antartic and Antartica??

- reads what other bloggers posts

- this one claims it brings traffics to your blog. And the special condition for using this widgets, it supports only English-written blog. Even if i want to write in Bahasa, i better watch out for this, haha..

- personally i like this widget the best. You can view who was visiting your blog and that is really nice~~! And now this widget requires Yahoo! ID for users to sign in - pretty much a nuisance when you already opened your Y!mail and when you want to read your other mail, you have to sign in again.
- lists 50 great widget for your blog.

- useful to view your blog rank.

And, this is one of my fave widgets site coz everything is totally free here. Want to know where? Just add your url to and then go to 'customize/layout' and then try to 'add new page element'. Walla! Nice and trendy. i got myself a very handy clock with a calendar. Yeah!

m2mdoh: "In support of your blog customization."

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