Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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.: Moshi-moshi.

Haha. Look on your right side. Is this laptop looks small to you? Too tiny for you? Too white??

Actually this pictures shows you a SUBnotebook (heyhey, lap top and notebook is actually not the same thing?) computer designed by ASUS and Intel. Read on Wiki: 'According to ASUS, the name Eee derives from "the three Es," an abbreviation of their advertising slogan for the device: "Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play". '

This mini-sized dwarfism subNotebook is currently in three models - Eee PC 2G Surf (700), Eee PC 4G Surf (701), Eee PC 8G (701). Each of them differs very slightly in hardware but still maintains the same mini size.

i recalls that before this most of the computer manufacturers are racing their way into producing a super reliable notebook that is super affordable with price tag in the range of $200. i dunno who started this mini-war but their purpose is to provide everyone with at least one computer that can serve them whether for educational purposes, online activities and media interactivity. (Whoa, i manage to write that rhythmic sentence??) But, looking at the Eee PC specifications, it is almost impossible (i do think so) with small memory it had for me to play my S.T.A.L.K.E.R. there. Or is there anyone who ever try doing so?

Mmm, i admit i was a lousy gamer coz when i had my hands on any computer with games that i like, whoa~~ no time to go to toilet, no time to eat, no time to sleep, no time to study, no nothing. (this is the culprit for damaging my eyes, myself!) hohoho.. Time IS precious. Health IS super precious.

So, why i bringing this up? In my post before i do mention about an ASUS laptop that do catch my minds the whole day after i've seen it. That is when i 'pay' a visit to the biennially PIKOM PC fair last month. Hoohoohoo, no money no laptop man. hoohoohoo.. (T,T"')

More ASUS Eee Pc site here:-

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