Thursday, April 24, 2008

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Here is a golden oppurtunity for malaysian online entrepreneur out there. Down below i have submitted my download links for you guys to download the ezine (inclusive with two other mirror).

Brief history: This ezine is authored by Mr Amirol Zulkifli from, and actually is the first ezine made by him. This ezine is in Bahasa so i guess for malaysian this is not a major problem. i was introduced to his site (online) by my friends as he get to know that i was really into this internet business thing. My friend claims that Mr Amirol Zulkifli do personally train my friend's friend to actually made his first income (about RM300 i think) directly from the Net during that training time. (Whoa, so lucky~~)

So, this ezine is published by Profil Internet Solutions (NS0035799-X) have 15 entrepreneur -must-know pages with four educational chapters. Each chapters is briefly explained, included with pictures showing 'how-to's. This e-zine is perfectly suited for beginners (like meself) before venturing into online business. With this as your basic info/tools for starting an online business, i do encourage all of you to download it.

This is a free ezine and can be printed or distributed to anybody BUT either any part(s)/content(s) of it are forbided from being copied, plagiarized or in any way in whatsoever form (unless you've obtained permissions from the author himself).

Edisi Terkini E-Zine Peluang Internet
mirror (i)
mirror (ii)

m2mdoh: "In support of clean online business with free informative e-zine."

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