Friday, April 4, 2008

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.: Assalamu'alaikum n Moshi-moshi everybody.

Hurmm, it's hard to make a living nowadays if u do not know the proper way to do so. Even looking for a vacancy that fulfills your hearts content is also a difficult job already.

One of my experiences is how i was being fooled by the vacancy being advertised in a local paper yesterday. The vacancy was about a job which is one of my targeted list, and that vacancy do not have any contact number(s), address but only a site on the Net. After i visited the site, i found it was another referral site-'hidden' under the name of vacancy. What a waste of my time.. =(

i have a thought, when i have extra money, i want to double check all of the posts advertised in the paper. i can make calls, check the address and verify it. On the other hand, how about i set up a new blog-specifically for this purpose? Aah, wait, i do not have any money coz in my current financial, i'm unemployed!

Huhuhu.. (T,T")

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