Monday, April 4, 2011

Black Friday: Choosing your car seat has never been this hard...

.: Parody videos just can never be better?

"I think I have talent on some level."
Via OK! Magazine.
Poor Rebecca, you have my pity girl... I never seen such a "monstrous" hate towards any singer before (not until I know Justin Bieber), and now there is another singer who had the same fate : Rebecca Black. Famous for her viral Friday video, many has give her more critics than credits, including me, myself and I... :-(

I dunno what happened to our new singer nowadays. Or is it a new trend? Cute boys or girls who sings songs with not-so-but-kinda-silly lyric, combined with a little bit rapping and a catchy tune is now the new viral music? Is our youngster's ear is that sick?? You judge it honestly yourself. (Even if you think that Rebecca is kinda cute..)

First thing first, do not judge her from some news or blogs or Facebook wall you've read before, but judge her singing talent from this video~

Rebecca Black - Friday (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

And then this one~

Rebecca Black - Friday (Sped Up) Chipmunk Version

And this one..

Giovanna - Me and My Puppy
Wait, this is not the Friday video..

This one?

Friday by Rebecca Black (Acoustic Cover by Kalie Shorr!)
And this is not Rebecca..

Or maybe this one?

BABY FRIDAY justin bieber + rebecca black
What? Lip sync???

Aarghhh.. I'm tired of this. This is my favorite Black-liebers so far.

Justin Bieber vs. Slipknot - Psychosocial Baby

In case you wonder what is this blog post is all about, this is my truly and honestly answer... Err, another "wait"! This one video is a must see!

Stephen Colbert Sings "Friday" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Now back to me, what is this April the 4th is all about? It's because of this picture!

Well said! Well done!

m2mdoh: "In support of oldies like this one is the best music ever!!!"

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Bassinman200 said...

I'm not in the music business, but I buy a lot of music, and the girl doing the Friday 'cover' exhibits as much (or more) raw talent as Rebecca. I have seen Rebecca's video without 'Auto-Tune' and she sounds terrible (if that is actually her voice without electronic boosting). Rebecca is cute, but what will she do in a live performance when there isn't any Auto-Tune to help her voice? Even Elvis had electronic help-he was one of the first performers to use 'Echo' and 'Reverb' in most every song.

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