Monday, March 10, 2008

PPP - payperpost >>

.: huhu..

last week, it's a miracle that i have found a site that offers payments for writing.
can't believe it?
well, i do too..

why don't i give it a try?

after such hassle (registering that is)..
the site has such nice offer for penniless guy like me..
$20 for the first post??
joking, kidding? - i am not laughing.

and after some search findings and discovery, this thing takes time woo..
it needs my valued customers to review my site..
-but my site is messy-
it also requires me to posts at least 10 posts per month..

at the moment, i'm still studying.
much of my time is dedicated to..
-reading manga
-studying (this 1 is a must)
-playing games if nobody using the computer at the library..
-etc etc etc

or maybe next time.
money won't run.


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