Monday, March 10, 2008

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.: Assalamu'alaikum wbt n Salam Muhibbah n also Hye hye hye!

a reminiscence of me.coursemate in UiTM Sarawak Kota Samarahan - Nov y2K4~Nov y2K7.
this list also contributed to Norulhaya Mohamad n fwenz in UiTM kampus Jengka (sorry forgot your name aa..)
guys, good luck in your future undertakings and a lot of misses from me, i missssssssss you guys!!
maybe after 5 years time we can meet up and have a feast over here.
make sure all of you marry and do bring your children over, ha ha ha! Xp

Afizul Hossen
Afreeda Firdaus
Amalina Najwa Mohd Shauki
Donald Juan
Eti Mounissa Mohd Mardzi
Farah Haireen Bahtiar
Firdaus Pathi
Hellen Menging Bennett Buan
Irene Rejie
Jaclyn Nawi Unsa
Murni Nurani Ahmad
Noriham Bujang
Nurhafizah Muhd Zakri
Nurul Asyikin Kassim
Rebecca Nayan Rantai
Rompen Bajing
Safrina Hazmi
last but not least
Zailina Sapuan (yalah nama ko last-stat dr 'z', hohoho )

send my regards to others if any of you read this blog. do leave your comments. i'll definitely will contact you guys for a reunion, meetings or money-making project - ETR-based, hahaha.
Wassalam n out.

m2mdoh: "In support of everlasting friendship."

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