Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What done is done >>

.: Moshi-moshi!

right now, i am thrilled of making money online. especially the one that involves in AdSense. i help them to promote, they help me to promote my wallet bigger. both party loves this symbiosis, huhu. i have proposed blogs that i want to set up, but i afraid too many blog, too many time needed. and at the moment, i need extra time to swallow the assignment and notes and lab experiments and prepare for coming final in this nowhere April. and that is a wow for me, hoho.

still, making money is my top priority. i just wish my dream could be fulfilled. my long lost forgotten dream is to work as many as possible any posts in the world. i know human can actually diversify his mind power - ah! i remembered the characteristics of Generation Y. babies born after 1977. this generation is filled with high intensity of utilizing their knowledges as their heads is filled with too much info after all. but, to be frank-i always kinda 'lost' when busy doing something. i know i can do it.

imagine my position right now: i do not own any pc, i don't have much money, i don't have any relatives with alive internet connection, or friends where i can borrow their laptop, and i have a small pocket book to draft my blog content. whoa. actually out there are so many individuals who suffered a lot than me. what can i do? patient, work hard, study smart, and i know money will be on my side after all.

what done is done. like sir Don T says: "we all are born rich". i forgot what the remaining he had said before, (T,T)cry cry..
eh, i love the apperentice. i become fond on how human handles business in a group. how they appoints new challenges, meet their clients and such reality tv job interview really make me thinks "i too can become just like and better than them."

say yeah to online entrepreneur! YEAH!!

m2mdoh: "In support of 'onlining' our money."

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