Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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.: Hyeyaiyai.

i already created another two more blogs - both are the one i think is my personal liking.

SMS, well text messages that we sent to each other is now better with some imaginative pictures (not actual picts that is) and this blog of mine is a collection of my personal SMS i received from my lovely friends and some are made on my own, while another blog is about my ultimate hobby, reading online comics from Japan, 'manga'.

- FreeSMS4You
- mamdoManga (currently on hiatus-depending on my free time)

My other Blogs shortcut can be seen on the upper right side of this blog. The links to them is just below my header =)

Both blog at the moment is composed by me, but i do love to receive any comments from blogs readers out there, or maybe you guys would like to share or exchange any information - all of this is much appreciated.

Fell free to read guys!


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