Friday, March 28, 2008

i 've Got a Present, Yay! >>

.: Aloha~~!

Ya, i remembered-that morning was a very clear bright sunny day. i told to myself, today must be a great day! And yet to come, i have a Chemistry test = inorganic chemistry, and that is like a deathblow to myself. Hoohoohoo..

But what happened to me is.. i was the earliest one who get out of the test room! Even my lecturer and my course mate looked at me like they was watching an alien - i even tried to look like an alien but i failed, haha. Xp

To say that i can do it, i do think so. Somehow i can visualize the whole pattern of block-d elements and the transition compounds properties. And walla, i go out early. The question is quite tough hoo.. And that make my No1 present for the day.

Another present is yet to come. When i came back to home, my family told that there is a parcel waiting for me. The sign of ?? filled the air on top of my head. To kill my curiosity, i open and found that..

Colby Caillat, CoCo cd is inside! Whoa!! Yay!! i won it from Mix Fm contest sent to my e-mail. Another great present for me to fills my leisure time-ya, i listens to music a lot. It was my own personal skill to reduce the tension when hearing high-pitch-blabbers-thing in my house.

Thank God, Alhamdulillah!

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