Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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.: Hye.

Internet browsers? for me i prefer more to Mozilla's Fx browser - quite reliable, has a lot of add-ons, highly customizable. to be precise, Mozilla FireFox Portable is the best. Internet Explorer ranked second in my heart, why? because IE do not have what you call it 'mobility' and 'customization ability' so users can modify it to their own themes or looks or .. whatever. Have you heard Portable IE? no? haha, that's it. (but recently from my readings i know that Microsoft already released IE beta 8)

Judging from my own experience, plus my friends sufferings, anything beta from Microsoft is .. quite .. unreliable.. Some of the bugs can be easily exploited, exposed or hacked in which makes us the end-users feels insecure. me myself n i do not objects any of Microsoft products, it is just when anything that were made for general usage, cannot give everything we need or satisfy everybody. Well, i'm thankful for all Microsoft had offered until now - their Windows Vista (i don't really love it) and Windows XP (aa, this one is above par) plus other software etc etc (haha).

When i have my time, i'll posts about the current Fx add-ons i installed in my portable Fx. To get and download it, visits this Mozilla Central and AddOns site.

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