Tuesday, March 11, 2008

M2mdoh owh m2mdoh >>

.: aye aye aye.

i got to know (at last) the meaning of my almost-six-years surname given by me college in K.DPAH PetraJaya. the story resolve around the collg buildg that a small-fry freshie has the same face with an acquintance (wrong spell) of theirs. so long story short, my name is mamdoh - spelled as m.2.m.d.o.h - pronounced as mom.dough (the nearest audio i can think rite now).


- the name when me.parents called me.
inside the house - izzat is better.
outside - m2mdoh.
owh, the m2m inside the name has no meaning.
just a coincidence that is unexplainable.
only me me.self n i know it.

later ~~

m2mdoh: "In support of naming with meaning."

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