Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What a day! >>

.: Hye hye hye.

i am a boy who live in a flat.
the flat that i lived is always filled with pressure.
the pressure i have received up to this day has changed me to a man.
changed to a man that wants revenge.
what type of revenge.
revenge is not good.
not good to me health or me.self or to me fwenz or to anybody.
i know that also.
that doesn't matter anymore.
i keep living as a zombied murmmy corps.
much worse than a corpse, eh.
a corpse once says this thing to me.
a living body-not a corpse.
me intension of setting up this blog is to let me revenge out.
hope that firey revenge just ended up ere.
please, stop ere.
i am a Muslim.
but why i lacked that Islamic morality identity integrity and anything ends with -i(e).
i still a Muslim.
and i proud of that.
please God, lemme be a good samaritan for life.
forever n ever a good one.
please let the revenge go.
please let the revenge go.
please let the revenge go.


i promise me.self.
that one day.
i can keep my faithful pray to God.
to be a good Muslim.

p/s: such rage is caused by a high density of sound pollution when the author lived amongst a anytime-my-parent-can-do-a-rampage.
the author also experiences symptoms such as shortterm memo loss.
each-month-must-have diarrhoea (this linked to the absense food in the fridge).
low very low body weight.
etc etc etc


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