Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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.: Hye there.

my dissatisfaction for using others template for my blog: their template is hard to modified. =< Red tide bioluminescence at midnight and that picture position's is slightly more to the right side. and i want it just fit perfectly in it's place like the picture on the top of this blog. it is troublesome if we want to do or change something but we do not know how. just like my case. =(

i thought that such template for bloggers is mostly formatted for example: WordPress bloggers (and other blog site too!). i wish that our blog will have that free modification features for our own template. as for me, i want my layout to be in three or four or more columns. and i can edit and fills it with more links or AdSense thing. pictures maybe, games, or anything interesting in strategic place. anyone will loves to decorate their blog according to their liking right?

why i just turn to WordPress? naah, my personality is i prefer to stick to the introducer or anything that is a first for me. for me to sing up with is easy, and the page elements is customizable - especially if i want to insert AdSense here. whoa, damn easy huh? =)
i wished that my first puppy love will maintained until now, but who cares?

mm, and the template is made by using the - XML - thing. if i can master this, i think i can edit my layout on my own. come to think about it, anyone who like to use free stuff if you look it in different way shows that individual is lazy. hahaha.. Xp

don't phray-phray aar! Phua Chu Kang fave catchphrase.

m2mdoh: "In support of bloggers satisfaction."

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mamdoh said...

That pictures has been deleted cause it cannot align properly. i feel very sad cause i do not know how to re-edit my template.. (T,T") cryin'

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