Saturday, February 19, 2011

Light paintings - Where lightsaber becomes sooooo light~

.: Light paintings? What is light painting?

Look, lights playing in me hands~  :-D

Light painting is opening the shutter on your camera long enough to use a light source, like a flash light, to draw the darkness and effectively paint in mid air. Or add interesting new effects to things already in the picture. After you're finished drawing with your light source, the shutter of the camera is closed, and the picture is complete. This is a fun thing to do by yourself, or with friends~

(Some say "light painting" as "light graffiti" - it depends how you paint your lights).

Light Painting Tutorial Video - Fun with Photography

Yep, I transcribed his talks~ :-P

This art is amazing. We can have it in still image, or we can make it a light graffiti video. While most people who sees it the first time, they are 'wired' to claim such picture were made by after effects, been photoshopped, modified with computer effects, but this art has it's own magic and done with planned choreography. Does writing "I love you so very very very much" in reverse in midair sounds very easy for you??

... Actually yes, if you think about it (again), it is not that very hard...  :-P

Wait, what I want to stress here is light painting is so cool~ So cool you want to try painting it using Star Wars light saber~~

Light Painting - Light Graffiti - Ford Kuga (Candle)

Lightpaint Piano Player

Light Painting Movie

Sprint flashlight-animation commercial

And finally, a light painting video with a reminder message - save our energy to save our world!!~

Light Painting

m2mdoh: "In support of making energy-saving bulb more brighter~~"

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