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Mini Micro Terrariums : Now you can pet your plants~~

.: Among all kinds of terrarium (vivarium), the fanciest the most cutest is the mini micro terrarium~ Weeeee~ :-D

Mini terrarium necklace~~
Mini Micro Terrarium: It's definition based on several websites I read just now is defined as, a home alone single plant garden enclosed in a mini container.

Usually it serves as a small decorative object, but it is more suited as an eye candy (or as a part time business) for those like meself who didn't have that much time caring for a relatively simple plant. And the best part about this mini micro terrarium is, the "caring" part is almost not exist at all~ (unlike an actual garden) ;-)

To make a mini micro terrarium is really simple. You will need a :
* Note * StormtheCastle says that small flowers, clover or succulents or cactus can make a great micro terrarium plants, but in, they uses ever plant, finger plant and golden barrel cactus~~

Next, the steps on how to make a mini micro terrarium~
  1. Prepare our container first - filled it with a slightly damp nutritious soil about 1/5 or 1/6 of it. If you use the crystal gel, make sure the size wasn't too big (you may need to crush it into powder first?), and you might need to give some plant nutrients to help the plant's growth.
  2. Rinse your miniature plants first, let it dry a bit. Then plant it in the middle of the soil. You may need to do this with a toothpick.
  3. Clean the mouth of the jar, and then you can close it with the lid. Now your mini micro terrarium is done~~ :-D

How to make a Micro Terrarium
You can refer to this video as your guide too~ (Imagine it was more smaller...)

But before you can go show off with your new ornament or your green charm, you might need to read some FAQs of a mini micro terrarium first~
  • Should I water the plant everyday? Nope, there is no need to do the watering routine, thus this eliminates the "caring" part. Your plant has enough H2O already to sustain itself inside.
  • Will the plant dies if I sealed the opening completely? The answer is also no, the miniature plant has enough air and nutrition to support it's growth. But if the plant dies, either your plant need more air than usual, or the water is not enough inside, the soil is too acidic or too alkaline, or your plant is dying already. You can choose other healthy plant to replace it. 
  • What happen when the plant grows so big? Take it out from the container, and plant it in a bigger pot. Your plant is eager to live, so give him or her a bigger space. Now it's time we help other miniature plant to live eagerly happily too~ ;-)
  • Can I place it anywhere I want? Hurmmm.. This depends with your miniature plant too - just don't put it direct in a super bright sunlight too long, or in dark places, in an oven, food blender, nuclear reactor, or any other places that you think is not suitable for a mini plant to continue live.
  • Last FAQ : Do you sell this mini micro terrarium Mr mamdoh? Errr, no. I do not own any terrarium at the moment, and I'm looking for one to hang it to my handphone. Oh yeahhh~ X-D (In case you don't have enough materials to make your own terrarium, try searching for "buy pet plant" on Google~) :-)

More mini micro terrarium plants pictures~

Mini (micro) terrarium, a.k.a. pet plants~~
Pet bamboo terrarium~~
Lovely rainbow-ful mini pet plants~~
Tiny micro terrarium ring!!~~

Lovely and creative and kawaie right? Hee :-D

Further reading and idea~

m2mdoh: "In support of more green for a much better tomorrow~~"

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