Monday, February 21, 2011

From Pet Rock to Pet Plants and now Spiderman Wall Walker! LOLLOLOLOLOL~

.: I just enjoys info surfing~

Today, after some searching checking some unwanted niches from Yahoo!, I stumbled one of their daily snippets - 7 Products Under $5 That Made Millions. Wow? I want to sell some of my "imaginary toys" too~ :-P

It was product number 5 that takes my time the most. How can someone sell silly rocks and make millions? That guy must be the smartest marketer ever...

It is not silly! This is a very fun thing to do in art classes~

His story (read: history) of Pet Rocks:
  • Gary Dahl was having a drink with his friends where their chit chat somewhat talks about having pets. 
  • His friends is tired taking care of their pets. Pets are not annoying, but the taking care part is the problem. 
  • Their complaints magically gives Dahl the perfectest idea: a pet rock
  • They discussed about how awesome it was, thinking what if such pet exists, what will this pet do and so on. 
  • That nonsense talk should ends there, but Dahl, an entrepreneur himself, couldn't resist the awesomeness from that idea, began wrinting his first Pet Rock manual and planning his business.
  • From then, hoo haa hoo haa, Pet Rock becomes the pet well-known throughout the nation, Dahl becomes a millionaire, and that pet rock fad lasts about 6 months... Millionaire? Oh yeahhh~~ X-D

That is old, so old. Pet Rock from 1970. But now Pet Rock has make a comeback - Pet Rock 2.0 now comes with USB ports~ Yeayyyy~  X-D

USB Pet Rock from ThinkGeek

Usb pet rock unboxing from

I remember one story about marketing...

There is two guys given a task from a shoe company. Both of them can choose where they want to promote the company's latest shoes, the one who sells the most will be the vice CEO of the company. One guy choose to promote it in a urban country, while the other guy choose to promote it in a country where nobody wears shoes or slippers there, and almost everyone in that shoe company laughed at his decision.

"LOLOLOLOL~ If nobody wears any shoes there, how can you sell shoes to them? LOLOLOLOLOL~" says by the other B guy while laughing hysterically. The A guy stays silent and in his heart he knows he will be the vice CEO. "I can do it, I can make it," the A guy keeps drilling this into his head.

Long story short, the laughing B guy failed. He managed to do just a small campaign promoting the company shoes while the A guy did a tremendous job. He manage to rake thousands and millions for the company now. Because of him, now everyone in that country wants to wear a pair of shoe because shoe looks good and feels good and also good for their feet.

Okay, that story has no relationships with Pet Rock, just a coincidence thought of mine..

Now back to me (say it like Old Spice). Because of the same Pet Rock website, I look for another pet like this Pet Rock thing. I've found 2006's Stylish Pet Plants!

Terrarium = Aquarium~

Whoaaa.. What a green idea! Now we can achieve the target of one person plants two pet plants for a greener air and a greener earth. I like, I like~~

Actually my quest here is to find what is a Wacky wall walker?

Wacky Wall Walker
0:18 - that's our Wacky wall walkers~~

After watching this wackyness several times, now you must watch this next video. You won't believe that wacky wacky never goes out of style~


Hahaha. It's like Spiderman is sick crawling the wall now he's planning to do some wall-falling, LOL~

Enough of today madness. I should write for my other blog now. This info-surfing should not become an excuse to postpone my work. Errr.. can I take five first? Maybe?

m2mdoh: "In support of pets can relieve our stress sometimes~"

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