Saturday, December 18, 2010

Monster Galaxy: New (slow) Facebook Social Flash Game~

.: I think I've seen Monster Galaxy Facebook ads before, but didn't bother to test it out. Later, unresisting the charm of that black Smoke dragon, I choose to give Monster Galaxy a try.

???, Huey and Titus~

Basically Monster Galaxy is an adventure game, wandering here and there like the Digimon World, but minus poo system for character development. Sometimes it feels pretty much like Pokemon, because the capture mechanism uses the Starseed, a "ball" that able to capture those cute and intimidating monster~

The story unfolds after an earthquake happens in Sunshine, a peaceful village on the outskirt of Windhym. To their despair, the stars are falling together with strange new creatures too. These creatures, born from the galaxy, is called Moga (yeah, you should be able to guessed it from 'MOnster GAlaxy', rite?). Moga is the new-creature-fallen-from-stars mentioned earlier but blessed with the galaxy power, the magical Zodiac attack.

The twist: Because you and me is one lucky human in Facebook, we all manage to get one special Moga early in the game. Somehow from all falling stars out there, one star is bound to fall just outside your house. (Means that you and me live in Windhym too~ Eh? We're neighbors???). And because we and that Moga somehow related to each other (you get to choose what Moga you want, it doesn't matter if you choose other Moga not from your own zodiac), we are determined together as the Moga Tamer. The ultimate goal: become the Moga Master, oh yeah!!~~   X-D

This is a video of the game to tease you~   ;-P
monster galaxy playthrough part 1!
Robocop Sagittarius?

Jack Frost is in town so I thinks that you need to play for yourself if you want to capture the new winter Moga: the cute Cold bear and the self healer Lainedeer. (I've got my Cold bear already, hehehe)  :-P

Need to get more Moga, need to get more Starseed..

But, what makes me sad playing this Monster Galaxy is because of the game speed. It is too slow! Pretty much like the playthrough video above. :-(   The real Monster Galaxy should be played like this.

Monster Galaxy - FB Game.
See that internet speed? (But he choose Smoke just like mine too~)

Well, to make things up with the speed, I have to reduce my game settings to the lowest possible... The setting button is pretty hidden if you didn't see it carefully.

Moga game is set to the lowest graphic quality, minus the background music, just left with the normal sound..

What can I do. As long I can level up..  :-(

*** update ***
I've got the Epic Lainedeer already. "Inflict poison from Cold bear, inflict reduce crit from Smoke, then increase Beefee defense. Waste 2 Starseed before finally able to capture him." Strangely, this holiday Moga is the same level with the strongest Moga in your party. My Lainedeer is level 4 when I capture it. Keep wandering the same area multiple times before you're able to meet this Moga.

*** * ***

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